not disappeared in the blink of an eye

January 31 [Thu], 2013, 16:42
The feather-like snowflakes eloquent, wanton dancing in the cold wind in the air. > Looking around, one next to a snow covered peaks, like heaven and earth heap huge snowman. Between heaven and earth, in addition to the pure white, no longer see the second color. Black bamboo forest, and a group of children wearing a jacket, lying motionless in the snow, pairs of eyes, like a few grains of black beans in the snow, were rolling endlessly turning, they did not leave the front of them not far from of a snow. The eyes of everyone, and are full of excitement and exciting look. The snow from those children thirty-five meters at the snow surface smooth as a mirror, a bucketful, propped with Xizhu, in the bucketful under, sprinkle with a little rice, extremely eye-catching in the snow. The "Tianquan brother, which are how long, how prey bait? This method is able to do this?" Where a fat head fat brain child clutching a rope kept rubbing his strained asked. In his next plate slightly older child snappily said: "anxious? This after much while? Want to catch prey must have patience. Worry, this method certainly line, called traps know it? Edie them up the hill in this way, but they trap you had better be much savvier, no person in the next guarding can catch prey. "fat head fat brain child of some envy whispered:" Tianquan brother, how you did not tell you Edie learn that do not trap people watching? If so, we now do not have to lie in the snow, you can go play. "slightly larger child some gas is not playing a whispered curse: "You think so easy? Do not you know the rules of the village? children before the age of 12 can not go into the mountains, this uphill or steal up, you also want to learn that trap? gave me remember back who was not allowed to say to the mountains, hear? cheer you give me good pulled the rope, if no trap, to see how I deal with you? "This meal whispered rebuke around several children quieted down, the blink of an eye without blinking staring at the front of the baskets look forward to that unknown prey bait. This group of children, it is a group of children the two Gouzi Wang Tianquan and three straight, their appearance, apparently stole touched ran up the mountain come to stimulate. A moment later, from among the bamboo forest, out of a red-back Green abdominal pheasant. Into the winter, and it began to snow, and and not hibernating animal, because it can not find food to eat, will inevitably went to the mountains outside. "Look quick look, orang chicken." Three straight eyes light up as she cried. This ranging from two Gouzi Wang Tianquan to stop him, two or three children lying next three Junko has three straight obesity head into the snow, would not let him send out sound to, fearing to disturb the prey. This orang chicken called the redback green belly chicken, its feathers the color of the back and abdomen, named after the mountain people also call it the orang chicken. Orang chicken Huanen quality, is a rare children's game, just very alert, but very difficult to want to capture. Been unable to find food orang chicken rice planted in the snow, his eyes suddenly see the light emerging. Although very excited, but have not been carried away by the mind, and not rush into the bucketful, but a bucketful of snow around, looking for those that fall to the ground, scattered rice. Two Gouzi such as the National People's Congress for worry, but do not dare to send out sound, only to quietly waiting. Orang chicken the basketful around to eat a times, until you could not find the rice, this looked up see 向那 baskets. The bucketful following rice, a lot of rice Canada Goose Camrose Parka, this is a great temptation for orang chicken. But instinctively, that next bucketful make it feel dangerous. Orang chicken, hesitant in baskets weeks around to go around, for a time undecided. Look at the heart of several children have jumped throats, but did not dare to sound, only gnaw heart shouted: go, go ah. Struggling for a while, orang chicken seems under determination, a step by step to the bucketful within Norway go. Exultation of a group of children, three straight hastened to seize the rope in hand, orang chicken just waiting to go in, he would immediately pull the rope. Orang chicken still go very carefully, walked and looked around, but did not find any danger, the pace is not accelerated by some. A group of children watching the orang chicken to the basket, the eyes shine. Seeing orang chicken is necessary to go into the silence of bamboo forest, suddenly sounded a "creak" sound, it was coming. "Bad," a group of children was shocked to look at the orang chicken has quickly left the bucketful, got into the bamboo forest, not disappeared in the blink of an eye. Group of children angrily jumped up from the snow went bucketful next, where there is the shadow of orang chicken? Suddenly, a few people angry invariably looked to the sound coming from the direction of. "Creak" sound increasingly the two Gouzi they also see this person, it is Yue Bin. Enemies meet exceptionally jealous. At this time, the two Gouzi they saw Yue Bin, gas does not play a snappily said: "You waste doing here?" Yue Bin also did not expect to see here two Gouzi them, since six months ago, he began to practice Bowdler swim Dragon Fist, regardless of wind and rain, alone, he would come to the black bamboo forest, never had any interruption. Now snowing, I thought nobody mountains, and suddenly here to see two Gouzi them, my heart is full of surprise. Yue Bin mental very mature, but for two Gouzi they Yue Bin also mention what a good impression. Now hear each other, and my heart also rising surge of anger: "You can come, why I can not come?" Two Gouzi a lag, if on the sharp-tongued, he is a less than 12-year-old child, how can match Yue Bin? Moment do not know what to say, and think of village rules and resentment between the two men, puzzled and asked: "Are you following us?" Yue Bin glanced Gouzi, and looked at the face of each individual on an angry look, and my heart how also does not want to understand him exactly how to provoke each other. Since six months ago, he hit and two Gouzi of the one found by the village head, the village head, such as two Gouzi repeated demands, they should not find Yue Bin trouble. So the past six months, Yue Bin off fairly quiet, although the two sides met there was nothing glances, but no one would have so much anger. Just Yue Bin wonder when, caught a glimpse of a few people at the foot of the bucketful, saw the bucketful, and the snow on the rice, and I do not know what animal footprints, heart Qi Bafen understand. He was an agent for the observation of the details of the problem, he had already developed a habit. 're Thinking, Yue Bin have not had time to open three straight panic exclaimed: "Tianquan brother, it seems this waste really tracking us, if she went and told the village chief, then how to do?" Ergou sub look cold, said: "I wanted to go and tell the village head, that they have the guts your waste, we do not look for trouble, but you find trouble, beaten can not blame others Air Max Griffey Mens. "book upload Canada Goose Elijah, red table when Taobao Taobao Mall, Taobao Mall, Taobao Lynx Taobao Women winter jacket Taobao Lynx winter coat you a few recommended investing more vote in ...
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