Bridal Shower Favors -Cookie Mix With Cookie Cutter

March 09 [Fri], 2012, 15:46
For that very reason, you are asking for an investment from the guests, not only an investment of their time for attending the shower but also an investment of their money for buying a suitable gift for the bride. It is only fair and decent for the shower organizers to give something back to the guests in appreciation. It is for this purpose that the concept of bridal shower favors?arose. However, the organizers may not always have the funds to buy elaborate bridal shower guest favors. Luckily, they do not have to spend a lot of cash on favors, as one of the most accepted kind of bridal favors happen to be freshly baked, homemade cookies!

Yes, that is right, free of cost to prepare (well, except for cost of the ingredients and cookie moulds and stuff) and quite a joy for the guests at the time of receiving, bridal shower cookie favors can be quite the rage amongst shower guests and organizers, both alike. Types of Bridal Shower Cookie Favors There are different types of cookie cutters which could be easily utilized as bridal shower guest favors. Here is a look at some ideal bridal shower favor cookies- Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Similarly, cookies baked from strawberry, orange, or black currant preservatives are also a big hit with shower goers. Gingerbread men (and women), especially those made to look like grooms and brides. Utterly cute and scrumptious! Sugar cookies in a number of wedding related shapes, sizes and colors, some of which include, little groom and bride shapes, wedding gown shapes, corset shapes, handbag and purse shapes, high heels, simple squares with the initials of the bride and groom intertwined on them, et cetera. Either you could obtain moulds for these shapes or buy them fresh online if you have the funds.

Ways to Present Bridal Shower Cookie Favors You may present the cookie favors to your shower guests in whatever form you prefer. Popular presentation methods include: Cookies simply sealed in airtight, transparent Tupperware Cookies wrapped in wrapping paper, either transparent plastic or colored, with ribbons tied at the top to give the packages a rapped candy kind of appearance Cookies placed in little pink boxes (either square or heart shaped) No matter what kind of savory you go for and how you package it, just remember to gift fresh cookies to the guests, cookies which taste good and which can be packed for at least a week without the fear of staleness setting in.