Rise and fall of a lolita

December 22 [Sat], 2012, 0:34
This post is going to be pretty short, but I'm not in the mood to write too much

I began wearing lolita style some years ago and I've learn a lot of the style and scene.
Now I'm in a break of the style and I doubt I'll be part of the scene again in the future, since I'm very happy with my 'Momoko life style'.

Being a lolita is not easy; not only because of the clothes, but because of how society see this style and because of the drama in every single lolita scene (I've known 3 scenes from diferent countries, even in the USA and believe me, there is drama everywhere!)

Now, the only 3 things I think all the lolitas have in common -no matter where they are from- are:
- They love the clothes
- They want to use the clothes in a free way
- They like to met other lolitas from time to time

It looks very simple, doesn't it? yeah, but for any reason I still can't understand, it's not simple at all... People always find any stupid reason to fight, compete or be mean, so the lolita scene is as bad as any other scene (I've been in the gothic scene for years before becoming a lolita, so I know perfectly what I'm talking about)

My lolita life could be resumed in the next 3 steps:
- I found lolita and fall in love with the clothes
- I began attend to tea parties and such to met other lolitas
- I get tired of many lolitas (jelous girls, drama queens and everything)

Tadaaaa! That's how my experience was... it's sad, I know

I decided to live my lolita style out of the scene and from now I'm more happy. I don't have anyone to go and have a tea or go for a walk, but you know what? I'm happy with my clothes! and I've become a very active lolita since then (though I wear otome style daily)

My advice to new lolitas is to find an equilibrium between the social lolita life and the inner lolita life, since living too much in the scene may be difficult to deal with. I don't know any lolita who has been in the fashion for many years and hasn't had problems in the scene at least once.

My advice for older lolitas is... be mature. Some of us know perfectly that every scene has his matters, so don't get too much involved. Silly girls and spoiled children are not our problem!

I'd have love to write more about my experience, but I'm really busy nowadays and I'm working hard to change most of my wardrobe

See ya!

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