North Korea is most likely to fly to the Chinese nuclear

September 04 [Wed], 2013, 17:39
North Korea tested a nuclear weapon again, this will be the third underground nuclear explosion. North Korea such an arrangement, what is trust in China, does not regard China as outsiders, or whenever there is a good thing are left China?

The purpose of the North Korean nuclear test is not complicated. The original idea was when Kim Jong Il: Yankees, you always ignore me, I am not a big movement wants to point out is not available. 2002 North Korea announced the development of nuclear weapons and hoped to hold bilateral talks with the United States. Americans think, and this rogue negotiate individually too lost copies, so advocates talks, namely related to this six countries: North and South Korea, the United States, Russia, China and Japan, the talks aimed at resolving the North Korean nuclear crisis. August 27, 2003 29, the six-party talks held in Beijing. Important consensus reached at the meeting 4:00, the most important one is:

Kim found to engage in blackmail kinda money, but also very easy. However, if you frequently shout slogans:

Receive financial aid after North Korea's nuclear test and then embarrassed, and so he began to toss up

Kim Jong Il's death, Kim Jong-un regime to hand. Kim Jong Il died estimates over stability ago taught him the secret of the regime, that is: Internally ruthless repression, intimidation and blackmail of foreign constantly. This stronger than some countries, some countries Xiong Baba internal and external, it was a wimp. December 12, 2012, North Korea launched

North Korea finally has two treasures: rockets and bombs. Under normal circumstances, but is used to show off three gold and blackmail the international community only. However, once the day it does not go or the imminent collapse of the regime, nor rule out death struggle. Well, North Korea's nuclear bomb which country it will eventually fly? We performed exclusion:

USA. North Korea carried out a third nuclear test, publicly declared that the goal is the United States. If you can reach the United States, estimated the Earth people should laugh. Whether North Korea's Taepodong missile or just successful launch missiles, the accuracy and range are not constitute the slightest danger to the United States, with an estimated not take long to launch himself fell into the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, North Korea did not really hate the United States. Where can I see it? General totalitarian states have such a law: the more derided national government is that it favorite country, otherwise it is difficult to understand officials regard the life of his wife and children to the United States motives. Therefore, the possibility of North Korea's nuclear zero Japanese American to fly? Little Japan has U.S. Patriot missile, ready to intercept and destroy it. Moreover, between Japan and North Korea do not what hatred. Although the Japanese have been on the Korean peninsula colonial rule, but the total will not because of this reason small Japanese violence it? Japan did not, after all, little more than 30 million people in the DPRK massacre, did not deny that Russia had invaded Korea. Russia only in the moral support for North Korea, not its essence there are too many dealings, unlike some countries to tighten their belts to its own people have enough to eat but also assistance. In this sense, between North Korea and Russia regarded as ordinary friendships. In general, to maintain a certain distance between friends will not be enemies. This point, Russia grasped the true meaning of human relationships. Therefore, there is no reason to bomb North Korea threw Russia, even throwing in the past, only to the Far East, where the uninhabited, and not much practical significance of South Korea. North Korea threw the bomb likely. North and South Korea fight this enemy for decades, but it has always been a provocation by North Korea has been on the defensive. As South Korea has U.S. troops, once the situation nike free run mens dangerous, the United States will conduct early nike shox online defense, and Patriot missile accuracy is very high then the missile which country is most likely to fly it? From the analysis of interpersonal relationships in general should have the following characteristics: First, the original relationship is the best, then enemies, or by the other party as a traitor. Perhaps we have had such an experience: the most hateful often not hostile party, but for the other to speak or backward other camp friend. Council on several occasions condemned North Korea's agreement sanctions, China voted in favor, with an estimated gold three pairs of big brother hated fundamentally itch. If you do not believe, I think back to the Sino-Soviet enemies, China Backward U.S. will understand. Second, the military may seem huge, but nothing but a paper tiger, do not even have a real air defense capability. Several aircraft that had no time to find broken AWACS aircraft, missiles had landed. Third, in each other's capitals within the range of the missile.