Japanese christmas market 

December 07 [Mon], 2015, 0:14
Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a Japanese christmas market.

It was very dissapointing! It was small, not much food and everything was too expensive. I actually wanted to get some Takoyaki but the queue was just too long. So we just went for some Onigiris which were 2,50€ each. When I imagine that I got my Tsuna Mayo Onigiri for 90Yen when I was back in Japan, it's such a shame. And honestly... Onigiris are very simple to make by yourself. Anyway, we were hungry and so we hhad to buy something. Oh and my Onigiri was so bad. Too much Wasabi inside. My nose felt like it was going to bleed! (~.~)

We just stayed 1 hour there. Afterwards, we decided to go to a japanese restaurant called Ishin. It's my favourite Japanese resutaurant in Berlin.

I had Gyu don and my bf Chirashi don.

New blog 

December 04 [Fri], 2015, 7:26
I got some motivation again to blog about my daily life. I had no interest in blogging since there are no real blog communities like Xanga, English Cyworld and Myspace anymore. I miss especially Xanga. I loved it because it was easier to find ppl who had the same interests with you.
Anyway, I wanna blog again and I want a cute layout. That's why I chose a Japanese blog hoster again. Yaplog has really nice skins and makes blogging so easy.

So, Idk what to say about today. I went to uni and it was so so. Boring but not as boring as Monday class. Tomorrow I have no class but I'll be abit busy with cleaning my apartment. It can't be a mess when my boyfriend stays here during the weekend. On Saturday I will have class... omg I never had class on Saturday. What a torture. (-.-) And on Sunday my bf has to work the whole day. So basically we will only have Saturday evening for us. But then we will go to a Japanese christmas market. I'm very excited.
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