Religion (宗教) 

2006年04月22日(土) 0時19分


I’ve been brought up to believe that having a strong faith in religion would save my life. So, I lived my life having a strong faith in Catholic traditions. But now, I already lose that faith. But don’t get me wrong. It's not that I hate it. I just don’t believe in it anymore. I don’t believe that having a religion would make me a better person. And I don’t believe that religion would save my life. Religions around the world have only one purpose. That is to preach the goodness of God and that we should live our lives by his example. But because there were different names affixed on it, religion became a problem. People are fighting too much for their faith. And we should know - that’s the cause of the war here and there.

In fact, there's no need for a religion. What we need is to believe that God is in our hearts and that we should live our lives without causing problems to the people around us. Don’t you think that would be better? Well, God is in me and I think that’s fine.




I felt relief! (ほっとしたよ!) 

2006年04月02日(日) 23時51分


When my parents sent me to study in Japan, they didn’t allow me to do part time job. I think they were so worried that I might take my job in Hong Kong for granted and I might abandon my study if I start working, as most foreign students do. Though I opposed, as a son, I obeyed them... But not for long. Besides the desire to earn money on my own, I felt the importance of having an experience to work. So, without my parents knowing, I took several part time jobs. And perhaps, teaching private lessons in English as my part time job right now, which I started a year ago is I think the most worthwhile.

However, not letting my parents know was so uncomfortable. The feeling was so heavy every day. Every time I go back to Hong Kong, I planned of telling them, but I was too afraid of the consequences. But this spring holiday, I was able to tell mom. I expected her to be mad at me as I saw dismay on her face. But as I explained the nature of my job, she was all smile. I really felt relief. Having all the worries gone is such a nice feeling.




In fact, I'm fortunate (実は幸せだった) 

2006年03月21日(火) 23時58分


In fact, I'm fortunate. But I have never thought about it until now. As a child, I lived my life through hardships. Parents got divorced after being born. Have not seen my father, even once. Poverty made my mother work for survival in other countries. Being away from parents is a very difficult situation. No one would listen and no one would try to understand. I don’t know what it takes to be happy. But I tried. Though I was happy, I wasn’t really comfortable and I couldn’t help being scared. I won’t be able to stay happy for long. It easily breaks after all. And even I, myself doesn’t understand it well. I had a mysterious feeling.

Now that I had grown up, got a vision of life, I finally understand the meaning of being happy, naturally. Yeah, like the small things in our normal existence. Like “Oh, the weather is so nice!” “The breeze feels so comfortable!” “Oh, that was beautiful!” If we could just feel those simple things, I think we can say that we are fortunate! And with that, I know I’m happy since the day I was born!




I'm back, Japan! (戻って来たぞ〜ニッポン!) 

2006年01月15日(日) 21時05分


There are two things I hate about traveling by plane nowadays. First is the annoying inspection from check-in until boarding. I know that it’s for everyone’s safety, but it’s really annoying especially when they ask you to take off your belt or shoes! Second is the harsh number of hours you sit inside the plane. And I really hate it especially when the entertainment doesn’t entertain me at all!

But anyway, Japan, oh Japan! Listen up! Coz I’m back! My holiday was great! But for just 3 weeks I really missed Japan a lot! With a lot of celebration during my 2 weeks stay in Philippines and with the 1 week stress of Hong Kong Visa extension, I still feel the hung-over from everything. So all I want right now is a time to have a good rest. Unfortunately, since I was absent from the class for 1 week, school works are being accumulated! So, no holiday extension! Coz, in order for me to catch-up for the final project, all the school work last week must be done this week! Tough one huh!




New Year (お正月) 

2006年01月02日(月) 23時35分


Goodbye 2005, Welcome 2006! It’s a new year and a new beginning! Most of the people usually make promises of a change to oneself, the so-called New Year's resolution to start the year. Well, do you have a New Year’s resolution? Well, I don’t. Coz I believe that if you really want a change in yourself, any day is the best day to do that! You don’t have to wait for a new year, right?! I am just being practical. However, we have different beliefs. So I guess there is nothing wrong following what you believe. Anyway, how did I spend my New Year? Well, guess what! I had a Filipino traditional way of celebrating it, with my family, cousins, relatives and a good friend of mine! By exactly 24:00 hours, we made noise through our stereos, coins in a can, kitchen utensils, etc. and of course with a lot of firecrackers! Then after that, we ate, dance and drink till we get drunk! Damn, it was real fun! Filipino traditional way of celebrating New Year is really great!



Christmas (クリスマス) 

2005年12月28日(水) 11時46分


As we all know, Christmas is a tradition of Christians to remember the birth of a saviour named Jesus. But it is interesting to know that it is being accepted around the world. However, different people have different cultures that have different style of how to spend a Christmas holiday. Some people want to have fun with their friends. Some have a date with their lovers. But busy people just spend the day at work. Well, Christmas for us is a time to be with our family. And I guess there are also other families who do the same thing every year. For us, since my family is being spread internationally, Christmas is one opportunity for us to stay together at least until New Years day. And this year is nothing different. I had a peaceful Christmas Eve together with my mom and dad with my grandma and my cousins.



Winter Holidays (冬休み) 

2005年12月20日(火) 23時58分


Winter holidays are coming! Other people might already been thinking things about Christmas, but not me. Since there are lots of things to do in school and work from Hong Kong came suddenly, the spirit of Christmas can’t be felt. I can’t even post a new article here due to this very busy period. Anyway, this article might be the last one for this year! I’ll be back to Hong Kong tomorrow! I’ll be spending my Christmas and New Year with my family in Cebu, Philippines, so it’s going to be fun! Plus, I am really happy coz I’ll be able to meet my favorite cousin! That cousin of mine is still a kid but the way she talks and the way she thinks is like an adult. That’s an interesting part of her that makes her really cute! It’s really fun to be with her. That cousin of mine is the one in the picture. Even in a photo, her cuteness and interesting side can be seen, right?

So, I still have to prepare for tomorrow, I guess I’ll end up here for now! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you all next year!





I want to be a stronger person (強い人間になりたい) 

2005年12月10日(土) 23時34分


Yesterday, I went out with my friend for fun and we stayed till morning. After a quick shower, I dive into bed. I woke up around 1pm, but due to hang over with a headache and a dull feeling, just after lunch, I went back to bed until 6pm.

Last night was fun but today, I’m disappointed with myself. I saw a lady being beaten by her boyfriend near Akabane station. The lady shouted, fell into the ground, but the guy has no sign of stopping. I wanted to do something but I did nothing. Eventually, I feel at ease when a man came to stop the guy. But, I am already upset. Other people always say that I'm a strong person, but at that moment I saw a weakness in me and I'm completely down. I want to be a stronger person! Right now, there’s a lot of question left inside my head. Why that guy could simply beat his girlfriend like that? He think that it makes him looks strong? Isn’t it disgraceful? It’s none of my business, but why I felt so down like this? And then, are the other people who saw the incident also thinking about it the way I do?




Failures (失敗) 

2005年12月07日(水) 23時49分


Is there a person that doesn’t have a single failure in life? It’s impossible, right? We'll surely experience failures as life goes on. I also experienced a lot. Problems come and go. I’m still young but I already had lots of failures that could have ruin my life. Failure is one of my greatest fears, but I need to fight. Big or small, it's a very essential part of life. Some people might lose confidence after failing, but that’s too negative. It’s natural to be depressed when we fail, but if we focus on the problem, we’ll miss an important lesson in life. You see, whenever we fail, we always learn something new and that helps us grow. My high school teacher said; “there’s a lot of failure in one’s perception but it’s better to move on that to regret.” Probably she is right. Of course, I don’t want to fail! Who does? But it’s always been a part of life. From here, there's a possibility that we might fail. But there’s nothing we can do about it. Just always be ready to face whatever might come.



Mysterious (不思議) 

2005年12月03日(土) 13時42分


Love is such a mystery. And because of its mysterious ways, makes it so interesting. Love can make your life complete, but in the contrary, it can possibly ruin our lives. I think that’s the interesting part of love. Sharing happiness with the person we love is the best time of our lives. We want to hold on to that forever. But then, being fooled and losing the person we love is so miserable. We feel like don’t wanna live anymore. Based on our personality, we make a decision for tomorrow. Should I love again or should I stop falling in love? Well, I prefer to fall in love again! Coz in my opinion, if I choose not to fall in love again, I will not be able to see the interesting part of love. I believe love is there for us to be broken-hearted. So we love, we break our heart, fall in love again and so on. I think that’s the path that we have to walk until we find our destiny. It’s such a mystery, but that’s just the way it goes. So, let’s keep on loving.


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