School Starts 

2007年01月07日(日) 13時27分
Yesterday,Iwent to ESL.

2007 Winter semester started!! I was really happy because I am not same class with my hatest person!!!Yeah-My class teacher is probably not good...Someone who I asked how was her class said she was not good,and also she is called 'Homework Queen'!!Oh my godness!I was very dissapointed,but I cheer up myself!!!

I must study more




2007年01月05日(金) 13時40分
Today I received a baggage.
Thank you very much!!!
I was really surprised because almost of foods were Japanese apricot...
Exactlly, I like that,but...w
I gave Japanese gifts for my hostmom&dad.
They were pleased very much,so I was happy!!


Happy New Year !!! 

2007年01月02日(火) 2時25分
Happy New Year

Yesterday, I went to a new year's party with my Japanese friends.It was really enjoyable time for me.We could listen live band musicThree groups played many songs.

1st group

2nd group

We were dance,dance,danceMany Canadian was in there, and of course almost of them drank.For example,a woman bought us a cup of alchole suddenly.I do not why...but she was very kind(There is no such thing as a free lunch...=タダより高いものはない)

a moment of new year

We celebrated happy happy new year.
I hope 2007 will be nice year
I want to experience many different things between Japan and Canada

Long time no write... 

2007年01月01日(月) 2時36分
Today,is Japan New year day? Of course,Canada is New year's eve day!!!I will go to the new year's party!!How was your new year's eve??

I look back on my Canada's life...I always fight with many things.I do not have a strong will.The Canada's life is full of temptation!!(Espesially,foods.)It is problem of me,so 2007's aim is having a tough will.I also must lose my weight.Christmas season makes me fat .....Oh my godness!!I miss Japanese new year's eve and new year's holidays.I do not why,but I wanted to watch Kou-haku!!(White was win,wasn't it??)

<2007's goals>

1, have a strong will
2, lose weights
3, enjoy my precious time
4, be outgoing( Don't be shy!!)
5, study more and more!!
6,use English more and more!!

I left this diary for 1 month!! You know, I am lazy girl !! Sorry.


7, write English diary twice a week!!

Thank you very much this year, Dad and Mom and Hiro!!
I love you so much!!!


I do not know what to say in English!!)

PS: Please write comments!!!!!
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