How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

August 07 [Wed], 2013, 11:52
How long have you been writing/publishing articles?

I started writing in 1998 when Simon & Schuster approached me about writing a book on Entrepreneurism. I did so and it was published in 2000 with title of Low Risk High Reward, with a subtitle of Starting and Growing Your Business with Minimal Risk. I wrote my next book on Bootstrapping which I self published in 2009, which is when I created a web site and started writing blogs. I was also a columnist for for one year.

Tell us about your writing process.

I write all articles by myself. Ideas come from a variety of sources and times. セリーヌ激安My most fertile area for topics is from my interaction with sharp students at schools I talk to. In my extensive
Q & A sessions I can see the issues they are most interested in and the key areas where their knowledge is suspect.

Anything else you would like to add?

I would add that I believe people love and remember stories. Try to come up with pertinent ones from your own experiences. Also a more lengthy article adds nothing to quality. Shorter is better but harder to write .セリーヌ 店舗I also don’t ascribe to everything done in lists….The 10 best ways to prevent snoring….. Lists at times are appropriate but I would make the case that one important point supported by a story and/or data can be more memorable and valuable. Finally, It is good to get trusted opinions of your writings, but not too many. You don’t want to lose your voice. I also like to always have 2-3 articles ready in advance, so as not to have to rush writing one and in case you get tied up in something else or do some traveling. If you are really passionate in a belief, state it and ignore the naysayers.
Bob Reiss