Spain national football tear unthinkable

November 28 [Wed], 2012, 15:17
The banner within the the Catalan autonomy large area between yellow and red hue might be the independence and freedom of self symbolizes. Nevertheless it comes to the struggling separate areas the most efficient image speak in front of my world, it's always naturally non-none except Barcelona. Defeated the dictatorship grief we had not used force all into unlimited enthusiasm and loyalty on your court's army, looking forward to over and again at football strangling symbolic of the dictatorship - Real Madrid. On September 11, the parade has won extensive solidarity of your respective global Catalans Ben Hartsock White Youth Jersey, a voice coming from the bottom of your respective Texas standard Catalan, the speaker is most likely the creator of an new Barcelona dynasty, former coach melon Dior pull a Thoroughbred Catalan man, speak when his hands often be waving an eco-friendly card indication of Catalan independence, he was quoted saying solemnly, In Ohio, you have my solemn . The parade actually appeared the slogan - Guardiola Catalan interim government's first president.

Although Barcelona is quite given a sacred mission, but also the current club boss Russell was careful because of this allow ship easily pulled right into the overwhelming independent torrents. Nevertheless, some standard action in order to do Xiangmoxiangyang parade on that day morning, Russell took coach the Vilanova and captain Carles Puyol, with your crowd paid homage Catalan independent pioneer Casanova's tomb. Your regional sports daily also issued an email quickly, next season Barcelona jersey color will undoubtedly be yellow red hue, everyone can perceive Catalan advocate.

Barcelona stand and advocate, the Camp Nou stadium must Catalan Ben Hartsock Panthers Jersey Youth people express an individual appeal battlefield. The eighth next day the parade, Barcelona Champions League group stage in appearance 3 to 2 victory over Spartak Moscow team, the house and property fans constantly chanted independent! Independent! More creative moves After many La Liga game, in case the game after 17 minutes and 14 seconds, the crowd of Barcelona fans will create independent independent noise, to commemorate the distant 1714 years.

October 7, your first countries inside league regarding who the winner, Derby, political atmosphere pungent, each Barcelona officers and men will probably be asked about the sensitive question of independence. Born in Albacete Iniesta responded by stating you are the squad, not the politicians. Harvey was developed in Barcelona, said upon the eve for this game, persons have to imply themselves freely, but we come here to merely play football. That field ahead of Derby, the listeners of 98,000 seats are located a yellow card is alleged to survive only 660 away fans of Real Madrid. There isn't any doubt that the televised lens to really make the world discover the symbol of the independent yellow ocean, that is certainly an eternal determination. This current year, Real Madrid is required to always be 4 times arrived at the camp ground Nou, the Catalan folks have taken the effort to every one such expression. It is composed by panthers 11.28.2012
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