Salvatore Ferragamo Ferragamo Travel luxury travel luggage

July 18 [Thu], 2013, 17:21

traveling this way of life is deeply rooted in the Salvatore Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo) brand, is also an integral and increasingly important element of modern society. Ferragamo Travel travel series —— as Ferragamo's first products tailored for the modern traveler, will redefine luxury travel. Below, Xiao bian'll take to seek the luxury journey with you!

Ferragamo style Travel travel series with stylish design, high tech material combines Italy manufacturing craftsmanship and a long tradition of perfect presents a Salvatore Ferragamo brand essence; series ultimate modern, lightweight, rugged, functional and practical, and integrate the brand unique classical style.

Ferragamo Travel travel series to achieve a perfect combination of luxury and technology: focus on innovation and research and development, taking into account both practical and lightweight, ergonomic and durable, and uphold the brand has always been aesthetic, creative, design and technology, which is the sign of Salvatore Ferragamo's world-renowned.

Ferragamo Travel travel series offers styles for men and women a full range of travel products, whether traveling for business, pleasure, whether visiting the bustling city or a foreign country, your elegant needs can be satisfied.

this series of 4 round lever travel box has two kind of different specifications: shipping luggage box (68X47X26.5cm) and IATA (International Aviation Transport Association) certification of boarding box (57x39x21cm); in addition also has series of travel bag and the enjoy ornaments: six paragraph business travel bag (Polo package, and Briefcase, and postman package, and camera package, and hand took package and the makeup package), and five paragraph travel bag, including luggage package (three kind of specifications), and double travel bag and the handbag.

materials: PVC material for printing new Gancino Space unique patterns, use simple black or bright clean white pigeon, with a full manual processing and leather details.

trolley cases, parts Assembly, material selection and structure design of functional design, including 360° universal wheel system, derived from Italy industrial design to the automotive industry.

PVC material bearing the brand logo designs glitter fashion beauty, perfect the ultimate high-tech polycarbonate body shell, strong, and lightweight durable breathable polyester lining, the TSA (United States Transportation Security Administration) certification of safety locks, and a variety of unique design details, for example 40 's style leather handle. Trolley all parts are made in Italy hand-assembled, and through internal and external Labs a number of quality tests.

series trolley can also carry personalized design, for example, customers can put their initials on stamping their brand. In addition, we also provide exclusive customized services for customers with special needs, bringing a wealth of luggage materials, such as hammer skins, PVC material with new prints, as well as the exquisite luxury of crocodile skin.

Ferragamo Travel travel series represents a thought and way of life, combines modern elegance with timeless charm, and will extend to footwear, belts and small leather goods. Details of the timeless style, Ferragamo Travel travel series will be your traveling companion forever.