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July 22 [Mon], 2013, 16:01
() ...... Top floor of the president office, Wang Yong is a comfortable sofa in half lying, tilted his legs, drinking Ouyangfeifei coffee. Road Toray ♠ ♣ ♥ thinking Toray one passenger leisurely, relaxed look. "Pharaoh, you say is not the truth?" Ouyangfeifei is Qiaolian somewhat sullen, ring holding hands, grumpy another one on the sofa complain incessantly: "I Ouyangfeifei good intentions work for the company, for wear brothers rejected the proposal, he was a director of the group do not understand anything they questioned my possession selfishness, is simply outrageous. "" Wife ~ "Wang Yong frowned said. Ouyangfeifei Qiao Lian suddenly dissipated a bit sullen, slightly blushing, said: "In the future in the company, just call me mister good and we said yes, consistent concealment of foreign marriage news. Pharaoh, you are not also bear watching? Well, I'm listening. "" mister. "Wang Yong pondered a moment and said:" The coffee was very strong, easy Shang Wei. "" You ...... "Ouyang Feifei called him up, but also there is no You can listen to her talk into this thing. Full of want her husband here, seeking some sense of identity and comfort. I did not realize that this guy listened to half tender, did not put his words to heart. Could not help but Qiaolian a cold, cold anger, said: "Pharaoh, in the end you have not heard me say? Seriously thing, and I do not pull the coffee thing." "Uh, mister." Wang Yong said with a wry smile: "I would have is in serious things and you say Well I know you is very good, quite a record in a foreign country, well received, however, domestic and foreign soil, the situation is completely different and you do things in a hurry, is apt to cause the aspects of rebound even if you have good intentions for the sake of the company, it will not understand into the next, but will hostile to you as slowed down and simmer stew, warm boiled frog is the right way. "Ouyangfeifei blushed, just feeling really anxious, Wang Yong did not hear a metaphor. Had to cough twice, fawn eye a sideways, said: "You're talking show off the significant level, there are words you can not say so? But I am not impatient, in fact, our company has a lot of problems,Outlet Oakley Polarized, not drastic solution, then, was coming these years to bear fruit? "" Governing a large country like cooking a small fish. "Wang Yong Oh smiled and said:" Moreover, you also know that the company's many problems, like an illness-ridden in,Oakley Restless Clearance, this will physically weak and you Suddenly even under the strong medicine, do not believe it, not cure disease, it touches put to death. "Ouyangfeifei Leng Leng looked at him, a good long while before saying:" Pharaoh, you level gone up o A? then you say say look, wear brothers that proposal, how to deal with? directly utilized my veto veto, or ...... Well, I'm wearing brothers promised, to give him the results of this tender. "" You o A, too solid, the. "Wang Yong smiled and got up later, sat down beside her. Smiling Lanzhu her shoulder and said: "I see a word, drag. Did not you say his proposals and reports are doing it perfectly do? Perfect to the extent that you can do? Dragged him for some time, do not look wrap package is maintained fire? By the time there are any problems will naturally emerge. "" It is in the company, Knock. "Ouyangfeifei slightly twisted a bit awkward with Jiaoqu Qiao Mei eye sideways, said:" King Yong, did not think you or some Guizhu Yi. ah right, I do, however, wear brothers out of the conditions is indeed very good, ostensibly looking for Mu's group has great interest benefits I'm afraid the other shareholders, o A will put pressure on me. "" I'm afraid they are a soul o A? "Wang Yong chuckled and said:" You are not what the ordinary into the professional managers. Mu's Group is the majority shareholder, the Lao Mu recently do not take hold and you just draw a few small shareholders, the Board of Directors can be about it. those into another clamor, what is the use? your o A, who is living in the inning, just figure out a lot of things. "" Pharaoh, o A you you OK? "Ouyangfeifei some admiration for him and said:" Otherwise, I will let you to be my assistant,Outlet Coach Bags, right? usually be Goutoujunshi, in and out Guizhu Yi is good. "What is Goutoujunshi? Wang Yong snappily breath and said: "I do not make progress in this entry, feel that when a security guard was very good, every tender without cāo too busy mind." "Pharaoh, angry now?" Ouyangfeifei slightly guilty with, secretly hanging on his arm, and said softly: "You then come to apply, pull takes abusing like, I see you dislike the security will let you do the chanting. Otherwise, I'll give you another job? "" This is not a fall. "Wang Yong look indifferent to the point of cigarettes, said:" Anyway, I just mixed rì child, where not mix o A? now and brothers until cooked, so I really do not want to move place. those brothers, though have no money, but it all came to a simple, easy to meet in them, I learned what it meant to contentment, nothing exciting is a blessing. "Ouyangfeifei looked at his face, peering staring, stare Wang Yong have some uncomfortable up, stare, said: "Thousands Well, I spent a long face o A?" "No, I'm talking to you today yao found very content o A?" Ouyangfeifei moving into the xingmou blinked: "is not a married man in, in the end will be different o A?" "That is the lack of one pair you've found meaning eyes." Wang Yong leisurely, said: "In the future, You will find me there are more slowly connotation. "" overreaching. "Ouyangfeifei curl one's lip and said:" You can do something even more humble? "" two laws, but also about the hypocrisy of so many cliches effort to do what? "Wang Yong grinning scrape up:" so no entry, first to kiss a mouth to sing. "Before Qi Manjing temptation, not a joke, although Wang Yong tried to be patient. But was she teases out yù fire, you want to easily dissipate naturally not so easy to do. In Wang Yong view, there is anger, wives solution to righteousness by that tender thing. "Hey, Pharaoh what you do?" Ouyangfeifei excited and nervous and shy, blushing left to hide the right flash, Xiufen endless, said: "This, this is in the office, you Freeze o A?" "We're decent couple countries sent a card. "Wang Yong one caught her waist, like a tiger down the mountain, take only a small rabbit-like ease. Leans over her ears, gently kissed one, ambiguous smiled and said: "You can not forget, you still owe me one last time in the office doing the game yet." Sensitivities by his kiss, hot breath of a burning. So she can not help but Jiaoqu startled, as being weak current touch in general, an hemp sour feeling, Dayton that hit all over her body, trembling palpitate like shake a bit. "Enjoin ah ~" her throat, uttered a sweet and nice Jiao Yin voice. Jiaoqu though weak, but it is shame fear not. Oubi strong self against his chest, desperate resistance and said: "Pharaoh, you again, again so that I, I'm going to call it!" Blowing shells can be broken pretty dimple on top of already bubbling to the touch nice blush. "Call? Your insulation measures this office, but good to mess you even called broken throat, it will not have into the rescue." Wang Yong outstretched fingers, hooked her chin soft and warm jade, a Zeixiao cope in the face, said: "Besides, I can now be regarded as certificates, even if you are attracted to jǐng police, are unable to manage our chores." Ouyangfeifei Qiaolian blushing endless, although the heart is just the enemy, but unable to return prematurely. Like her in bed sleeping mat things, just an innocent girl into, and how withstand the Wang Yong this hardened old rogue means it? Moreover, to the king Yong, aggressive, very good reason, certificates and totally fear. Ouyangfeifei was resisted San Liangxia, they withstand the invasion of his claws, soft Jiaoqu already hot down in his arms. Only hard waiting LINGTAI last vestiges of clear, low voice pleading for his life, said: "Pharaoh, not in here late at night to go back ......" But Wang Yong in the upcoming succeed when, and how willing to depend? Continue holding her in his arms, various means endless invasion away. Confused Ouyangfeifei is Jiaochuan moaning cope, his mind a floating, blush red ears and difficult to self-sustaining, stumbled to resist force is getting weaker. As she is about to fall in the next half-hearted, her office phone suddenly rang. Specifically to her tune into the crisp tone, like a pot on her head pouring ice water in general, so she suddenly sober him, the thought of just being his various rogue tactics violated yù drunk yù cents, theosophy is unknown. My heart could not help but burst to gas, open white teeth, mercilessly on his arm bite. "Oh ~" Wang Yong caught off guard, the shoulder bitten, suddenly she let go, some dumbfounding up. Ouyangfeifei quickly took the opportunity to escape, although both hands and feet soft, but still holding on to the desk. Quickly picked up the phone, the voice with a slight chūn intended to feed a little, suddenly, her eyes suddenly revealed the surprise among the sè, like in the most critical moment, saw the savior of the general, quickly said: "I and Wang Yong talk about something, five minutes later, you get to ask her to come. "hang up the phone, Ouyangfeifei quickly blocked the natural paste over the king Yong:" Pharaoh, Freeze and I have a friend who came to visit me You can not let me so dispose of it? Are you a cigarette while sitting on the couch, I go to the bathroom tidy. "Wang Yong a racking our brains, it is silent on the back of the sofa, and what a friend o A? Do not come early, late does not come? For now sè lure intrusion Ouyangfeifei, Wang Yong is not the slightest psychological burden, but the power of certificates can not be underestimated. Forget it Forget it, go back and talk about it, the wedding night, how should we go over in bed. Wang Yong smoking a cigarette in half lying on the couch, silently raising jīng build when sharp. Door, but it was suddenly opened. "Qi general, you can not go to ......" Lee desperately to stop the secretary. However, Qi Manjing is smiling came: "Never mind, she is a security guard and talk about things only.'m Not met with any significant off into." Mouth of the Department, but it is clear understanding Yi had a hint of a smile.
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