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July 08 [Fri], 2011, 10:41
Qi Aoshuang took Muxia Zi, opened it, it is portrait Mermaid fine head of that exquisite little fat top crown. This is God's a feather in it? Delicate flutter in addition to the ancient look, do not see any difference, not even a trace of magic fluctuations. Perhaps, as the god of darkness said, these things alone will not separate a little power, to set together to play great all the terrible power.

"Thank you." Qi Aoshuang sincere thanks of, no matter how Xuelong Fei in the end holding the kind of mentality do these things, I fear, is to help her.

"To thank you ..." Xuelong Fei Hey smile, saying half to see other people suddenly cloudy to overcast the face, and immediately understand the times and closed his mouth.

"This, you give the mermaid princess, telling her that her mother missed her." Qi Aoshuang mermaid queen will give her the necklace and handed Xuelong Fei. Qi Aoshuang now is not worried about whether the odds mermaid princess will not go back. Xue Longfei just a word to let her hair crown sent, showing that she is listening Xue Longfei words.

"Yes, no problem." Xuelong Fei took the necklace to put up.

A pedestrian this separation, each in different directions before the trip. Xuelong Fei sent a ship to escort other people drove to a different route. And he himself will escort Qi Aoshuang tone and cold Lingyun Yi Xuan before he said nothing, but deep look Qi Aoshuang. At that moment, silence speaks.

Qi Aoshuang standing on the bow, the wind gently blowing over her face, the cold side of Lingyun silence did not speak.

Xue Longfei hand cross ring in the chest, watching the front of the ocean and La opens her mouth hearty laugh: "If I have to tie him down unruly city, I want you to follow."

"As long as people with you, it is absolutely exciting thing to happen." Xue Longfei the next moment his own intention to say it.

This is an undisputed fact that the heels or stilettos would make the lady much more sensual Christian Louboutin , jut by walking in these. Not to mention, that there are certain dresses like the evening gowns that can only be worn with such footwear. In a situation like that, not being able to wear heels is a pity. But there is a solution to every thing. Once could go for the ankle boots to start with. The uplift of the ankle in then ankle boot would allow one to walk more steadily with heals. The ankle uplift would make the lady feel more comfortable as well as there is support around the platform. Keeping that in mind, one can break the fear and pain of wearing heals with the ankle boots before one gets to the regular platform high heel designs.While looking for heels one should always keep a door open. This would mean that one should be purchasing the footwear from a shop which is open to the fact that the footwear could be returned christian louboutin platform pumps . One should wear the heels for a while before decide that one would like to go along with the same or not. The ones purchased from the real market might not have that kind of luxury available but, if these are purchased online, especially the replicas, that flexibility would be there. The same could be checked reading the return and exchange policy.

"You still take good care of you care about it and you let me go this time, light the Temple's final will be able to check out." Qi Aoshuang frowned, because she remembered the innocent family implicated in the wind. Yi Xuan as the wind helped cause the wind of their own home to be suppressed.

"The wind chambers involves too wide, pressure will inevitably be trade-off I do not like my uninhibited island in the deep sea, and the concentration of traffic is not so convenient temple of light to suppress the basic I can not." Xuelong Fei said with confidence , a sudden smile, "I am looking forward case is looking forward to the day you subvert the temple of light. double black girl." Xuelong Fei also heard that legend, a former nose, and now there is a bit convinced.

"There will be so one day.!" Qi said something faint Aoshuang.

"Oh, well, you two look so dramatic in the." Xuelong Fei Qi rub his chin looked cold Lingyun Aoshuang looked again, jokingly said, "Although you look as good as me, but a very striking. My case is there a way to make a change to your appearance. guaranteed to throw you in the crowd did not recognize the man out. "

Qi Aoshuang one, but added some eyebrows. She looks really cold Lingyun is also troublesome, especially in cold Lingyun face, silver purple eye, too conspicuous.

"This fruit, eat it will make you become very common, and perhaps that's the ugly." Xue Longfei fiddle in his arms for a long time and took out two small fruit gray, wrinkled.

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