The past, such as song

November 08 [Fri], 2013, 12:03

Remember that youngpolo shirts on sale, you love to chat I love to laugh. Once sat side by side under the peach tree, the wind in the forest bird call. We do not know how to fall asleep, dream whispering.

Remember, that year summer, memory is not like this sunny, don't like this in the scorching sun, not like this anxious mood, then you and I, only 34 year old young children.

Say not clear margin is what, in the boundless huge crowd, in the tens of millions of people, we encounter acquaintance intersection, just a logical step by step completed.

When we are young and frivolous, then we be in high and vigorous spirits, we were full of ambition. Do not remember the small campus where, if there's any corner without the fall of our laughter; countless those green grass, how many times have left us laughing figure; do not know that a limited area of the sports venues, how much we sweatdvd storage.

You know, and your days together, the breeze is smiling, the stars are loving, even the Yellow ginkgo leaves fall off campus, in my eyes, has its own a beautiful charm. We went along that can no longer turn youthful days, we support this through the whether to laugh or cry are then roam day, we're in the gap is growing slowly with time.

No differences, not without conflict, your forthright character, cheerful and generous, and I do, but her style sad spring wound feeling of autumn wind moon, or even be subject to changing moods, you use your smile, your warm words, your sister's care, a little bit of infected me, change me. Probably you live for a long time, I gradually became cheerful, not only sentimental background, the world is unfair. We together in the campus road loudly recite poems, together with the senior high school entrance examination in order to sports and strive, together in the campus community. To see the sunset and listen to the wind blowing trees rustling sigh together, how is an occasional girl silhouette beauty...... All these, do you remember?

When we are young, the heart has a secret, about dreams, about the future, we work together, we grew up, and more friends and classmates, going up day by day.

Time is always cruel, time always quietly sent to our parting of the intersection, just, senior high school entrance examination. I am yearning in the campus are wandering, finally sit on the bench we have unlimited time on sat sadly cry, then cry, do not know is reluctant to those wonderful days, or be afraid of again after you will lose these let me not give up friend.

But people always want to grow, the growth of the price will not be able to avoid the numerous respectively, isn't it? Now although we live far apart, can't see each other often, but I know, whether we have no contact, I will not forget let me so happy you, that once let me so carefree time.

I'm in the sunshine in Yunnan, recall and you in the together day, high clouds light, whether can let my thoughts on this piece of cloud to you? The wind howling plateau cold, could I have thoughts to you live in the air?

If you can, I am willing to cut a wisp of spring green, cut a piece of summer green, a fall off, holding a bunch of winter warmth, woven into my colorful dream, dreams, have you, have me, and he.
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