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November 28 [Fri], 2014, 18:16

Romain years Branch: You must know some of the causes of the war, I can continue to tell you tactics. We are committed to give up in Budapest memorandum which range in more than 300 km medium-range missiles. All the weapons are dismantled or
Louis Vuitton Artsy sold. Start from Budapest Memorandum, Putin continue to create new weapons, equipment updates troops armed more troops. In this case, we encountered this "hybrid war." Ukrainian separatists enemy is not facing us, but with the team compiled, armed with modern weapons, under the command of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces soldiers. These soldiers not only by the Louis Vuitton Loafers command of the Russian General Staff, and the results of the recent fighting Luhansk, Donetsk and Illovaisk prove that they came from the Russian military. Also some people are mercenaries from Russia.

Romanenko Section: The main war Russian troops are paratroopers, 76th Pskov Airborne Division. There is also a tank brigade. They put their logo and designation troops are removed, disguised Louis Vuitton Handbags as "Volunteers", or mercenaries into the territory of Ukraine operations. I know all this because I was in Moscow in the beginning of the Soviet era military service, and the place just started serving in (close to the eastern Ukraine) Rostov. I was born in a military family. From 12 to 16 years to accept that military education. I have received higher education in military academies four places. A place in Minsk in Belarus, and the other one is in today Kalinin Military Academy (Russia) Tver, and was educated at the Military Academy of the General Staff of Ukraine. Among the university only after Ukraine received a civil disciplinary education.

Now I can tell you is how to Louis Vuitton Sunglasses enter the tank brigade of the Ukrainian territory. They said to hold a military exercise in Rostov. People notice to enter the military exercise positions. They can not not execute the command. Any refusal to execute the command soldiers have been court-martialled and sentenced to 7-9 years in prison. Soldiers need to be signed prior to departure on the two documents. The first document to sever all ties with the Russian military announced; the second document is that they will "volunteer" to join the so-called "New Russian Army" - that is, in the east of Ukraine fighting militants name. Military people can not refuse such an approach. After signing the papers, they would as "Volunteers" heavily armed open Ruwukelan.

Only after the exchange of fire occurred on the land in Ukraine, these military people know that they really joined the battle. It's not, and what distant foreign operations, but fighting and Ukrainians. We know each other. Opponents understand Russian, is also very good right hand, holding the same weapons. These people are well aware of the military war Louis Vuitton Wallets happening here, know the opponent is Ukrainian. Yes, they should support Putin's policies, but they are, and I want to die in Ukraine, does not want to fight. Some of them are relatives in Ukraine. When people have been killed and wounded back to Russia - we use military terminology used in Afghanistan called "Cargo 200" or "Cargo 300", the former refers to the dead person, the latter refers to the wounded man - - this mentality is even more obvious. It brings volatility Russians psychologically and led the aversion to war.

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