chain reaction will lead to more

December 03 [Tue], 2013, 10:26

chain reaction will lead to more injuries occur, leaving us worried." Just the person in charge "Carter," November 29, cruised away Zhejiang Leafs Aftenike free 5.0 mens
r the Bank team, the Liaoning team has their injury Adds two wounded: Yang Ming groin strain, He held a sprained knee, two can play the next game is uncertain.Helpless passive clubsAn injury has become a reality, as the relevant responsible person said the club, the team put in front of the problem, how to deal with nature. "Lucky" as the Shanghai team, leading scorer Weaver departed quickly finalize Quincy Dolby within a few days. Plus the opponent's reasons, as well as domestic players of one mind, so that they did not adjust quickly to being too much affected. On the record "dominating" standings three, let them at least get through a difficult period short.But, not every team can be so lucky. Haddadi injured in the accident, so the Sichuan team was hard to get a win, "was originally more than they should at least take 1-2 field goals"; Han Dejun and Guo Allan's long recuperation, the Liaoning team only emergency recall in the United States trained Zhao Jiwei, however, Yang Ming and He held the fall, so coach Wu Qinglong almost "tears"; course there are the Beijing team, Marbury core players return date yet, they aim champion, suffered severe warning "We are now on such a case, a lot of injuries, a little hurt every game players also need to adhere to the teeth." Shandong basketball coach Gong Xiaobin, then, represent the majority of the club's frustration, they once only eight individuals can play. There Liaoning team after six matches cruised they register all domestic players all got a chance to debut, and playing time have been almost certain guarantee. This

phenomenon, in the past may need to wait until the second half of the regular season to appear. Advance staged "the whole class" play, the club also have to say passive measures desperation.The whole operation is only one of "responsibility"So many injuries, why not Games will be directed at the outside world was that intensive and "seamless connection" of the two events, leading to many players, especially the domestic players, not sufficient preparation before the advent of the new season. However, many insiders did not entirely agree with this view. "Games has always been there, just say, four years ago, there appeared such a situation Can not put all the responsibility cnike free 4.0 v2 sale
omes down here, except to say, in the arrangement Basketball debatable schedule." A Circle the source said."In the past years, when the whole operation, the league basically the end of November, which were there a month or even a few months to adjust and rest." A club official told reporters, "but once a year in advance so much, and almost without warning, the entire team's preparations were disrupted state of the athletes planned to take time to adjust, fatigue has not yet fully recovered once high-intensity game, the chances of injury will certainly be increase. "Indeed," the whole operation was "somehow bound to affect the player's status, and physical reserves, in the past the club also made an early deployment, but this season, let some of them hastily. Reporters learned from the relevant aspects of the club, league CBA originally scheduled start time for the November 23, 24, "It was also said that might be a week or so in advance." Initially, the club is also based on this schedule, a new arrangement of the season. But, when the final opener "suddenly" was brought forward to November 8, this allows the club quite by surprise.However, the good news this year, CBA will race to race two on Friday, it also allows each

club in the league over the remaining three-quarters of the time, to have a more effective response to the injury of the space.Fatigue and unexpected series of strikes"Look at some of the players in our team, national team, Olympic team as well as the Games, plus the league can say that almost no break down over a year. Competitive sport like this, combat fatigue certainly vulnerable." This One is the team's coach complained to reporters made. In addition, due to years of war, nearly every athlete who has more or less left the old wounds, but also easily lead to fatigue under the old wounds intensified. "For example, under normal circumstances, a normal fight, you had the strength to withstand., But people tired of it Likely to fall a bit lost, or the air hit it fell off, do not hold back on the ground live, plus cold weather reasons, may result in injury. "A team fitness coach and reporter analysis," so why should guarantee a certain vacation period the amount of training, good physical condition can effectively alleviate the outside world suddenly force. "Innike free 3.0 v4 sale
addition, for such injuries this season, "accident" is also a reason not to be ignored, or that called the main reason. Around each of the wounded is not difficult to find, like fractures, torn ligaments, fractures and other "serious injury", occupying most of them. If more domestic players due to fatigue and other factors, but the amount of foreign aid the wounded in the same "huge", it is difficult due to the impact of intense competition brings."It looks like a lot of people injured, the reason is for this reason that in the analysis, but the club was actually also clear that this is really not good luck." Relevant person in charge of the club, told reporters, "You see Haddadi before the game sprained, Weaver lead the race stays a little palm fractures, as well as Liaoning, Shandong, Zhejiang team several players. these are certainly not
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