When the computer is too slow 

June 03 [Fri], 2011, 17:47
When the computer is too slow at boot, I can see a computer with these factors as:
1. Auto-starting services and applications
Windows OS has many services that start at bootup, which will force it into the computer to the turtle. Also, some applications are set to start up automatically, check the taskbar to the right and you will see some of these applications.
2. Infection
Whenever I observe a noticeable startup speed, usually run my antivirus program to search for a viral infection, sometimes I make a boot scan to see what makes my computer works differently. And I think that out of 10 I did run the scan, 8 of them were detected, viral infections, checking my suspicion.
3. Hard Drive Problems
Some of us are too careless files registry repair, create and download. These files are scattered everywhere, even if you do not need them and eat memory forcing the hard drive to slow down during startup.
4. Unwanted Programs
Software manufacturers are very good at advertising, so that sometimes we are tempted, we will simply download the software, though not quite understand their purpose. Some of these programs Windows registry cleaner, software updates on startup, which can result in starting the process to go slow.
5. Registry errors
The Registry of the computer acts as a directory or database applications by working through the management of the relevant files registry cleaner Windows 7. errors, caused by infection, and accidental deletion of files you need, make the system analysis, what is the problem and will try to fix it at boot. The result? Well, I think at this point, you know the answer.
Do you work or personal reasons, a computer is a big help, then suddenly slowed down. Slow start-up computer is one of the symptoms is something wrong in the computer system, which must be resolved immediately. So, before you scream, "My computer is too slow!" It is best to resolve the problem before it leads to more complex problems.
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