November 23 [Sun], 2008, 7:13
℃-ute -- ℃-uteデビュー単独コンサート2007春〜始まったよ! キューティーショー〜

yay! I came back to my hometown! In my house, with my parents and my little brother

It feels very good.

I'm watching the debut concert of ℃-ute. They look very young here, specially Chisa and Airi. Erika is so beautiful!! She looks like the girls' older sister

I have to do the birthday gift for Liz!!!

See you,
so cute!

end of the week 

November 21 [Fri], 2008, 10:15
hitomi -- Bird

...because the university got closed...

So I helped a friend to search a room for her. We walked almost three hours, until we found some comfortable and big ones.

Again, we're full of work, but it's now for the last time.
I'll promise I'll give my best! I won't rest until I do a work I'm happy with

In the afternoon, we helped a lot of natives who came to the university for a protest. They will stay there 4 days, hence the university got closed. At 5:00 pm it started to rain heavily; I'm worried for them, for the natives. I hope they were able to have a place to stay under the rain ;__; I'm so worried!!! I'll cry if the state looks over them once again (and I'm crying right now!!).

I wasn't able to get pictures of the, but I'm sure I'll post later some of the photos a friend was taking. The only memory of this day was maybe the 5 leafed clover I found... I find a lot of this ones (4 leaf clover), but this time it was... 5 leaves!!!!

By the way, remember the pictures I posted a month ago? I had to repeat them..but! the teaches liked the ones I did this time I can rest (a little)!!!

packing things

(゜ロ゜) ゴメンナサイ ! ! ! 

November 20 [Thu], 2008, 11:35
モーニング娘。 -- レモン色とミルクティ

It has been a month since my last update!!
I'm so sorry!!!

A lot of things had happen ever since. I had to redo my photoshoot, I delivered two more works...oh!!!
And one of them was chosen to be in the Design exposition of the university!!! O(≧∇≦)O

This is not the original

The best works of every semester are selected to be there. The entire university will see my book! I'm so glad! Finally, when I graduate I'll say "oh, well, at least one of my works got chosen for the Design thingie, back when I was in third semester..." www

I'll see you tomorrow!!
I'll promise I won't stop updating anymore, this has been a wonderful month, one of the best in this year.

never again! never again!

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