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September 06 [Fri], 2013, 17:15
Mongolian If using modern perspective that is the most inferior horses. Mongolian short stature, slow running speed, the more obstacles capacity is far less than in Europe tall horse. But the Mongolian horse is the world's strongest endurance horses, the environment and food requirements are the lowest, whether in Asia, alpine desert, or in the plains of Europe, Mongolian horse can always find food, we can say with a Mongolian horse strongest ability to adapt Mongolian horse kept running over long distances, and regardless of the cold summer can survive in the wild, it was said that the special advantages of making Mongolia Mongolian army with any army was difficult to compare the speed and mobility. For example, the 1241 winter Subutai main cavalry crossed the Carpathian Mountains from Ruska Yamaguchi, suddenly appeared in the Danube River Spey next time, just spent three days time, and covered with snow two the distance between the ground more than three hundred kilometers, and mostly trackless mountain Mongolian hair stone used cars, rockets and other new weapons Central Plains, Central Plains various dynasties in the original is fielding strong garrison for use against the Mongolian army. But after the Mongol army quickly mastered such equipment is used for tall Levee attacks. Gunpowder and rocket weapon appears in the cold weapons, its power of nature is amazing, in addition, they have never met an enemy, there is also a huge psychological shock effect. In the European theater, often caused by gunpowder weapon has not yet been completely destroyed the walls of the situation, the defenders will lose the will to fight Mongol horsemen began to abandon the city to flee because of the various types of equipment, like Europe Mongolian cavalry never been on a strict arms weapons division of labor, combined European army does not like the use of weapons as heavy, so carry a variety of weapons Mongol horsemen, so that it can always accomplish different tasks. Mongol horsemen carry weapons usually have bows and arrows, swords, spears, maces, hatchets, it is worth mentioning that the Mongolian bows, and their arrows longer big, some 80 kg of force required to pull ( TV, Marco Polo has never been able to pull his Mongols hard bow scenes), long range, is almost the most important Mongol horsemen lethal weapons. In addition, the Mongolian cavalry often based on personal hobby equipment other weapons, such as the noose horses and horse mesh nets, which appear in a regular European army is incredible is hard to prevent. In addition, the Mongolian cavalry armor mostly made of leather, lightweight and tough, although nowhere near the body of the European heavy armored cavalry chain mail, but the burden is light, easy to maintain for a long time the fighting, in addition, did not like the cold iron armor summer season to become unbearable torture three Mongolian military training, endurance and its militarized special social organization

Mongolian nomads in northern army and the Chinese, like childhood is warrior. Grew up on horseback, childhood toy is bows and arrows, when early adulthood can be counted as a professional soldier. As in the cold and harsh environment, and have a very tough-working character of the material conditions of treatment almost never stress, ice climbing, snow lying on it as commonplace. Long-distance trek is childhood habits. Do not pay attention to material conditions, so that the Mongol army logistical burden is light. Mongolian soldiers have things that are not square farming nation will and ability of continuous fighting, which is the Western aristocratic cavalry were pampered and Chinese people were arrested and never come anywhere and all the enemies as compared to the Mongols in the cultural and material in a backward position, large-scale capture of plunder is always an incentive for their cause and maintain a strong fighting force. The desire for wealth, for killing the excitement makes Mongolian almost no time to stop war abroad. Mongolian commander let go and let the soldiers arbitrary killings policy, psychologically allows stimulation of blood brave soldiers militant mood and raw courage, making savage Mongol soldiers become extremely brave warrior. Wanton plunder is a partial solution to the Mongolian military logistical supply problems. But destroying the massacre is king perishable, widely reviled addition, unified Mongol tribes, almost to a foreign war as a national survival depend, but drop ranks second in the nomadic Mongolian road towards a complete militarization. To the best trained army, the Mongols three-year-old child was put into a special military training department for military learning. They are strictly for horse riding, archery training. These kids are trained from childhood composed of cavalry, fighting qualities and skills are extremely alarming, they are either on horseback or rapid retreat assault can accurately shoot enemies, in other words, all of the ordinary soldiers are Guang as marksman. This point, almost all of the alien enemy they can not be done. This is also the European army without giving Mongol horsemen killing himself suffered heavy casualties when the reason. Mongols established a social organization to adapt to the war. Mongol tribes leadership that is living and production management organizer and commander of military operations. War abroad, it can mobilize all the people, all the people of all ages can participate in combat operations. As long siege on Hualazimo States is participation of all citizens living in the city under grazing to maintain continuous military attack until the city was captured foregoing analysis, the Mongolian military conquests in Asia and Europe are almost invincible the inevitable result. Mongol Song asics aaron mt uk spent a total of 38 years, mainly because most of the Southern Song Dynasty terrain is not suitable for cavalry, and artillery in the back and forth before the invention of the Mongols deep Ho Song strong city almost nothing. But later the Mongols in the north to recruit a large number of Han Chinese infantry fight for them, but also create a back and forth like a giant siege weapons such as guns, put the above two difficulties are overcome. The Mongol army in Japan, Vietnam, and the failure of both timing and place of a relationship, let alone Vietnam terrain cavalry, infantry even difficult actions, coupled with malaria, plague, northern soldiers acclimatized. Mongol army was not so much defeated by locals, as it was defeated by the local soil and water. As for playing in Japan, where the two have run into a giant offshore wind, the fleet was blown to pieces. Moreover ship out extremely difficult horse, hey! God is not opening the eyes ah, cheap and a little Japanese. Mongolia, Japan and Vietnam in defeat on the battlefield, just because these two Mongol army battlefield is where most can not play to our strengths. They must dismount boat, relying on God bless to safely reach their destination, landed after the mountain in the jungle before they were unable to maneuver a large scale interludes, and even can not ride operations. Worse humid continental air let them adapt to climate nose can not breathe, they became sick man lost their lives or the plague, as European armies adapt them as attached: Shao about Battle Creek

1241, Subutai and Batu fraction of the Mongol armies attacking Eastern Europe, forced across the Carpathian Mountains, ready to join forces in the Hungarian plains, the two forces far there are two small flanking cavalry, swept along Poland , Silesia and East Prussia, cover the main force's strategic intent. Hungarian King Bela IV Mongol army arrived in Perth in the city before, ascertain the intent of the Mongolian army, immediately organized army of 100,000 people to seek a decisive battle with the Mongolian army, the Mongol army of nearly 6 million people (of which 3 million are Mongol army, the rest is asics gel nimbus 14 uk Mongol army destroyed the country's army, a little War of the puppet) Hungarian army's main attack is to avoid a little retreat. April, the two sides finally in Shao about Riverside confrontation. Hungary became clear after the main Mongolian side, quickly to seize a huge bridgehead, but also in the West Bank with plenty of carriage together into solid barracks, waiting for the Mongol army attacks. Mongol army engineers arrived in subsequent immediately after the dawn of riprap with powerful cars and rockets to the bridgehead of the Hungarian army shooting guard, garrison under the attack of unprecedented moment in defeat, the Mongolian cavalry quickly wear bridge and over, Just woke up to the main Hungarian army attack. When the Hungarian people lined up to kill the number of confidence at an absolute disadvantage of the Mongolian army, and soon found it was not the main! The main Mongol army cavalry troops from the three columns hundred miles away in the South had by night through the icy river. Mongolia from behind to kill the main Hungarian army, the Hungarian army formation confusion barracks immediately withdraw sturdy hang. Sapper was made to barracks Mongols launched intensive boulders, rockets, Poison (Poison Mongols historical records containing arsenic Croton, a strong toxic smoke), burning oil. These assault weapons are mostly Western troops for the first time to see that his heart can imagine the panic. Mongol Mongol army against using highly mobile forces in Europe to eliminate a large number of armored sturdy but clumsy European army. Because European army disadvantage in speed, making the battle fled to very few people, a long time, Europeans have always believed that a very large number of Mongol army. In addition, because European armies rely mainly on close combat killing, making the Mongol army in the use of mobile operations, only a small number of casualties. Modern European military history experts believe that the European army and Mongol army proportion of casualties in the war, perhaps the most poor cold weapons.
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