ability when not recover to be occupied by the Japanese

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Article 1911 new China 36 chapters, if you like the 1911 New China 36 chapters collection 1911 new China 36 chapters! Thirty-sixth and the war was getting brighter caused to a Chinese army aviation aircraft sun washed the sky, the nice Fiction: campus almighty master TXT download. Below the aircraft, the two sides to the fight has gradually subsided down. Looking down from the aircraft towards a. The entire Qingdao fortress set so much the abatis, dug in so deep and so wide trench, ditch, after a two-night artillery raids, coupled with last night's continuous blasting. Especially in small Tanzan infantry fortress that area has almost been wiped away everywhere charred traces throughout the battlefield, the bodies of people and land, tattered uniforms, there are a variety of broken weapons. Only still an hour ago. Germans also more than 300 soldiers from all the branches. Launched a counter-attack by small Tanzan west. Their common objective is to combat engineers have been nailed to the front of the expulsion of the back. Daytime refresh this position. Although the loss of heavy and physical energy overdrafts to limit the combat engineers were driven down their bayonets. But the fate of the German infantry counterattack is not very good credit can even see these the Infantry rows of dead in front of the war beak, are machine guns and artillery together, looking down from an airplane. Trenches are small Tanzan infantry fort also some German remnants of the hands, but this bastion of the barrier has been completely turned on, connected to each firepower launch point was bombed flat dismember. Inside filled with the bodies of the two sides. ** Team again after daytime day trimming a night attack, scored the entire infantry fortress, the last threat to the core position of the fortress has been neither suspected. A circling aircraft in the air, appeared to pay tribute to the brothers died for. Then alone westward reconnaissance sea went. The Qingdao fortress, already the Huajun ground Nangzhongzhiwu. When the General Command of the reserve army which has swept away during the day yesterday, a vision of the kind of sullen and full of vitality boil the night staff officers were frankly yawning, eye contact to each other with a pleased look adjusted attacks deployment immediately effectiveness! Overnight almost the peripheral tie the original distant infantry fort also played pulpy walnut shell obstinately combat engineers with his teeth a little bit of bite opened! Of course, the casualties also the deadliest. The overnight down, several units of combat engineers war casualties to about 50 percent. Hundreds of elite soldiers lying dead on the battlefield. Other forces also suffered casualties, but compared to last night, the kind of loss has reduced the half believe With German resistance elan, spend, sturdy fortifications to be destroyed, as well as ammunition, weapons constantly consumed, the next few days. Such casualty rate there will not be! More important, no one has thought of the The president limited seven-day win Qingdao this seemingly impossible task, actually entirely possible twelve days in advance to achieve! Next to the headquarters of a small lounge, a busy two days CaiE being half awake the rest in two days finally cleared the perimeter, and let the commander also breathed a sigh of relief, seize the time to take a break, Long and the latest chapter of the maid. Chief of Staff Don ceremony is still sticking to the adjustments responsible for front-line troops, supplies and ammunition to supplement. Ready for the night again launched attacks. Speaking, the war CaiE feel that they do not play what role in the earth. Own commander to become more a symbol of fortress fortifications ground attack in a fixed geographic rely only army training standards and the indomitable spirit of artillery firepower is not adequate to the situation, his command of these forces play a maximum dedication and most exuberant spirit of attack, this commander UGG Tularosa Route Cable Boots. The now and Yuchen, half spirit in Longkou Jimo glimmer Zhang Xiong detachment body. At any time you want him to return on the coast of the above trends. Navy also patrol while several camouflaged ground fishing boats in the sea, and in Shandong coastal harbor secret hidden only be purchased from the United Kingdom into the military, but half a PT boat squadron, to keep the Army informed the Japanese ship movements in the sea. Some ships of the Japanese army in Shanghai, this time to withdraw from the Huangpu River, to Port Arthur centralized, target what is already a very obvious thing. Likely to be the headquarters of the team and the Japanese troops to indignity to a bloody battle! Only at this time can be seen Yuchen decisive start Qingdao genius. Although a little bit of Germany can not afford then military and political as well as diplomatic initiative in their own hands, but Who they occupy our land, Who is the supreme interests of the state and the nation, between countries, only the eternal interests, no permanent friends? Been dreaming sleep CaiE shallow sea, the sudden appearance of the Japanese large fleet lineup, like a wall slowly pressed to the garrison artillery shell explosion which come in black and white dream also cries sound, are silent. When he stood on his front rear ground height, they saw a ship's boat, filled with the Japanese ground infantry moved into forward was going to command the army opened fire to fight. Found a man holding his hand. He looked back. Actually dead long Yuan Shikai! Division for more than he was against the subordinate orders tone of angry said to him: ? Then burst outside shortness sounded manner awakened by the sound of footsteps CaiE opened his eyes, I think just to dream, could not help but ditan a cry: , CaiE half lying in bed saw Don ceremony straight come past appeared to be very dry even his chief of staff this time look tired and tense. The uniforms to discipline buckle unbuttoned. Straight on the loudly CaiE: caused by jumping on the bed, tired of that point long ago was thrown out the window to go. An electric newspaper from Tang in ceremony in the hands of grasping. And hurried Browse a few lines. His face showed little emotion, only a low, rapid tone, exposing his feelings now afraid things are finally here! He whispered: The tension caused to everyone over presided in eagerly waiting CaiE,. The ringing of the phone at this time no longer sounded. The atmosphere in the room seemed a silence. There are a few staff officers marked the Figure see Zhang Xiong detachment in place, calculated their ammunition reserves, while also anxiously wondering how long it will take in 18 of the the Pukou along the general reserve division reinforcements up . Qingdao war, what becomes seems relatively minor thing. The mobilization of the Japan Ministry of daily military should reserve army headquarters informed. This may have to face, is the absolute advantage in naval support three full Japanese divisions! While the glimmer of Zhang Xiongfu detachment, but is based on the seven complete infantry regiment, the eight shelves division Infantry Regiment, fielding more than three hundred kilometers of coastline suitable landing! Japanese army's participation in the determination of how much they do not know, but the army is to do the preparations for war in the end. To cope with the worst case envisaged! Huge situation map identifies, in addition to the rough sea cyan arrow in Kanto State to rectify the Fifth Division of the supplement is completed, there are now leaving Tianjin, moved to Yuguan glimmer Zhu Zhunjun Japan and China, but also the formation of the two blue arrows point to the vital place of Mukden or point to the North China. Force. Although not enough to attack and occupy an important place in the northern garrison strength, but also to contain the North Garrison not south support. The new northeast Jilin and Heilongjiang is not too solid, although some garrison put the designation of the Central Army. Located in sensitive geographical central sake of stability morale has not put them tune out training and consolidation. These forces their commanding officers. Will have an unstable situation, who not promise! Who do not know, this time of the German declaration of war, will evolve pairs of north China's comprehensive aggression! Cai E hurried into combat indoor uniforms draped over his body, he looked around a bit desperate to young staff officers. Cold face rejection of the cap in the table above, the sound so that these officers are startled. Immediately playing the spirit: the uniforms turn back, do not eat this bowl of rice! But he scolded. Everyone strange calm down. CaiE walked map in front of what you find the Zhangxiong Fu detachment's position, concentrate on where watching Don at the ceremony next to continue to supplement with to those officers who cheer: in the hands of five hundred thousand elite ground troops! Ammon Army commander Chiang himself master northeast of fifteen division and third division twenty-seven division is also reliable forces in North China, Northeast so six elite division in particular security Occupation in Inner Mongolia, where the little devils of the Kwantung Army daring? Let's now in Shandong is also fine grain foot soldiers on the land above to the three divisions of the little devils worth anything, not to mention there are 18 divisions behind we alone, ready reinforcements up, watching other book club: the endless sword mounted TXT download! Let there such a country backed sat behind the leadership of President we have the direct command of the Cai commander everyone to make contributions for-epaulets ground The tension in this way, good for nothing! These cases he had been gifts. If only this scale mobilization of Guizi Bing. According to the present strength of the IDF is nothing to fear. But the Japanese scale of mobilization will further expand. And finally evolved into a full-scale war? The new international record, was forced to subdue the local instability factors. Also a lot would cause turmoil in the whole situation? Although he was only the commander of the armies in the field, but could not help but always let they want more of this bridge if able to in the past, on a comprehensive laid the country's position in the Far East. After the war quenching the country will be more stable army will be more powerful in any case as an IDF must respond to this challenge! He straightened up: The frontline troops sent the military to make, and command the German defenders to surrender as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will attack three p.m. until the beat down! immediately control the train, Qingdao war ended after the first heavy artillery, infantry ground reinforcements order to Zhangxiong Fu detachment. I estimate that there are three Tiandi time let us move on. Otherwise the Japanese direct landing Qingdao Let passive so I just to the front two days forty-eight hours of the time, counting from the three p.m. told Lin Shuqing if she could not complete the task, what Decent mutual affection are his own lost ground. consequences of his own bear! Development of the situation in such a way the army can only make such a request that all officers are silent, awe-inspiring to listen up CaiE cold tunnel: two pressures, only the most drastic! casualties significant also in the non-interest! addition to electric ventured War Room. hopes to deploy the the preparatory troops up reinforcements as soon as possible. complement of weapons and ammunition. development of the situation how need the ventured anytime I reserve army informed guidance is so. everybody go action! Also an intoxication atmosphere of. Domestic finally put aside unrelenting strategic Empire contraction since the Taisho. To stand in the forefront of the situation! Empire Craft horn sounded again! Port land dockers call of the land in the so-called The points three shifts twenty-four hours shipment of supplies and ammunition to the ships moored in the port land. The dockers trips to not rest, still crazy to work even wearing them happen. Train a column from throughout the port. Bay get off hordes of soldiers. These dwarf seed servicemen various ports stuffed full of good-looking Fiction: my the warlords career chapter. The build-up time so hasty. Many troops out of the camp have not received their ammunition. The train, I saw there and laid them out in a long row of the table logistics officers to of each infantry recharge rifle bullets directly at the train station. Navy Second Fleet under the command of Lieutenant given Kyrgyzstan Kato advance the sea. The first South removal detachment Jiaozhou Bay has been blocked off. The empire has determined, in any case use of force to compete Qingdao. The bitter strike in Shandong Shina main army. Fully dominate the Chinese empire after laying a solid cite! Inside Miyake Sakamoto's Army General Staff, is also a crazy atmosphere staff officers, wartime after a lot of strengthening. Requires a large number of officers to supplement a picture of the new earth situation map worked out summary copy parts of the intelligence staff officers to develop a planned manner. Changes in the posture of the enemy, the reconnaissance of the enemy's strength, the allocation of their forces concentrated, train marshalling, weapons and ammunition. All require fully completed within 72 hours. Troops to be on board starting! These officers were busy too tired, on big mouth wine sipping Beach refreshing. Finally womens ugg tall boots, red eyes buried in work which. Now send troops decided is a veteran of the Meiji period, the army senior, after a hard struggle and Taisho politicians in exchange for the baby ah! In any case can not let this opportunity slip through our fingers them! Three field divisions, seven field heavy artillery, artillery wing. Taisho era largest troop-contributing! Any Shina army. Only in this Gunwi under crushing! They land war plan, the first point or directly in chatter Hill Bay landing naval Germany down the coast of Fort Army straight. Such as, after all, righteous, they declared war on Germany manner it! Army master the bridgehead, can cover the follow-on forces on a steady stream. And German crossfire in Qingdao, and have been the Emperor ** in combat, then in the vicinity of Longkou Jimo landing flank to form surrounded front of Shina military posture will become a matter of course. Ultimately the goal is to hit the enemy before, control the entire jiaoji line, and then depending on the development of the situation and then decide the next step to move. When the Northeast and Shandong the enclave trend Zhili formation. Afraid of North China is not in the hands of Japan, what? Northeast to lonely outside. Finally, the annexation of things, has become a matter of course. Fortunes of the Empire, in this in one fell swoop! Other levels in Japan at the same time, a considerable number of diplomats UGGs Bailey Bow Cheap, politicians or figure in China, at this time, activities caused. To win over the new regime Shimoji frustrated. Met politicians step down warlords and had gas. Obtain intelligence on the one hand, on the one hand, using them to destroy opponents within the regime to stabilize. This means already familiar, however. Day assessment of the Taisho era. Japanese politician, whether it is high cried disarmament have been ambitious soldier found in their countries want to continue to develop the best opportunities, the prerequisite is being unified and fiercely forward ground combat look. Resources and market in China as the cornerstone of Japan takeoff. Sino-Japanese when they come once, pretty novel: the Huashan Xianmen TXT Download. Now, these hungry wolf who, and concerted efforts again dispatched. Japan declared war on Germany. Clearly is to send troops to Shandong. They are domestic mobilization was in full swing. Could the Government decided to send troops to Qingdao, taking into account the situation? Happened two armies in Shandong conflict government how to deal with? Battle or concessions? that the military budget for the whole year in August on fast to spend! conflict and the Japanese, then I will not speak of the outcome of how, financial support can not afford! This powers between war, as long as we maintain strict neutrality like now stir up something out of it! Hardly a month before and after the establishment of a State shall establish not in use military force is this not on the poor soldiers silent weapons? Let is still a weak country! when the government should immediately stop the war in Qingdao troops to Japan and Germany fight to us as long as the delineation of the war area, outside the region to prevent the Japanese cross-border Qingdao leased to Germany or leased to the Japanese do not have the same thing anyway, now we also can not afford to come back playing the Qingdao twenty-three days listening to frontline news said the casualties touches a lot if other ambitions, then we can joint Anglo-American restricting them Well! Let the international is not no friends! government and the president decided is extremely sophisticated and now cornered the reaction in Japan it means that all our places of Homeland ability when not recover to be occupied by the Japanese name of Neutralism again briefly live our the Pu line also North China Homeland throat. government to concede ground it? strong support for the Government now tough in the end! that our solemn position to Japan's Imperial Diet, Japanese troops pull back before it is too late. Otherwise, it was only to war! Forward to this the joint question will be the following Senate and chaos into a group. Originally lawmakers in Japan now suddenly joined the fray, the question of government countermeasures. To the final turned into a debate between themselves. Stance clearly divided into two opposing. But why are not the partisan divide land! The combat of Qingdao, Yuchen prior to him to pay off at the end. He is also very much agree with the idea of ​​Yuchen to keep Japan paw, we need decisive hands! Otherwise, North China on all the non-governmental. But Japan still catch up with this shuttle, now menacing rushed over. Yuchen today did not attend the question. He had to come to the top of the cylinder surely Yuchen also the Presidential Palace which consider this problem: the war, and is a big hit, or small fight? 1911 new China 36 chapters collection 1911 new China 36 chapters!

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