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2008年05月22日(木) 4時29分
So I haven't posted in a while.
My laptop keyboard has been ruined by my dumb cat!

But anyway!
I have realized x-boyfriend Skyler is a huge dick in disguise!
He only wants to be my friend because he feels sorry for me, because he feels like he has to be my friend because he fucked me. I wanna call him and yell at him but N-O I will wait until he calls me. Witch wont be until I post something depressing on Myspace.

I feel like I don't have any friends anymore...

I am alone again.

I wish i whould have gotten a number... 

2007年10月02日(火) 12時28分
So on Friday,...i never went to that rave.
Because Jesi was way too sick!!
and wayyyyyy to loopy. her head was spiining and she was laying on the floor, but that might be because she drank a hole bottel of cough syurp...

but i had a good time anyway, talking to her was fun enough

then on saturday, i went to my friend hana's house to spend the night...Pyro was there and we got him to go and buy me and jesi some drinks ( with our money of corse)
After three "tilts" i was donefore. (lightweight much!?)
i rember me jessica and hana held hand and danced in a circel for a looooonnng time! hehe!
and evrything was happy and chill for a while....
We draged our feet bakc into her room, and where sitting and talking about silly stuff. And then OUT OF NOWHERE, these guys started walking in!? the door was peeked open and hana's room mate poped his head in saying, "Oh hey these guys are here for a while there leaving soon though"...and my eyes where met with some guy with this shy little smile.
Then the door was shut in my eyelock.
so i sat there for a while, thinking, oh mai, im singel and this guy is so cute, maybey i should go out there and see how he reacts...
so i did.....
......and i followed them to the deack...
The one my eyes where glued to gave me a smoke, and lit it with his belt lighter, (it was relly nifty thing, on his belt buckel it had this star design, and when you clip it off it becomes a fancy ass lighter.) Then I asked there names,

kevin,(something i cant rember so i will call him jeff[]), and another kevin.

Kevin was his name,..i started making small talk because i was drunk and could handel making a good conversation, they relly liked me, because i talked to them alot, and i had a short skirt on with fishnet tights,(and my shirt was a little low i have to say...) Then kevin's phone rang and he diditn wana talk to them and hana said she whould (lol),...She got her deepvoice on and was like, "sup, dis kevin"
"what, up gurl"
So i turend my face to his and was like (oh noe taken, fuck )
Then hana asked, what this girl is to him.
And withought even stdering, he said "some girl that likes me but i, relly dont like her" and then all his friends where like, "yeah shes pritty much a freak"
then hana, started telling her, "wth you saying, this is kevin!?""What you dotn belive me?"
"are you tapin dis with some FBI shit!?"
lol it was funny.
then she hung up after a while of hassel..
Then they all went back inside,
cause they had to leave, and i ran in after them, and then put my arms around his waste, and asked if he had any fags,
and he said he diditn have any, but hsi friend dose, so i huged his friends and got one.
then we where talkign in the hallway for a long time and i held my arm around kevin's. ( lol he must have been like wtf is witht his girl?)
then we went out for a smoke again, and kevin asked someone if i was pyro's girl, and i was liek 'fuck no"
then he flirted with me more.
and we went back inside, and i kissed him a little kiss.
I kinda forgot what was going on after a while it kinda blacked out, but i rember i went outside, and pyro asked about that note, and i told him 'what note?"
then he asked me out,...again.
and i told him, ....i relly dont want him that way. then ran inside because I herd them running, and found out pyro tried to choke kevin.

they started running to leave because they diditn want kevin to get hurt, kevin is strong but pyro is a BIG MEAN MONSTER, when hes fucked up. and so i cought his friend on the way out, and he said he whould hook me up with his friend, and i wrote in relly sloppy big numbers (my cell+home) on his arm. and they left.
then like two second's later, his friend ran back and started pulling me out there, because pyro jumped off the balcony, and fucking tried to stab kevin, and i went over to the car, freaked out ans scared to see what i was gunna see,..pyro's face was in the car with his arm around kevin's friends neck,..and i freaked out, and went over and was like, Pyro, what the fuck are you doing!? and he mumbeld some bulsshit frendly story. and then after a while he walked off, and i told them i dont wana be here, and took my stuff and left with kevin...jessica was sad to see me go, and hana sad they where jsut gunan fuck me and leave,...but i diditn care, i didint wana get stabed...
so i got a ciggrate and went to kevin's house, and we sat on the coutch and talked and made friends with me. then i started putting moves on kevin,(because he's super shy to say anything)
and i ended up ontop of him and kissing him relly deeply, and biteing him, and his hands where pulling my skirt up and then his hands where on my back pushing me into him, and then his hands whould crawl up my spine, and hold my head into his. and then i told him to spank me, and he did this little patter thing and i laphed my ass off, and his friends where watching the entire time, and laphed too. then hsi friends said they where jelus and wanted someone too "hang out" with too.
so they all got in his car to drive his friend home,...

brb with the rest of this story tomarow, im sick of typeing!!!

also here is a picture of a smiler outfit i wore... ;]

Hello Yaplog! 

2007年09月29日(土) 3時15分
Hello Yaplog!
i will be using you for my journal...

My name is color

I am 17
(and a drop out)
And i live in America..

My intresets are: Art, Cooking, Sex, Drugs, violence, fashion.

I dislike the smell, taste, look, ect.., of ketchup!!!!!

anyway,.. Im hopeing to make good friends with you blog :]

Also i am going to a rave tonight, so prepare to be used!!!!!

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