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September 11 [Tue], 2012, 14:25

And this among them, as a girl, HuangYi (micro Po) with all their heart set up first celebrity sports charity fund "full of moving coach outlet store online funds" appears more special, in the years of hard work, HuangYi the hope can have this kind of happy charity to more children need help side to. HuangYi wenchuan earthquake by shock trip to mind the affected children build "full of moving funds" "Full of moving funds" from the launch of the "5.12" wenchuan earthquake. During that time, HuangYiCeng personally to the disaster area to visit the people affected by the disaster. See the campus have been destroyed, students' house was razed to the ground into ruins, the heart deeply shocked, she was feel very useless "I am not a professional rescue workers, not doctors and nurses, not psychological consultants, even compare with taxi teacher can also help manned, feel empty have a public figure's call but doesn't help anything." So from sichuan come back, she and a few good friends together, find a way, looking for channel, the establishment of a "full of dynamic fund". This to donate difficult school students sports goods, capital is given priority to fund is very special, HuangYi said, "our desire is for all the kids can have a healthy, happy no shadow childhood, and sports, it is a kind of equal happy, no matter where you go, movement of fun always will help us grow up healthy." The most willing to do "HaiZiWang" share the pleasure of sports As an actor, a lot of time are not their own, in 2011, 2012, HuangYi are most headaches is one of the things is not the system for the children to do the most comprehensive help, however, in each during the filming of the rest time, she will try to arrange time to participate in the "full of moving funds" in the implementation of the plan. In the past year, HuangYi passed many impoverished area children's school, not just donated equipment and playground, most of the time HuangYi and children playing together: big jump rope, table tennis, basketball, play two people's three feet... This brought her is another kind of satisfaction "when you see the children around the bright smiling face, you will find that moment is the most satisfy the time, it's not money can buy, but from the heart of the most true happiness". She felt that, every time and children meet, the most let her miss not donate something, but with the children to play together of the time, "I would like to be a 'HaiZiWang', share the children's happiness!" 12 area public synchronous walk is not the end is the starting point In 2012 HuangYi physically convey "all along the way you" faith, when she saw the children wear new shoes when the itch to try, disabled people sit on movement wheelchair gratified and surprise, body although tired but he has a delighted smile. In addition, HuangYi to sheep floor holes for the red cliff one hundred years old school donations playground also made her impressive, take sport in 11 months restless state, she resolutely to wuhan local love enterprise to raise funds 180000, to sheep floor hole primary school children sent to a surprise - to build a modern playground let them with the movement way to strengthen the body, they also can finally and other children have a happy physical education. HuangYi plan within this year can every month through a place at the end of the review can think you have known the 12 local children, is a special happy things, but this "12" is not only a destination, it is a starting point, and hopefully after more "12" let love, let the joy, let health but also more places.

On September 11, morning news, in 2012 China Internet conference held in Beijing, tencent coach factory outlet CEO MaHuaTeng published in the theme speech about mobile Internet security issues, he stressed that tencent are firmly opposed to make use of the name of the user, do some users difficult to distinguish things. MaHuaTeng speech today around mobile Internet expansion, he thought that intelligent mobile phone field there are great hidden danger, such as market research in the application of the two 58% will leak privacy, he thinks the industry needs to establish new rules. Previously tencent had and 360 with "user name" played a 3 q war. And 360 recently, and baidu search field in open 3 b war. Although MaHuaTeng didn't name names, but he stressed that "I am firmly opposed to make use of the name of the user, make use of the safety of the user is difficult to distinguish user information search. Say to the time-sharing MaHuaTeng promoted the volume, "may say more exaggerated, I am more against militarism thought, if just happen Marco Polo bridge defence is a small event, the future will turn into a nanjing massacre." MaHuaTeng said, tencent will establish 1 billion yuan of security funds, encourage more innovative company together to solve security solutions. Then come to speak JiHu 360 CEO ZhouHongYi (micro Po), said, "the audience may be disappointed, I recently pay more attention to your talk. Ordinary spit saliva, may the spat, leaders said that every spat has you, recently swear no longer spat." So ZhouHongYi and no direct response MaHuaTeng questions, but he smile says, "thank you MaHuaTeng for me to do a lot of publicity, mobile Internet security is indeed very important thing, which is our 360 is continuing to do." By ShiXiaoKe writers, ZhangGuoQing, macro became a joint, directed ChenBaoGuo, Chen number (micro Po) win-win co-operation in red suspense drama about war "are the invincible" on September 3, late in zhejiang, tianjin, east, Beijing four big TV channel. In the second week of the star, around ChenBaoGuo plays the FengTianKui side for various plot staged. Many viewers are a family sitting viewing the who is invincible ", real time for FengTianKui "ideas". Plot LianHuanTao lock the young audience According to Beijing TV statistics, the person is invincible "broadcast ratings high way, it all depends on LianHuanTao episodes of conspiracy. ChenBaoGuo plays the FengTianKui, every day is to walk on the edge of the cliff. At the time of the environment, Chiang kai-shek, local warlords, Japanese, see it as a thorn in, except to be relieved. So around his plot and after stage. "Those are invincible" keep the beautiful play general rhythm, broadcast every day two episodes, basically do the first set set set, the second set solution set. In recent years, "burn brain" become the young man's emerging thing. The mulholland drive ", "terrorist cruise ship", "steal dream space", a wide variety of Hollywood burn brain slice become the young people to be bestowed favor on newly. In the high rhythm down quickly put forward the question and solve the question suspense theme, is able to fully mobilize young man active thinking, make they produce more input refreshed feeling.

"Those are invincible" is doing it, just locked coach crocodile kristin more young audience. Group opera house poirot advise In recent years along with the development of the network, a large number of young people from the television audience group loss. "Those are invincible" was a family group opera upsurge. Because of the episode plot serial is very exquisite, every time FengTianKui face is a nearly 100% of the SiJu. So many young audience see "are the invincible", became a big test of intelligence. Even a lot of families appeared such phenomenon: every night, family always sitting room, together with the TV keep chasing see "are the invincible". Everyday the first set, FengTianKui will be people use new plot. Then the family, old and young then together use your head, to FengTianKui "ideas". Wait until the day of the second set, FengTianKui from will come up with coup plot crack. The whole family can verify who "ideas" FengTianKui closer to the coup. ( This day, September 11,), arirang combination the masked girl "start new network, which works first inspiration was born in the United States Hollywood street, is the arirang combination from the United States after the handover propaganda creation first film. In order to further test the quality of this song with the audience acceptance, arirang combination at taking a huge risk plan will "girl" first singing selection in South Korea. In the song before, released in both South Korea invited local authority media and represent the Asian pop music senior producer made a "works audition". Audition will end, the masked girl "excellent by high praise, think" girl "is Chinese music in style and quality breakthrough conventional masterpiece, a Korean medium but also will be the work as" 2012 the most promising Chinese pop music ". After listening to the famous YanChuShang work incredibly spot their company sign arirang combination from September to October, "the masked girl" song "concert order. The masked girl "tells the story of a man put aside the so-called face, throw away all the worries of the professed loudly, will originally will become" privacy "true words said out of a story. "The real man's life is a struggle" the whole works, and outstanding guitar melodies perfect showed this one theme. This song of the writing inspiration, from men seem to privacy, but in fact have never understood without words the inner world of the true idea. The words of the "mask girl", most people understand for society be interests, confused by power, be sinful confession, a luxury and dissipation life bound of people. ( Japan's chief cabinet secretary fujimara digging holes repair 11 in the press conference said, Japan's foreign minister xuan YeGuang ichiro in the 11th cabinet meeting on foreign ministry high-level personnel transfer to report and gain recognition. The personnel transfer including economic bear by foreign ShenYiGuan nishinomiya stretch a DanYuYuYiLang as ambassador to succeed, the chief cabinet secretary assistant river phase ZhouFu replace kenichiro sasae as foreign affairs interview, by kenichiro sasae as ambassador to the United States. Three people resume as follows:The new ambassador - nishinomiya stretch a, 60 years old, graduated from the university of Tokyo. 1976 the foreign ministry work, once was appointed foreign minister, January 2011 as a foreign ShenYiGuan (responsible for economic work).

The new foreign affairs down - stream facies ZhouFu, 59, a bridge graduated from the university. 1975 the foreign ministry work, once was appointed director of North America, comprehensive foreign policy chief and so on, January 2010 as chief cabinet secretary assistant. The new ambassador to the United States - kenichiro sasae, 60 years old, graduated from the university of Tokyo. 1974 the foreign ministry work, once was appointed foreign ShenYiGuan (responsible for government work), August 2010 foreign affairs as down. 0-8! During the last two years against the world outstanding teams in Beijing time on September 11, morning Brazil Recife to an abrupt end, although before the game's domestic for quite a question voice, most of the media and the fans also believe in Brazil's difficult to touch before what cheap, 0 to 8 this score, the domestic fans fun may be able to mention, but careful analysis, then I'm afraid no one can predict can replace lost to become so. Domestic media and fans, however, has no such foresight, believe that many foreign fans but can borrow the ball well make a pen, before the game game prospective in the game has been put up some of the betting information, the fans betting most score a lot of it is not 0-8! The ratio of the betting at that time reached astonishing 17.43! Although we don't know why there are so many fans valued the Chinese team lost 8 ball, but when the end of the moment, we had to face up to this amazing results. According to the web site was betting odds, betting 8-0 Brazil's fans will receive 81 times as much as huge returns. Relevant link: external medium see languisheth array's challenge Brazil score betting 0 to 8 unexpectedly into big heat During the massacre, Chinese fans) sigh, but such a score believe today will make a lot of people have a very good mood, it all worship the score has given, perhaps the game make compatriots most heartache is: when people's good lost 8 ball, this time but we really did it... In the national team after the match day, the international milan (micro Po) will have a relatively difficult game, in the 21st day time international milan will have seven games, including m rand ratio and against kazan rubin champions league cup key war, but in the array of the wounded were regression will let boss stern's vladimir radmanovic in Johnny transfers-will aspects not under. 21 days of 7 games from Beijing time early September 17, the international milan first on the road against torino, then on September 20, morning, the international milan will be in return home champions league cup strong opponent rubin kazan, on September 23 night, international milan will be re-scheduled week 4 wheels care against Siena, and then in the morning on September 27, against chievo (micro Po), oct. 1, at the international milan's opponent is a serie a side fiorentina, then will go to road in early September 5, champions league cup challenge in Baku delft odd, but in this tough game 7 of the last moment, the international milan will have the most crucial a game, that is October 8 dawn m rand ratio. But for international milan favorable point is the wounded in the return to allow international milan have more space rotation. Melon forest due to cold early from Colombia international returned to milan, inter milan over the next two games with Turin is the league and the champions league with rubin kazan cup game, melon LinYiDan recover immediately, regression, vladimir radmanovic jonny array, dejan stankovic though not sure yet officially back time, but has begun to participate in the team's training.