justice only in my opinion

August 28 [Wed], 2013, 17:04
Xu generals staring eyes, said: "We are looting their property? Rì this is not the same as the devils invaded our country do? We're virtue of the division, but just move the line, how will the property of others for its own There? If the arms, forage better said. "Guo Zhuo Cheng said:" the event of war, the two sides battle is against contradiction between thinking is how to set up the other side, such as death. justice only in my opinion, it can can impose, virtue is only recognized when it is considered the other side of righteousness. shouting though our country is self-defense war, but I do not think the Vietnamese army to attack coming is justified, not to welcome us, the so-called justice, righteousness is our single aspects of recognition, Vietnam does not recognize these not only from Vietnam, the official radio, newspapers hear, see, more people from the Vietnamese army's reaction towards feel can be said that the real Vietnamese, no one welcomed us in. That being the case, why should we use someone else's hot face to cold ass too? spoils by the victors processing, which is the prevailing practice in the battlefield, we give up no matter where the device can then fried (drugs) can also be destroyed, it can also be removed to carry home. highest Directorate visited the United States once said: 'kids do not listen, we must fight his ass.' Why did you hit him in the ass, not because they do not listen to punish them? set of extractive , dressing, smelting equipment aided the Soviet Union, the technical level is high, put into effect after the Vietnamese economy is large, if we are to be demolished to go, you can greatly weakened Vietnam's economic strength, can greatly slow down the pace of economic recovery in Vietnam extend their time of economic recovery, which is more than one division or even more to eliminate them but also a military effect. Given effect so good, but without sacrificing the lives of our young soldiers, we try? Xu old, you are head of China's economy is now know for sure what the situation, army building, the situation is even more familiar weaponry, this time at the Pheasant Ridge battle very passive, although coming out of luck, but the army who are not pinched down Khan? reason why our troops will be surrounded by Vietnamese troops, not because of reluctant and timid in that camp tanks do? because deplore the property and let go of the hands and feet of these countries do? Xu old, you say, is what we call 'teacher of righteousness' face important or important to the life of our soldiers, is just wishful thinking Vietnam to give us a good evaluation is important, or to improve the living conditions of our people is important? was greatly weakened the economic base in Vietnam is important is to improve the technical level of science and technology is important, still worried about the international impact of illusory important? "Xu Zhuo generals think Guo Cheng released so many bombs, blow his head spin, but will his heart that a layer of fig leaf to pieces. His heart smile: "This whelp say right ah, the so-called virtue of the division is not that we ourselves wearing hat, was added to their own? Either Vietnam or just the Soviet Union or, or the United States and other Western National Ye Hao, who nodded recognition? Could really want to hold high the flags to greet Chinese Vietnamese army fails? Since these vanity impossible to get, why not get some real benefits, let's get some real benefits of country do? But this is really different from previous ideas, ah, this is what is the difference robbers? hit people at home are also other people's stuff away? "Guo Cheng Zhuo Xu generals know this generation human heart pure, and his father , grandparents did, that their hungry but also to friends, to the guests to eat more to eat, and sometimes lack of food at home himself, but seeing the poor neighbor, the mother does not still give each other Womens North Face Pink Ribbon Sale help? Let alone try to steal other people's things, it is a bit touched their hearts bottom line. This is also the past a lot of people do not understand China at that time under such difficult conditions, why tighten the pocket to support Vietnam in support of Africa's cause. Because of this generation are too selfless, too merciful heart. This era of thinking people really have a generation gap with the past, many farmers saw a beggar came housewives can really save your own food to eat to give a beggar, for the past who is really unreasonable. Now if you want Shaolin disciples origin, compassionate heart Huaikang promise Vietnamese generals ordered the baby to grab home, it is a bit difficult, that booty too. Guo Cheng Zhuo from past to grab Vietnamese property one o'clock for psychological disorders and no, the only consideration is how to grab, how to grab more, how to grab better. He thought, said: "Xu old, I know you was a little sorry, but you think about it, we had many things to support the Vietnamese ah, I heard that the newspaper did not firearms, such as Hu (Buff) to equip it to běijīng , zhōngyāng but ordered the gun from the hands of the main forces collect up to send out, preferring to let his troops unarmed but also let them have Montebello Parka CG55 Women Sale weapons. However, the Vietnamese do now? remember them with no grace? without you now have mercy on them, you will ensure that they suffered after the fight, in the future we will not give up making trouble? maybe ten years later two years later, we have to go to war with them, do not you want our soldiers, our children and grandchildren, we Once again a large number of young soldiers died in large numbers in their gunpoint? die in their advanced weapons next? "Xu generals were Guo Cheng Zhuo into a corner, he smile:" Women's North Face Pink Ribbon Sale Little bastard, these reasons I'll understand? but was a little "as long as he ordered himself not shut up, Guo Cheng Zhuo would not shut up, he continued:" naughty child made a mistake, parents beat him in the ass, how much pain they have to play, right? Otherwise, he thought that parents are a joke and now most jīng sharp army troops in Cambodia, where they ravaged the people of Cambodia, we now want to play they could not beat, only playing them in this place second-rate troops, playing their armed militias, although they are also arranged here a few elite division, but I am more than five hundred thousand troops concerned, what of it? According to my estimates, our military will not be long before withdrawal as long as the occupation of the Hidaka, understanding the city, in front of the Vietnamese territory is plain, almost no insurance can observe ancient Whenever squadron to attack here, the Vietnamese king must vanquish. now, although Vietnamese executives will not surrender, but we can not attack the capital of other people if we regard the withdrawal, What kind of kids playing in the ass, as it is in his ass stroking it, is tantamount to encourage him: Son, you made this mistake too good, next recidivism bar. "Xu generals happy, laughing:" You bastard is Huahuachangzai much, everything really not that fancy of those devices? robbed you think those devices, they are uncomfortable, they will learn a lesson do not make up? "Guo Zhuo Cheng said:" You see you are, how can you say to grab it, it is our booty good? do not know you are listening to say this, but also that we do dignified PLA is a robber? "Great General glared Guo Xu Zhuo Cheng a, said:" Anti say to you, Shun said is you In a word, those things you are going to take, it is not? "Guo Zhuo Cheng nodded:" Indeed If we transport them home, just on its own merits, this time we can solve the eighth military war, why not do it? our country are not very rich. "Xu generals staring, disbelief Kuo looked humble sincerity, blurted: "so valuable? Impossible?" Guo Zhuo Cheng laughed within herself, with the tone of ridicule, said: "Xu old, will afford you greedy ah, because it feels that it does not want to start value too low bar? Now I hear you breathing heavy a lot. "Xu generals kicked in the thigh Kuo Cheng Zhuo, angrily:" Seriously you say is true or false? how do you know? " Guo Zhuo Cheng surprised and asked: "I like to say it telegram? we have captured information on ah This '00A number 'project total investment of up to two hundred and thirty million U.S. dollars, if coupled out they've smelting of titanium, nickel ore, along with their own investment in some of the equipment, its value is about three hundred million U.S. dollars or so, you say there is no one-eighth of the war military? perhaps might even be able to reach fifth . "Xu generals obviously not a dogmatist, past captured Lang Son city, because a lot of heartache in the sacrifice of soldiers, he ordered the troops to huff Lang Son city completely destroyed all the facilities. At this point, he stared at Guo Zhuo Cheng. Guo Zhuo Cheng continued: "This is a titanium ore used to extract metallic titanium. Titanium is a precious metal, its light weight, high strength, can be used in aircraft, satellites, missile shell can do, can do submarines shell, both light and strong and this mining equipment, and its value is far from two hundred thirty million U.S. dollars can be compared. to improve the level of China's national defense industry is of great significance. "Xu generals recovered stare with Guo Cheng Zhuo eyes, decisively said one word: "demolition" Guo Cheng Zhuo's not easy to meet a master, see Xu generals changed his mind, immediately said: "I have a suggestion," generals promise big hands waved and said: "Do not say shit you suggested. a jīng sharp division is not enough, then the two jīng sharp divisions, simply, send an army up everything according to your request, and immediately summoned from the domestic engineers and miners. "Guo Zhuo Cheng said:" Xu old, you're wrong I'm not, "Xu generals Humu wide open, angrily:" I and What is wrong? "Guo Cheng Zhuo only felt a pressure blowing, but He insisted: "I suggest our military attack speed slow down, do not rush to win Hidaka, understanding the city." "on the demolition of these things for you to gain time?" Xu generals angrily said, "the power of your kid yù too big, and when the power of the battalion commander will, when necessary to mobilize the entire division with the commandos, they are just one directly under the command of all Army regiment is necessary? "
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