Korean Tutoring 

March 07 [Sat], 2009, 18:35
3rd, March

Today we watched a Korean drama. I could understand really easy and short words, but I enjoyed it very much.

Korean Tutoring 

February 28 [Sat], 2009, 17:46
25th, February

This time I tried a harder task – write a list to describe my “ideal” person. In this way I could also practice adjective. It was quite fun that in the end I wrote a whole page including “good mannered” “kind hearted”. I showed this list to some Korean boys and they all complemented my writing, which made me to feel happy about learning Korean.

Korean Tutoring 

February 12 [Thu], 2009, 17:36
10th, February

Today I tried to write a short paragraph with Korean about what I did during the last holiday. I could only make some basic sentences, but my tutor said it was good. After that we listened to a Korean song and I tried to learn the lyrics. In the end I almost mastered it so I would like to sing in Karaoke with my Korean friends sometime.

Korean Tutoring 

February 03 [Tue], 2009, 17:31
2nd, February

I haven’t done Korean tutoring for a long time, so I found myself forgot a lot of it. Today we revised the basic grammar and the verbs, and learnt some conjugations in order to make complex sentences. The word I learnt today is “therefore”, and I made a sentence “I opened the window and slept last night therefore I caught cold today”. It is a useful word so I can make more sentences from now on.

Tae Kwon Do 

September 24 [Wed], 2008, 17:45
24th, September, 2008
Action 1.5hr

Today I got my red belt

Tae Kwon Do 

September 10 [Wed], 2008, 17:39
10th, September, 2008
Action 1.5hr

Today we had grading.

Campus Chapter Philippine Trip 

August 02 [Sat], 2008, 7:19
14-15th, July, 2008 Working Day 6-7
Service: 7 Creativity: 7 Action: 5

Campus Chapter Philippine Trip 

July 31 [Thu], 2008, 7:05
11-12, July, 2008 Woking Day 4-5
Service: 10hr Action: 4hr

Day 4: earth filling, cement transporting, septic tank digging
Day 5: earth filling, septic tank digging, concreate block transporting

Photo: rock dug out form septic tank

Campus Chapter Philippine Trip 

July 29 [Tue], 2008, 6:50
10th, July, 2008 Home visit and house dedication

Service 2hr

It was day off from working on house building, and we went to visit 2 families who will be living in the houses we were building. As can be see from the photo, the living condition is very poor with 7 people living in a shelter. They have to cook outside and there is no clean water. Knowing this, everybody had some thoughts and we decided to work harder. After home visit we went to a "house", which is like a kindergarten for young kids from very poor families. A Spanish lady started this house and here children are provided food, medicine and day care.
In the afternoon we went to a village participate in house dedicaiton. The previous Habitat for Humanity group has built several houses here and we were giving these house to those families officially. In a woman's speech she was saying how much the houes have helped them and how special the working experience was to them. It was a moving speech and I was happy to know we were actually helping somebody.

Campus Chapter Philippine Trip 

July 28 [Mon], 2008, 6:47
8th, July - 10th, July Working Day 1 - 3

Service: 12 hr Creativity: 5 Action: 4

The days started with praying – Catholicism is the primary religion in the Philippines. I am in group C and our job for day 1 was diggin septic tank. The hole has to to be 2m deep and 1.5×1m wide, and we started from 20 cm. The tools which we can use are barreta (a sphere like metal bar which is very heavy) and shavels only. There are 4 people in my group for 1 hole, so we divided into 2 barreta people and shavellers. 2 people used barretas to losen the soil and then 2 people used shavels to shavel the soil out. The weather was extremely hot and soon we got exhausted. Fortunately water was supplied unlimitedly and everybody drank massive amount of water, but never needed to go to the toilet because of the sweat. I respect the villagers because they were hardworking and they actually did much more work than us.

The second day was easier than the first one. Our body sored from first day labour and we all were so sleepy in the morning. The job for the second day was painting iron bars with red paints. It was fun in the beginning and we could sit in the shade, but there were 50 bars to paint and it was actually a tiring work. We could only finish 40 by the lunch time. The village provided us with delicious lunch everyday such as chicken, fish and fruits. In the afternoon we helped with another group doing earth filling. We had to make a lline and tranported earth from one place to fill the foundation of the house. We had been going to the village for 3 days, and local children started to be familiar with us and some kids wrote letters to us.

On day 3 our group was back to digging septic tank. This time we had to dig 2 tanks from ground with no foundation provided. It was much harder than day 1, but this time there were 2 groups digging together. We had to break the concreate ground as well. We came up with an efficient way of digging, which was deviding the hole into 2 parts and we only shovel or barreta one part at a time. By this way we could dig pretty fast and by the end of the day we had already finished 1/3 of the hole.

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