the teacher let me tell you

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 17:49
The elf queen in dragon's help in rescued by Inferno grasps the elves, elves and dragons have a friendship, the Dragon King seems four, fifty, and his face is never exposed winning some panic expression, "the Faerie Queen, when you enter into a contract with?"The thought of Li with the wind, the elf queen cannot but face, she had really humiliated, "a month before, he is one of the human beings have no bottom, I suspect that he is the creator of adult heir, he has seven elements of magic in the heart of the constitution."You'd better believe it?It seems that there is no right or wrong, even the Faerie Queen acknowledged him, then he will be.Inferno recently is very messy, if you would be able to combine all the race, then it would be the best time to deal with evil, but ah, but today people are killing themselves, such opportunities are few."The Dragon King slightly regret sighed, "the Faerie Queen, that human beings must have some as, but the opportunity to destroy evil.Angel and devil I don't know why things are beginning to be troubled by contradiction, what a pity, pity......""The Dragon King, if he is to your site, must help me to take care of him, anyway he is my master, even though you have not seen him, but you can feel his special.""He is not only a master of you, I'm afraid or all life master."The Dragon King dark in the minds of thinking.Elf crisis temporarily relieved, dragon helper will not stay is necessary, the Dragon King of men back to his own land.Gong Cheng Xu arthritis due to his promise to Li Suifeng, he has brought Li Suifeng home alone, nature is to return to his country by rain.Aggressive team still in the ice on the borders of the empire.Li Suifeng encountered after the race, also feel strong enough, although sometimes know many spells, but he didn't have the ability to use, therefore, the lazy he began a rare training."In front of the students, please wait."Li Suifeng went to stop, "can I help you?"Modified Li Suifeng now looks just like an ordinary poor students, learning excellence is always a thousand li away, only up and pull flag, Rananim to friendship.The fact that there are two reasons, first, Li Suifeng planned to study for a period of time, second, Gong Cheng Xu Yan is a moody person, once the jealous of others suffer not only Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Vest, more will come back to her, Li Suifeng is not so stupid."The president said this afternoon, code prince will come, the teacher let me tell you, the afternoon must not be absent."The man is afraid of Li Suifeng not clear, added, "SA code Prince is rain country extremely precious one.""I know" Li Suifeng no longer ignore him, went straight to the school library, pull the flag UGG Womens Ultra Tall, Rananim should be waiting there.Because Christine bearing Xu arthritis know his brother Lee with extra care, Gong Cheng Xu Yan did not bring Li Suifeng to the palace, but in the heart for a house to let Li Suifeng live, dead of night when Christine Cheng Xuyan will be out of the palace to accompany Lee wind, therefore, the Prince did not know Li Canon the wind in the rain in the matter, but do not know at this school.Afternoon, when Prince SA code as the best student in the class (Li Suifeng) asks contest, Lee was readily agreed, "prince, take that."An ordinary sword to Li Suifeng hands become sharp, like a snake like constantly spits with red tongue.Sword in stone referred to in succession split tile is broken, but even this is not Li Suifeng's real ability.SA code Prince one one next attack Li Suifeng, "well, young age, so power UGG Adirondack Tall Boots, if again big point, I will introduce you to his team, and how?"Although it is a question, but in all the human ear is not a simple word, who do not know his team is the Rain King's elite troops, this is how big an honor."No interest" Li Suifeng suddenly stop sword."Ah?"No matter who were the words of Li Suifeng scared."Don't you want to?"SA code surprised ear."I don't like being bound."
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