Miss penalty King of Real Madrid to blow the eye

December 11 [Wed], 2013, 12:42

But this is a city that can be regarded as the second-team in Bayern's home to complete a seemingly impossible task. Start stage, Manchester City continue slow trend away from home this season, crossing the line several errors caused Hart to guard the goal been penetrated 2 times in a row in under 12 minutes. Since then, the engineering team quickly broke the enemy's strategy, Silva, and Milner Kolarov successively meritorious, helped the Blue Moon take 3 points away from home. Battle of Champions League final group game, with Luka modric and Cristiano Ronaldo in the world of Real Madrid scored 2-0 victory away from home in Copenhagen. Real Madrid's Champions League group stage 5-1 in 20 balls, with absolute advantage into the Champions League last 16. Total score up to 800 in Real Madrid in Champions League history, Champions League group stage this season with 20 balls, and Real Madrid's record.

Although the final score 3:2 not able to help Manchester City in the standings beyond Bayern's group header name, but beat PEP Guardiola's side at the Allianz Stadium for it. You know, Bayern Munich defeats bad in every game this season, and the carnage after Werder Bremen in the last Bundesliga 7 ball, has created over 40 rounds of the season unbeaten and Bundesliga Giants Hao taking the game 11 games in a row. Champions League final group game, Real Madrid beat 2-0 Denmark powerhouse Copenhagen. Injured Cristiano Ronaldo once again the protagonist, broke, in a column, Miss penalty King of Real Madrid to blow the eye. But don't forget the presence of Luka modric, he blew out his foot four world by surprise, for Titans have won knocking on victory's door.

It is worth mentioning that, Manchester City the game directly helped Manuel Pellegrini victory also ended an embarrassing record. Before the game, Chile senior commander in Chief once in La Liga, the Champions League game with Guardiola coached team has played 9 times at all levels, handsome, 8 WINS, 1 draw, not defeats. Even engineers into the Bernabeu, Chile-senior commander in Chief led the Titans have won with Barca, and fate escape the double play. And as Manchester City this battle reverse to win away from home, peishuai the humiliating record finally passed away. Warriors home Bobcat today, the game is now mostly warriors behind, Thompson started poorly,nike blazer mid feel cold throughout the first half, second half, eventually produced 22 points, 5 assists data warriors still did not reverse catch-up until the last 1 second, eventually 111-115 to Bobcat.

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