Hardware products to break monopoly position

December 21 [Fri], 2012, 14:46
The country has become the major power of the world's largest metal

processing and exporting country. China has a vast market and consumption

potential is big. In 12th Five-Year period , companies will earn money by the

energy-efficient and intelligent products. The home cabinet hardware industry

presents new trends. China has become one of the world's largest metal

producing countries and it has a vast market and developing space. China's

hardware industry has at least 70% private enterprises, they become the main

force of the development of China's hardware industry. In the international

hardware market, Europe and the United States developed the technology and the

price of labor rises quickly, the production of high value-added products will

be transferred to the developing countries.

Since entering the new century, with the accelerated pace of modernization in

China's manufacturing industry, the relevant industry insiders predict that

China's hardware tools enterprise must act positively in order to see the

outcome. The difference brought by the upgrade of the industry need to be in

accordance with the economy market laws and the characteristics of the

industrial development.

In the hardware and tools industry, both sides of the client's marketing

strategy have great effect on hardware tools, the local enterprises are most

influenced by the understanding and use of brand marketing. Stan forces still

occupy the leading position of China's high-end brands, other grades of brand

rankings are unknown, this means that other brands still have many

opportunities. The essence of the brand marketing is to seek for different

positioning of the brand. The added value of the brand will become the new

profit growth point. Seize this brand confusion free time and speed up to

squeeze into the top three brands is the plan which is worth considering.

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