February 23 [Thu], 2006, 2:32
Please give me a hand while i need you
Please be with me!!


November 18 [Fri], 2005, 16:46
this is so ridiculous...
i don't think this make sense at all lor..
how can she b so unreasonable..
u know i am so wanna swear at her on the phone lor...
yau bang

damn u~ 

November 15 [Tue], 2005, 12:43
this is so stupid, doesn't make any sense..
u r the one who held this trip...
i am just a participant,
besides, i don't really wanna go but u force me to..
so y i hv to do all those "money collecting" job for u..
hv to go all the way here and there and doing this stupid things.
and u, u just sit there and wait for luck to knock on ur door...
u didn't tell me till the very last minute
and saying "ya, it's not my problem" and blame it to someone else...-_-
wth...u suck, man~

damn it..


November 14 [Mon], 2005, 14:55
am totally into jap drama recently..
am in love with it..lol..
cuz i am under too much pressure, so hv to relax a bit...wahaha
(well well well.. this is only an excuss, i guess..)
can't stop watching it...episode by episode...
damn, what a waste of time...
no wonder marks drop so much...

life comes and goes...
in all of a sudden
should truesure every day, every minute, every second God gave us...
i hv a feeling that god is with me..
is besides me
looking at me
walking along with me...
--- ---this is how i feel

lol. how come hving this serious talk all of a sudden..
it's like something hv just happened...
haha. i am weird.. yes i am .. i know that..
don't hv to tell moi...kaka..


November 14 [Mon], 2005, 14:39
donno y, hv no intension to study these dayz...
university..><.. it only has been 2 and a half mouth
looks like i'm getting tired of university life....
don't wanna wake up in the morning...
don't wanna bus to school...
don't wanna attend lecture
don't wanna spend time figuring out how to do hw
don't wanna stay after school finish up projectz
don't wanna choose between computing science and SIAT...{怒}

well, cindy, hope for the best, prepare for the worst..><...

and ya..lol. harry potter 4 is out*V*..
will b on screen this friday...
can't wait to go watch it..lol

okay~ hv to work hard...
10 000 times harder...
cin jei.. + oil..

ya.. another thing i hv to mention...
it drived me crazy last week
donno what those koren girls up to...
i was so gonna swear at them last time
pissed me off so badly
well well.. guess everything'z fine now...
and i will never gonna work with them again.. not a chance, man

,shitty life 

November 10 [Thu], 2005, 13:45
University life is a total disaster... to be honest...
i really hv no idea what i am learning right now,
(ya, been slacking off lately)....lol
you know how it feels when you seeing your marks drop from A to C....
you know how it feels when there are too much to do, and too little time for you to do?..
i am looking and going.. well... what the heck am i doing?!
working hard, but not getting the marks i want?
or slacking off yet hving a desirable mark?
3 more weeks to go..
and yes, 2 more finals 2 more huge project, 1 more presentation, and 2 more essays...
hv to put 999% more effort to those, and hope my marks will get back to the A range, well.. B is good enough..lol.. cuz i know i won't be doing well in the finalz.lol..

shitty life, plus shitty me...lol


July 23 [Sat], 2005, 11:44
yes. i know.. didn't come here for a long long long time..><.
sorry.. i didn't forget you.. but ya.. anywayz...
spend 2 weeks on the SHIP thingy..><..
was okay.. i should say..
well.. at least we learn something...
but 2 bad i didn't win that ipod shuffule ><...
i want one.. damn it....haha

hey.. it's SUMMER!!!..
but well.. hv to work on the weekend
and then will hv FUN wif frdz on monDAY, maybe.. [hope so]..
yesterday lei..
went dindin with didi and toko..
hv some good laughz there..
ya.. same old didi and toko..


June 18 [Sat], 2005, 12:05
YES.. I AM ACCEPTED!!!!!!!!!
ya. i know.. it sound impossible.. but hey..
i recieve the letter.. saying i made it~..
hey. man.. i am indeed the luckiest
thx god.. thank you so much.. u made this happen
love you..

grad 05, grad 05, GRAD 05 

June 04 [Sat], 2005, 10:14
yesterday was grad school leaving ceremony... i love it...
almost cry when i entered><. i am so gonna miss DT...
miss all of my friends and teachers (except sonachansingh, of cuz)...
2 hours of listening to our vice principle calling us up one by one..
and announcing the award/scholarship some of us get was indeed boring....
, yet, i liked it.. i donno y.. CY was blah blah blahing beside me..
and i almost told her to shup up......haha..

after the ceremony.. i went out take pic wif ppl..(not much tho)...
good that i caught Mr.alyward, copeland, mactarget, and changchang in time..kaka...
and i was surprise that mr. alyward actually remember who i am... kaka..
well.. 2 bad foster left early. or else i will make him take pic wif me..kaka...
well.. the night was indeed memoriable... i will never forget how chist said "mr. fanning.. we like your green shirt"..kaka.. jkjk...

bye everyone..... i love you all .. and i will miss you all.. (except sonachansingh, of cuz)...ha

u know how much i wish time can turn back.. and i can be a little gr.8 and start everything all over again...


May 30 [Mon], 2005, 6:49
17歲;的最後一天... 在書本中度過... ai~...
願主保佑 *v*...

我要好成績.. 我要努力... 我要進步;... 我要..我要...我要呀!!
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