women converse shoes box of goods with heavy box

October 26 [Fri], 2012, 18:13
r is spreading to our body to ascend.I perhaps can not also exceed you!"
A bit foolish ashamedly smiled to smile, way:"Eldest brother you don't say so, you the Dou spirit of that fire attribute is still very severe.I am just chance and opportunity a good many and just have the capability in nowadays."
Blood dry skeleton ha ha on smiling, way:"The chance and opportunity sometime is also very important.Like, don't say these, waited to after a while hand over a task, I invite you the brothers drink, then Be about to part company."
At this time, wood's pulling Ci has been already come out, he directs company's brigade of the worker start moving into a women converse shoes box of goods with heavy box building, after effort in more than a hour, the Si Tan emperor alliance this time goods of carrying finally and successfully store in warehouse, and dry vintage converse skeleton mercenary soldier the regiment and bad mercenary soldier regiment in the sky also finally complete their missions.
The wood pulls Ci to walk to several sides in the Human body, smile way:"Each chief was really a pain, got to board of trade in sit for a while, I also conveniently pay the remuneration that you deserve to you."
The Si Tan emperor alliance at Anne Di Si the cent department of the city see have no special place from the outside, can on slippers converse entering into an inside, public immediately ate a surprised, here not only place spacious, and decorate very gorgeous, foolish seem and saw in the appearance of setting sun empire those big casinos.The wood pulls a Ci smile way:"Board of trade usually wants to talk some big businesses here, can't, have to decorative of gorgeous some, just can display our real strenght like this, let those lord attend to trust us more."
The wood pulls Ci will public get a 30 even rices of inside the or so big room, is in person five people Qi good tea and drinks, slippers converse positive color way:"This time our Si Tan emperor board of trade alliance ability smoothly of deliver the goods to here, thank manies strongly help each other, thousand times sorry with brothers of dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment death and harm, I."He vintage converse bends the body, just readied to of thing take come cheap converse shoes out, those are two bags of skin qualities, he a little bit small bags give Xuan month, way:"Two chiefs are in the activity this time devote major efforts, before my promising are remunerations for two 1,000 gold coins, really little, is 45 diamond currencies here, five diamond currencies plusing to before and first pay totally add up

cheap converse shoes

5,000 gold coins.From now on if our board of trade has what demand, also need to rely on two devote major efforts."
Foolish way:"The wood pulls Ci president of association, how can we want your so much money?In advance since said to like 1,000 gold coins, still press original of number."
The wood pulled Ci to shake to shake head, way:"Two chiefs don't want to decline, the part of surplus, even if the board of trade gives your cash awards."He doesn't wait foolish talk again, immediately picked up another bag to pass to the blood of dry skeleton, " blood the chief is 300 diamond currencies here, in advance we say that the good remuneration is 20,000 gold coins, we have already paid are deposits for expensive regiment 100 diamond currencies, plus these, add up 40,000 diamond currencies.The chief of the blood don't decline, either, the loss of the expensive regiment consumedly comes from our unexpected happenings this time, these moneys that come out more, even if we to those some esteems that sacrifice warrior, you must receive."
The blood dry skeleton sighed tone and once connected bag and wished, even if money mostly has again what use, also change the life of doing not return me those brotherses!"Wood president of association, that thanked you, since the task has been already completed, I don't stay more here and still need to arrange many matters in regiment.Foolish brothers, do you walk or not?"
Foolish quickly pull Ci leave-taking to the wood with Xuan month, the wood pulled Ci to send out 5 people in person board of trade.At the time of taking leave his sob not is already, seem not very willing to give up 5 people.
Left board of trade, the blood dry skeleton orderanied his/her own under charge concentration to get up, blunt iron dry skeleton way:"Is old three, you take out 50 diamond currencies to uiyfiroehnj divide to these brotherses and go on vacation for a day today and let them heartily relax, tomorrow early in the morning, gather in the west city gate, we immediately return to headquarters."A hear the blood dry skeleton want a holiday to them, the members of dry skeleton mercenary soldier regiment immediately shout, this month, they have been living an anxious day, finally can relax, how can be not happy.
Foolish looking at to spread gradually of mercenary soldier, blunt blood dry skeleton way:"The wood pulls Ci president of association the person is still really good, he is a person with deep feelings!Give us so much money unexpectedly and more this time, no wonder that will you always cooperate with him."
The blood dry skeleton humed a , way:"Brothers, you were sti
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