the LiuYanGong inspection group

June 09 [Sat], 2012, 15:52

In fact the reason no matter aside, just blunt friends, he also have to care about it. Make public know that news to investment promotion and the carbuncle please do director of the false, in fact he Shu false is just ZouGuoChang, DongGongYu never ignore him, holding the unwinding of attitude, make public leave is also to avoid in the matter little fuss. LiChangYu there or to say a roar, LiChangYu know to make public the dongjiang entrusted to him a thing, let him go to make level sea newspaper reporters LiangDongPing, or because the last time education bureau of things in raising funds, has been through the propaganda department river effectively control the spread of the public opinion, can this LiangDongPing to this thing still hold, often cloth about it, make LiChangYu is very passive, he wants to make public to find the dongjiang reporters to talk with him, let him not to focus on this matter. GuJiaTong Hu,coach outlet online not the dongjiang river, she sent her sister go to Beijing, blue ocean company in Beijing also have business to deal with. Make public on this thing also not going to to disturb GuYun know, ever since that time know GuYun know of their attitude after now, make public or to avoid as far as possible and he contact, he first went to white sands area, Ann, deputy director of the LuanShengWen, LuanShengWen smuggling black car on this case is clear, trends in the case registration is black and things, actually protect and county to smuggling of jehu on the thing, the county government to this thing sees with one eye closed and with one eye, because it can increase every year to the county tens of millions of income, ZhouYunFan have been through this way to the black car spleen. But not long ago national smugglers action high-profile began, a JianJuXin straight into the hands of the new DaiShengChang SongHuaiMing, SongHuaiMing in provincial party committee on the standing committee put forward on the spot of this province have said it must never palliative, must investigate the end, sent by ShengJiWei when deputy secretary of the LiuYanGong inspection group, the traffic police and counties in direct brigade, the past the body form of the inspection also is not the first time, the local also have to deal with way, is nothing but a little better reception, gift to send to a bit thick.

Can have never thought this group play really a came to protect and county stay don't go, say in the province have instructions, the grasp of determined to catch, the deposed resolutely removal, don't check after all never accept hand, protect and county several of the forced without method, can prompt prompt procuratorate caught in the traffic police brigade team leader and financial county chief. but it still didn't calm down, the inspection group ShunTengMoGua found out the LongXiang trade, let the dongjiang river, with the municipal public security bureau, the LongXiang business general manager Ming's bitter to catch up, and now all of LongXiang trade business has been suspended, city sent panel survey of the company's financial situation. ZhangYangLai mbt sport 2 dongjiang before and no thought of it make so much, he frowned way: "LongXiang business in the legal representative is ZhouYunFan, it HuYin question regarding is innocent." LuanShengWen say with smile: "make public, it's main partners must be ZhouYunFan, but she also HuYin not shirk responsibility, as one of the main operators, she can't be don't know LongXiang trade has been engaged in illegal smuggling operation, the above of smuggling crimes so determined to blow, and the governor personally words, to the song the end, I see her probe going to have trouble. Make public suddenly remind of a word, a new broom sweeps clean, it seems DaiShengChang SongHuaiMing first fire from smugglers crime to burn up. LuanShengWen way: "in fact it you should not seek me, ZhangDeFang is the and county public security bureau deputy director is gu inside more than me." Make public took a sip tea, slowly will the cup on the table, in fact, he began to look for the past ZhangDeFang, can ZhangDeFang and ZhouYunFan DE put off between certain related, so make public not to find ZhangDeFang, ZhangDeFang keeps him very clearly, this person sophisticated communication, ZhouYunFan last time and Japanese life conflicts, and he will stay, is by no means a can of weal and woe. "The most serious things she would HuYin?"

LuanShengWen thought to have a way: "according to our country criminal law, smuggled goods and articles should pay tax evasion is in five hundred thousand yuan of above, a shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of ten years or life imprisonment and also should be tax evasion is twice to less than five times to a fine or confiscation of property." Make public heard flesh creep: "I depend, can't, so heavy?" LuanShengWen way: "as far as I know LongXiang business involves to evade tax should be out of the five hundred thousand, but she would not HuYin is a legal person, now there is no evidence to identify she participated in the smuggling activities. ZhangYangDao: "what bureau can arrange for me, and HuYin radha see a noodles?" LuanShengWen hesitated, or nodded way: "Juan, I will make mbt baridi arrangements for you as soon as possible!" HuYin's head has cut short, the conditions of the detention of course ratio not in the past, she did not make up, sit quietly to public just across the street, the corner of the lip with faint smile, just like like a don't matter ornate white lotus flower, blossom with a kind of make public the past is not the beauty of nature: "thank you for coming to see me!" Her tone still are calm, in a young women on the few can see so calm. "Can ZhouYunFan contact?" HuYin she shook his head: "ZhouShu not in this time come back!" The affairs is very big, ZhouYunFan if in this time to come home, sure to be arrested for, ZhouYunFan and not a fool, before a few years he has been through the relationship into the Canadian citizenship. "But you shouldn't assume for him so much responsibility!" HuYin she looked at the emotional make public, limpid beautiful eyes a flicker of gratitude, she whispered: "everyone has to be responsible for own behavior, smuggling black car thing though not I in charge, but I also can't completely put aside relationship, make public, come on, don't let my things work, I have already resigned, and they want to how to how, it must want to someone out bear the responsibility. "It is your responsibility to take you out, is not your responsibility you with what to assume?" Make public anger some call way. Next to the cop who have to remind make public attention manner of speaking.

HuYin's way: "make public, really Po, this thing is bad to handle, and you don't mess around!" ZhangYangDao: "don't forget, we are good friends, let's have clean and pure revolutionary friendship!" A sense of emotional HuYin touches the heart's, she bit biting his lips, restrain the impulse of the nose acid, her little track: "maybe you to me is, but I'm on to your share of the friendship...... have changed taste......" Say that finish this sentence, she hurried stood up and walked to the inside behind how to let make public call, and never looked back. ZhangDeFang pull open the car door, was a person push hard, he was driven to the car, stretched out his hand and want to touch a gun, wrist was to grasp, immediately could not move, ZhangDeFang turned away, only to see the raid on his own people is make public, his wry smile way: "make public, what are you up to? Depend, I also for criminals to attack me!" Make public release his wrist, car came to mbt nane sit down, didn't good the spirit way: "a director, you can be really difficult to find and cell phone call, not to return, machine downtime, the unit can't find you, exactly what secret task?" ZhangDeFang some embarrassing coughed: "kid, I also don't deceive you, is to do? You one by one of all progress, I also can't the nest in the county?" Make public know him very cunning and talk to him face the more the more it means nothing, directly in power: "I heard the big occasion, the county out this time you walk, this will not have a relationship with this thing?" ZhangDeFang say with smile: "I said bro, you how old like take shit on my head into the basin buckle?" "Whether it's with you have relations, zhang's brother, HuYin victim, you in the dongjiang relationship face wide, see if you can help 7" ZhangDeFang answer very simply: "this thing I can't help! Don't say I can't help, I advise you also don't follow, is now above were to catch smuggling, has not only is the problem of unlawfully taken both the confiscations, county police team leader are caught, you be is small?

I HuYin with friends, she would also I want to help her, and ZhouYunFan fled, it said it was not clear, I am a national cadre, I was a public security policemen in this matter, I don't have someone said to me with this ZouSiAn relevant, if I step in, again say, more can I also have no meddling in ability." Make public cold looked at him, and the this fellow really is not a thing, he actually not bashful say with ZouSiAn it doesn't matter. ZhangDeFang also know that make public does not believe in himself, and he sighed way: "this kind of case is the lift, the bigger the ShengJiWei working group in the county to sit not to go, they lived a day don't go you prove not reach own purpose, also want to put the matter to dig deep! This time is the most sensitive, the somebody else Qiang Ye too late, you said we were followed what strength?" Make public narrow her eyes looking at ZhangDeFang way: "you mean let's HuYin more, you no matter?" "Kid, I also didn't mean that, but now it is not we step in......" ZhangDeFang talking, he pager rang, he looked at the number, incredibly is uncle's home phone number, flurried open the cheap ghd straighteners phone back to the past. Pick up the phone, and he to make public say with smile: "you see, say, my uncle and have something to a trip I went to his house, just wanted to noon have dinner with you?" Make public cocked his mouth smiled to smile, he ZhangDeFang impression of a straight-line decline, through the just's words, he calculate understand, want to let ZhangDeFang come forward to help HuYin she would have no any possible, he pushed open the door went down, to ZhangDeFang waved way: "good-bye!" ZhangDeFang suddenly remind of one thing, falling window way: "rightness, you that jeep as householder is ZhouYunFan right, don't open the dongjiang river, come, don't let people pursuing." Make public Qiao not pay attention to it, ZhangDeFang remind him later, just remember to own that car is also smuggling, although now have a legitimate vehicle license, but which also have a problem. Have the car in question is not only make public that one, GuJiaTong to celebrate sister entrance, gave her the BMW mi ^ I faced with the same problems, this car is GuJiaTong through the HuYin she would buy, GuYun know is sending the ZhangDeFang call home, is to ask about it.

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