although he was the one wounded

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 15:46
(Subscription required support) "That," middle-aged man's face was a bit red, "That's gotta give a little compensation for it?? It hurt somebody, gotta give people something medical expenses, right??" "If I do not give it?? "girl write a write-mouth child, sneered. "That," middle-aged man's face was on the rise at that time became purple, "Just when I, when I did not say anything," "You're a dead old man, you want Trillium Parka CG55 Canada Goose to live," middle-aged man young married woman, that is, that the What was a woman to quiet AIDS children ran over and pulled the middle-aged man ran, "were you not??" "I say you can not" quite unwilling middle-aged man, although he was the one wounded fight for the welfare of behavior did not succeed, but it ran so dingy, it is hard to look good on the face. "Can you ass, Aoao called hungry children, our family had to eat stew that Langrou so difficult to clean up, you make me a man do, I did the What??" Middle-aged women than he may look have to understand, the gang trouble child is the child who does not trouble child, but people are not soft dough, knead who wants to can pinch, you talk to people and no friendship, if Naju Hua said heavy, let people put your legs discount, that we still live the whole family does not live? ? "I am," middle-aged man suddenly Moci Er, think of those who were assigned their own home Langrou, Bunch of outsiders, in fact, is quite generous, people are so terrific, nothing if the locals want to grab people to help children something that is not authentic. "I am what I am??" Middle-aged middle-aged women do not let this man speak, "you re unhappy little kids to eat raw meat in respect of the" "," middle-aged man helpless, can only follow a young married woman toward their own camp around, for a broken leg hapless gang child, you will hope for the bar. "This man acting nice" Nie dragon looked middle-aged man's back, could not help but sigh up. "Ah" girl nodded, "if it does not see him acting nice and I alluded goblins his legs discounted" "too cruel" Nie black dragon on bumbling shook his head, "This is simply to not the person doing the thing, anyway, this thing I did not come out "" Of course people do not thing the "girl on the white man one," This is not doing what little fairies?? "" So I that this is not the thing people do it, "Nie black dragon on a sigh, said. "Cut" girl to curl one's lip, and "if you do not like that sort of thing," "I am not doing" Nie dragon eyebrows a challenge, "Do not you find it?? I was actually a special soft-hearted man "" You're a bit conscious, OK?? "rolled eyed child girl on," You are gods, do not we humans who filled the ranks of "the" I "Nie black dragon suddenly speechless," I told You say I do not tell you this topic, I just watched a refining Letters, I am looking for pieces of iron refining weapons "" Well, "girl write a write-mouth child, did not make much to say. "Classic" Beauty Mature man took hold of the arm, "Can you give me a weapon refining it??" "What kind of weapon you want??" Nie dragon quietly out of his arm, and asked Road. "With master knife like" America has long been a fancy vintage Cougar carrying a knife. "This is not your family classic, this is your master," girl stared America on a Cougar, said. "Yeah," America has lost a Cougar suddenly exclaimed, "So this knife is the master?? Wonder I looked so hit it off it, will afford this is my dearest.'s Greatest masters of the" "This little ass shot." Nie turned a supercilious black dragon on a child. "Do you mean to say that I do not greatness??" Stare of a man on a girl, snappily said. "Say you are my dear, I do not oppose a little but great just as you can not stick on the edges of the" black dragon Pielepiezui Nie, said. "Rolling" stare of a man on a girl, "You do not want to refining it?? Refining your device quickly go Lianwan the device. Put my knife still me" "Why??" Nie dragon is not happy , "This knife I have spent such a long time, you let me tool, I quit I tell you" "quit have to dry, which is my sword, but also never said to give you so much" Daughter rolled eyed children, said. "From now fall to me," said Nie dragon quite overbearing. "Well, you gotta go my grandfather said," Daughter eyebrows a challenge, snappily said. "I'm afraid you do not know it?? We grandfather particularly good impression on me," take a look at the girl a black dragon Nie, proudly said. "Have you seen my grandfather??" Girl surprised a moment, "Little Green Snake, you dare attack me backyard children, I am very angry you know??" "Our grandfather what, I certainly have not seen, but Zanba said, I heard the two of us we grandfather in together, and happy he drank three days Shaodao Zi, Shaodao Zi Yeah, he burned his face aphthous long "dragon triumphant Nie said. "I Pooh" girl turned a supercilious children on it, "your grandfather was a long look mouth sores it, my grandfather drink, when you are happy that way?? It was unhappy, and I is not afraid to tell you, my grandfather play acting wanted me to marry a Hmong man, "" Our grandfather how so bad ah?? now fifty-six nationalities is one, and how he still so narrow?? This is a backward step, do the People's Progressive The stumbling block, it should be thrown into the garbage heap of history, "said Nie dragon teeth. "Little Green Snake, you court death is not??" Girl's eyes suddenly Dengyuan, glaring at the man, a pair of good-looking eyebrows stood on end. "Our grandfather narrow-minded, should also allow me to say??" Nie dragon quite unconvinced. "My grandfather even narrow-minded, nor can you say" girl glared at the man, said. "I said," Nie dragon eyebrows a pick, and then patted the back of the sword, "I only said, this knife I have also confiscated on when we grandfather gave me the mental suffering of the" "Little Green Snake" girl glared man, "You know what you finished?? I tell you now I'm completely angered by your shameless give, you just wait my most crazy revenge it," "You put me how like?? "Nie an expensive black dragon neck," I'm a big fairy dignified, if you say two counsels me, that I still thing face?? "" Little Green Snake "mouth sip a Chilliwack Youth Sale sip girl child, "You really angered me, I decided, in the" love you a thousand years "on the basis of all the famous Andy had to add songs, movies TV lines child", "grunt" Nie dragon swallowed mouth saliva, "That what, Andy did not acted drama, right??" "Hmmm" girl cold smile, "Andy did not play acted drama, this is not you say, this was my final say "" It's okay, you say "Nie dragon waved," Andy acted Which TV series, as long as you say it, I will be able to imitate it "" This is your thing, if I told you, That is what I do not modesty of the "girl cold smile, said. "This," Nie some black dragon suddenly thrown off balance. Andy really acted drama it? ? Does not seem right? ? "Hmmm," girl cold smile, a long sigh of relief, and then stretched, pointing to a ground wounded child. "I gave these a waste while children get to go, whining, and tired of not annoying??" "Yes," bunch of snake should be uttered fine immediately. Busy divvying up the gang of child wounded child carried away. "Stunned with what??" Girl glanced at a man, "You do not mean to refining it?? Refining you quickly go" "Do not tell me what Andy acted in dramas, I will not go," Nie dragon pretty tangled, he really did not know Andy Well acted drama, film touches seen a lot. "You fool," girl write a write-mouth child, "You did not know Andy played" evil "??" "Ah??" Nie dragon's brow Organisation up, "Andy played "evil" is highly unlikely?? "" stupid "girl rolled her eyes children, do not say more, I told you do not put on a common language look. "Andy played" evil "??" Nie dragon really is very tangled, "Who he played in the end, is stumped Guo Jing?? But Andy are into middle age, and no fool Yeah kind of honest effort "," roll "girl to turn a supercilious children, and write too far to go, they ignore the man. "Uh" Nie dragon awkward smile, "Andy played Guo Jing is really not very appropriate, Gongsun Zhi speech is not he??" "Do not talk to me, I'm too lazy to listen to you," girl waved impatiently and said. "Not Gongsun Zhi, is it I buy??" Nie dragon thought, Andy kind of temperament, the speech I buy seems to be not very appropriate, but in addition I buy, do not play a light it? ? But this one was shaved head lamp, with Andy King level of this superstar, supporting children will be put to a hair shaved it? ? This unscientific. "Rolling boil" girl waved impatiently, "Do not talk to me, I'm too lazy ignores you," "You look at you this man," Nie dragon flattering smile, "you do not have to tell me what?? Let me so guess, when I can guess it?? '"Yang Guo" girl stared a man, said fiercely. "Puchi" Nie dragon then could not help but to laugh spray, "you say Andy play Yang Guo?? Are you kidding it?? Andy are how old?? Maid great age than Yang Guo, Yang Guo Andy speech , then who played Maid it?? these unscientific, "" I said Andy played when I was younger, "girl glared at the man, said. "Uh" Nie dragon surprised a moment, "Andy Yang Guo acted when I was younger?? I do not know how??" "Old films, and you say you did not know??" Girl all stood a pair of eyebrows up, Xiong Baba said. "I really do not know" Nie dragon blinked, "I was a child generally do not watch TV," "Do not watch TV??" Daughter eyebrows a challenge, "I remember you," Legend of White Snake "and" Legend of the Condor Heroes "particularly fascinated by it??" "mad??" Nie dragon eyebrows a challenge, "I'm not fan of this stuff, I tell you, when I was casual look, no serious look, a little story all do not know "" Well, "girl to turn a supercilious child. "I remember, I like to watch martial arts children, it seems that you affect me", "this" Nie black dragon suddenly embarrassed, "you really are by my influence??" "That there are fake??" Daughter on the white man one, "You lied to me the first time to see the movie, is the" Crouching Tiger ", the second is" The Promise ", I tell you that these two films, deeply hurt me mind "" That what not that Yang Guo Mody?? do not bother what time that middle-aged uncle played, I guarantee can imitate it, big deal to buy the children of "evil", the Yang Guo said, then said again children chanting "Nie dragon scratched back of the head child, said. "Well," girl snorted, "TV are all factoids, lines children also cut off," "So what??" Nie dragon eyebrows a challenge, "If you think I Naju Hua said multi- , you crazy himself when I do not have to?? "" you "girl deflated deflated mouth child. Then pointing to the man's nose, "You go away while children go, do not swinging in front of me, looking upset." "Then I'll let you play a few good knife to go to when you are tasting tasting" Nie dragon flattering smile , said. "Rolling boil" girl impatiently waved, said. "Sir, people want a knife. Thing people want a knife" America Cougar put spoiled shamelessly have to spend, "You promised people Hurry, Hurry promised people thing" "This knife or something. Really do not say "Nie glanced America Mature a black dragon," The key is not easy to find this material, "" You do knife?? "Bai Jie did not know where to drill out, just like a phantom, and a little earning no , a pair of beautiful eyes peering looking man, brush the light coming out, "You really do knife??" "What are you doing???" Nie dragon scared to step back, look quite wary "I tell you, you are Freeze ah" "You see you this saying of the" white man on a Bai Jie, "You just said material easy to find, I is not know there was a place with materials it?? If you do not want to know, then when I did not say "Then, on the bumbling go. "Ai Aiai" Nie dragon quickly stopped her, "you say, what you want," "That's the thing," Bai Jie proud smile, "If you make a sword, and have had my one" " No problem, "Nie dragon nodded and said. "Ah" Bai Jie blinked, "I am the girl child is your apprentice, she later what weapons, I am not responsible," "relief" Nie dragon rolled eyed child, "my apprentice weapons, naturally I am responsible for the". " That's good, "Bai Jie nodded," I tell you, the most in the county north of children there is a small steel plant, which children do a lot of steel, if you are looking for material to go directly to the steel plant it wants to take. " "meme" Nie Mature black dragon on a look of America, "You do not want to knife it?? long as you put the steel did you get me, I'll get two knives" "No problem," the eyes of the United States at the time Cougar lit up, "Steel thing, to me," said, stature flash, the people turned it into a black streamer, children and flew toward the north county. "You do not have FIGHTING it?? How not to do a wood??" Girl to take a look at a man, snappily said. "Ah??" Nie dragon eyebrows a challenge, "you say seems to have some truth," said, waved his hand in front of a child appeared in huge logs, they encircle thick, 78 meters. "Such a large wood, have whittled the number of knives that way??" Bai Jie looked huge logs, could not help but secretly speechless it. "What whittled many knives??" Nie black dragon on a white Bai Jie, "refining weapons with weapons that production is completely different, refining weapons, mainly in the refining word, know what is refining it? ? "" I know what it?? "Bai Jie to a white man," If I would refining, refining myself I do not have to?? which also need you?? "" Hmmm "Nie dragon smirked , "refining is to use real fire, the material purification, know what is really fire it?? That was immortal proprietary stuff, I have" "not that true fire it??" Bai Jie to curl one's lip, and "see you That was Joseph awkward, as if this world is just you fairies "" Hey, "Nie dragon is not happy," You see you this saying, and if you do not want a knife, you'll say, "" poured out The water recovery to what?? pull out of feces can plug back it?? "Bai Jie on Womens North Face Hoodie Pieliaopiezui," You said earlier that gave me a knife, now Siyanerfei, you big fairy can really awkward, "" you "Nie black dragon black cropped up on the forehead lines," Is not it a knife?? I'm A Great gods, but also your black?? "Then the mouth to spray out of a real fire blazing white, the whirring toward the huge logs that. "This is the" Bai Jie's eyes widened at the time, "This is the true fire?? How hot it is not a bit?? '" True fire is actually condensed into Manner children with strange fire naturally different "Bai Jie explained girl gave up. ps: Seeking recommendations, seeking collection (To be continued.)
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