Tremendous pressure officials to

January 05 [Sat], 2013, 11:09

Tremendous pressure officials to get together to sell the following reasons why
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Therefore, the Securities Investment Fund Law, "the revised draft of the securities regulatory staff that worked behavior provisions, it is necessary, it is a step forward. However, just three years shall not be used in the regulatory body positions, this rule is still wrong with. 3 years, after all, the basic SFC former officials of connections are intact, three years after leaving office immediately after the tenure and turnover, is basically no different. Therefore, I propose that the securities regulatory staff that worked time should be after 10 years, when the the SFC internal personnel relations has occurred great changes, original SFC officials tried virtue of the original personal connections to influence the regulatory, the The role will be much smaller.

Afternoon the super cow look back, pay attention to the opportunities unlimited!

Say a good start, the market but give us a finished lower. Disk with larger decreases in stock in addition to a sudden burst of bad stock from Bor system observed probability of 68% of the Green Line, many today showed a larger stock is a weekly level short high probability shorting stocks. My the Bor system with probability forecasts predict the concentration of buying or selling in a price, and the weekly level is a large level, high on a short week level, once triggered concentrated selling, Nature, efforts will is relatively large. The machine car fell more than 5% of the country as it is today, a decrease of 4% of the new lake treasure obviously weeks touch short probability level of 68% green line position or into the high short probability nike lunarglide 3
Today is the first trading day of the New Year, came back after New Year's Day holidays, the market of public opinion on an optimistic. Was ready to sell to buy stocks, the term refers to short by jumping off a building, and so on. I remember I once said, we have to be optimistic when others panic;, we have to be careful when others crazy. Now, we need to be careful. Index in 2250 points to 2300 points, it rapidly increases will inevitably lead to bulls only win out, short also forced the brand-positions, these two actions will inevitably makes the stock shocks. So very clear strategy in our country Prudential Harbor, the first rallies to lighten up, and other shocks down before bargain intervention; avoid another job low, sell high or varieties steering or low varieties, so you can do back into the attack and defend; Third, if I can not accurately grasp the rhythm, you can ignore short-term fluctuations, the firm holds a low valuation, blue chips to be repaired until the end of the first quarter line thrown.

Chip varieties, like non-ferrous metals, coal, and other currently undervalued basket, how to start, valuations are still low, we focus on the layout of the varieties. Focus diaocang select the best varieties
This week only one trading day, but today the trend is of extraordinary significance, one is today is the first trading day of 2013, the year of the stock market, leaving one Aspect; second is the broader market today, showing intraday strength the whipsaw allows investors feel the strength of the market trend, but a huge shock.
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Disk, the two cities close to the sealed daily limit of 30 stocks, the recent active the Lianchuang energy in nuclear titanium dioxide and other stock continued to show a pattern of strong limit.
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