Xinjiang stone industry outlook

January 22 [Thu], 2015, 11:36

Xinjiang stone industry outlook
According to 'Xinjiang Autonomous building materials industry,' second five 'development plan', Xinjiang should Shanshan Stone Park from China stone suppliers, Stone Park and other odd Qitai Min Park as the core of the regional level, in the odd sets, Hami, and large, Wensu Torry, Green River, Bole and other established mining and processing base in Xinjiang advantage stone varieties, and promote the development of a comprehensive upgrade and expansion of stone industry in Xinjiang.

resources backing construction of the park to the force
Stone is one of the advantages of mineral
Xinjiang, is widely distributed in the region over the country, state (city), with excellent variety, large-scale g682 granite slab mineral resources, geological features work great potential, mainly in Turpan, Hami, Changji, Bavaria, Altay, Aksu, Tacheng and Boertala and other places, have been found all kinds of decorative azul cielo marble deposits (points) more than 200.

and has rich resources of Shanshan, Hami City, Qitai, and Shuo County, Green River County, Toli County, Fuhai County, Wensu, Bole, etc., are also in accordance with its own characteristics and advantages have been introduced the development of policy measures and the stone industry development plan, has set up a processing zones or industrial parks stone, stone industry cluster effect has become more apparent.

especially in the past 10 years, with 'Shanshan Stone Industrial Park' as the representative of the rapid rise of silvery dragon black marble slab china processing trade base, odd sets, Hami, and large, Green River, Torrey and other places stone industry base and Urumqi stone trade, export base have formation.

2005, the 'Shanshan Stone Industrial Park' has become China's first provincial-level stone west industrial park; 2011, Qitai 'Min Qi Stone Industrial Park' is completed, the current value of the region's two parks accounted for stone industry total 77% of the production value, Xinjiang has developed into the backbone of the stone industry.

a multi-industry parks (point), self-contained stone industry pattern shape, Stone has become one of the most building materials industry in Xinjiang development advantages and vitality.

Stone inspection department is also more

January 14 [Wed], 2015, 17:59

Stone inspection department is also more, were the provincial, city and county have built the appropriate building materials quality inspection stations, coupled with market liberalization after the inspection, inspection agencies cross interdepartmental competition, as well as part of an established private inspection bodies so test market is the strength to fight, fight service dispute situation. Stone industry in Beijing influential inspection agency primarily Stone Building Materials Industry Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the National Building Materials Test Center, Beijing building materials product quality inspection station, which is recognized by the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, three stone from granite slab supplier inspection bodies. Speak materials testing equipment from the center of the instrument is the boss, the most advanced, but as with the Beijing Building Materials Quality Supervision, Inspection stations belonging comprehensive inspection agency, stone test is not professional strengths. National quality inspection center stone building materials industry is authoritative testing organizations azul cielo marble industry, assumed all the stone industry standard preparation and revision of standards interpretation and Publicizing, for the stone industry with adequate equipment to detect not only the quality and quantity to complete Stone inspection tasks, and the new situation in the conversion of ideas to improve the service awareness, focusing on the entire stone industry development and technological progress, tracking of foreign advanced technology and information, the full range of services for the stone industry.

commissioned stone detection procedure is very simple, first according to their actual needs, bring the necessary samples to the g682 granite slab quality inspection departments to fill a single test can duplicate commission. Stone will be notified by the quality inspection departments reporting time or on demand reports sent for testing or sample is not clear at any time to the inspection department telephone advice, home for sampling inspection commission or other forms of direct telephone commission inspection or fax delegate. Quality inspection center stone will be dedicated to customer service, the following table is a routine test sample specifications and inspection cycle, the actual requirements of the user should send samples in advance, otherwise it will delay the schedule, because in strict accordance with the standard test cycle of stone can not be compressed time .

Stone on the back protector knowledge Why should I use the back of the stone

January 06 [Tue], 2015, 15:38
Stone on the back protector knowledge Why should I use the back of the stone
fear is natural stone stone disease, and the use of stone on the back of a tough repellant protective layer may be formed in the back of the stone, the blue perl surface cracks and pores clogged up, etc., to prevent the infiltration of cement material and alkali caused stone disease, stone the back protector can effectively prevent water spots, rust, yellow and other diseases spit generation; but also to increase the strength of the stone, the stone plate lower rocker and possible cracking. There are good stone from China stone suppliers on the back protector can also help improve the adhesion strength of stone and cement paste, or other agents, which is mainly for the wet stone installation can significantly improve the poor stone bonding problems.
ordinary stone protector can be used as the back protector it?
not, at present mainly stone protector ordinary water and oil repellant stone stone protector into two categories, while also penetrating into protection and coverage type protection in two ways, broken down under various names, at least dozens But its main focus on the effectiveness of anti-fouling and watertight, so the surface is plain ordinary silvery dragon black marble slab factory protector, hard, so using either physical or chemical forces is not easy to let go of other substances attached. So if you use the stone to make granite monument Protectant sad face protection, it will stick with us back to the purpose of conflict, the effect of reducing the adhesion of stone and cement, there may even be completely adhesion phenomenon. So use the back protector must use special protective agent, not freeloaders using general repellant, we should not play the opposite effect.

2014 Stone Products or future environmental trends minimalist stone main direction of development

December 25 [Thu], 2014, 12:37

2014 Stone Products or future environmental trends minimalist stone main direction of development
saying goes, may quicken power. Dealers operating a brand, put a lot of money, energy, and if the wrong 'object' is not only a waste of money, but also waste a lot of time, effort, worth the candle.
for stone dealers, how to choose the type of investment is crucial. The author analyzes the trends of stone products from stone and marble suppliers in 2014 that customization, environmental protection, or the simplicity of the future development direction of the main stone. To this end, the stone dealers can invest from several aspects.
custom stone is still a big mainstream
in flamboyant era, on-demand has gradually been accepted by modern man, to 80,90-based consumer groups, gradually began to pursue their own personal preferences to customize the stone.
With consumer demand for personalized products continues to increase, the rapid development of custom home industry, from the granite slab supplier, the overall household products, customized products and professional services have been gradually recognized by consumers. 2014 stone market, can be customized to meet the individual design of the Chinese marble are still a big mainstream, dealer if they can stick to this path to find companies to invest in the brand, selling products undoubtedly will be consumers.

China's large and medium-sized enterprises in transition mode stone

December 12 [Fri], 2014, 18:06
Analysis: China's large and medium-sized enterprises in transition mode stone
stone for Southampton bigwigs concerned, based on the head, the layout of the national park of stone from China stone supplier, is an important direction of transformation. In the Yangtze River Delta region, this year has been Wangshang Yun, Wang Qingan had otters, Hongyao Yu Nan Stone and a number of predators as an investor stone debut Ocean Port Industrial Park, the desire to build the Yangtze River Delta region's most influential industrial base stone.
CRC News:
2015 Quanzhou will close all stone mines. For Stone, one of the three major industries Nam will face no small impact. Mining companies rely on to survive bosses have figured posterior. So for the transformation of the stone industry is the trend, as stick or luck, are a dead end, you can talk about the transformation of the word easier said than done, not to mention the granite tombstone enterprises big and small, different size and transformation of the way, and certainly not 'one size fits all' how to do it?
a large stone enterprises
stone for Southampton bigwigs concerned, based on the head, the layout of the national park of stone, is an important direction of transformation. In the Yangtze River Delta region, this year has been Wangshang Yun, Wang Qingan had otters, Hongyao Yu Nan Stone and a number of predators as an investor stone debut Ocean Port Industrial Park, the desire to build the Yangtze River Delta region's most influential industrial base stone. Stone
research report
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When any fear for dangerous an individual's imaginative

July 24 [Thu], 2014, 14:59
When any fear for dangerous an individual's imaginative and prescient vision is not really a sufficient amount of desire, any lumination causes you to squint together with scowl – which unfortunately leads to full place wrinkle treatment. It is very important everyone dress in high-quality eyeglasses not during the direct sun light, however , for anybody who is during the standard water or simply perfect the place brightness is certainly much better as a consequence of look together with glare. Superior eyeglasses will reduce Uv rays thoroughly.

Shanghai and three Eagle Technology Division Director Zhou Lina

July 04 [Fri], 2014, 12:27
Shanghai and three Eagle Technology Division Director Zhou Lina introduced their 3d fitting and the world face similar products are not the same. Currently, part of the 3d fitting system is actually a two-dimensional fitting, just before the plane clothes portrait than a bit, can not show the upper body clothing; another part is in a fixed 3d model body fitting. 'This is more like a game. ' Zhou Lina said, 'dressed in the 3d model is like giving a doll dressed as consumers are unable to judge the clothes on his body effect. Every piece of clothing to wear in the model body is perfect. '
It is reported that Shanghai and this 3d Fitting System Eagle Technology, which is known internally as 'fashion consultant store system. ' Yin Zhiyong, said chairman of the company, this 'fashion consultant stores system' for the end consumer, it will be an epoch-making change. It allows consumers to use the phone or tablet to try more clothes in a store, or any place with Internet access, and record the results for each try. In the hot summer or cold winter, because consumers do not have to sweat dressing and undressing or dressing tedious, done directly in a virtual scenario 1 minute try on 60 clothes, and then compare the purchase. In addition, consumers can also e-mail, micro letters, microblogging, etc., so a friend reference to their suggestions.
Currently, electricity providers return rate of 20% to 25%, because only by pictures and models show that consumers really try and there is a gap. Therefore, the use of online and Eagle Technology Shanghai this system, consumers can dress up and match, dress real effect on the performance of their 3d models, avoiding the deficiencies have been unable to try online shopping.

Knowledge: Garment dyeing - dyeing properties of polyester fiber

July 04 [Fri], 2014, 12:26
molecule no hydrophilic group, there is no strong polar groups, only the less polar ester group, except the end groups, the central absorbent little, so poor hygroscopicity, it is a hydrophobic strong fibers. No
polyester fiber on a large side chain molecular chain and side groups, linear in good condition, the structure of the amorphous region more closely, small and micro-gap fiber molecules, without proper clearance to accommodate the dye molecules, as well as the structure of the fiber surface close epidermis.
polyester dyeing properties varies with the spinning and dyeing conditions before processing. Fibrous microstructure change Tg amorphous region may be reflected by the glass transition temperature. dyed fibers required on
different temperature Tg varies only when the temperature is higher than after dyeing Tg, the uptake rate was accelerating rapidly, there is a so-called transition temperature dyeing TD. When
heat treatment, the fibers can also cause differences between different strain suffered fiber supramolecular structure affect its dyeing properties.
polyester fiber dyed fibers to understand the thermal history (spinning, pre-processing, etc. )#), because of its heat is different, there are differences in staining properties, could easily lead to uneven dyeing.

initially established

July 04 [Fri], 2014, 12:23
six Shijiazhuang, textile and garment industry system
Recently, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, held its thirteenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the tenth to hear about Shijiazhuang City, National Economic and Social Development Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the interim assessment report. From the current situation, the tasks 'outline' to determine the solid progress, and achieved initial results.
the things coordinated development strategy to achieve substantive progress. The city's total economic output to a new level, in 2013 GDP exceeded 450 billion yuan. Play a lead role in the central region, the proportion of the city's GDP reached 60. 8%, industry to accelerate the rise of the eastern region, the western regional specialties rapid development of agriculture and eco-tourism.
'big four' strategic key projects steadily. Relying on high-tech development zone in eastern industrial town, Economic and Technological Development Zone, the cycle of chemical parks, equipment manufacturing base, significantly improved overall competitive advantage. Big xibaipo leading western mountain region became driven undertaken, the southern industrial zone to maintain a good momentum of development, Airport Industrial Park Comprehensive Bonded Zone bid to achieve substantive results.

fifty years old, founder Julie Wainwright in 2011 founded the TheRealReal

July 04 [Fri], 2014, 12:14
fifty years old, founder Julie Wainwright in 2011 founded the TheRealReal, second-hand luxury goods seller submitted via flash sales model purchased, the sale will be online every three days, the buyer can pay $ 5 per month snapped one day in advance. 30% of proceeds from the sale proceeds go website. May, the U. S. second-hand luxury consignment site TheRealReal completed $ 20 million Series C round of financing, Canaan Partners, DBL Investors, a total financing amounted to $ 41. 5 million.
Earlier this year, Techcrunch had a message from Google's two young founders of used clothing electricity supplier TWICE, won the $ 18. 5 million investment from Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz there, which was founded only two years of cumulative financing 2300 website $ 30 million.
TWICE trading is the general public second-hand clothing brands, including GAP, Ralph Lauren, Banana Repulic, Michael Kors, BCBG and other popular brands, the average price is only $ 20. Users can apply for an advance payment or free printed mesh bag pick labels on their boxes, send TWICE, TWICE valuation of consignment, sell clothes, money direct hit on the seller's PayPal account, do not sell TWICE on behalf of the charity.
5 months of this year, Tradesy get $ 13 million second round of financing. And TWICE different, Tradesy service is a high-end second-hand trading site offers Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other luxury brands, luxury second-hand portion of the package price compared with the original price of 30% -90% discount. After a second-hand clothing photographed, the seller will receive printed Tradesy LOGO box, fill in the buyer has to pay a good address and postage, the seller will ship the clothes into the box. Successful transaction Tradesy will charge 9% commission.
compared with the previous two, Threadflip category richer, not only Hermes, Gucci and other luxury brands, as well as designer brands such as Marc Jacobs, users can get free packaging materials own mail, items can also be sent to the website platform on behalf of Send. Threadflip was financing $ 6. 5 million in 2012.