cosplay&farewel party 

2007年11月25日(日) 20時15分
i think it would be the last comment from
i haven't got time now.
i'm being busy hanging around with my friends
and packing....

guess waht!!!!
i did cosplay party yesterday..
i went as KAGURA from Inuyasha..
it turned really great!!!!!
i'm gonna show you the photos
when i go back...
it was good fun..
please don't ask me what i did
in the party....
we did sing star(it's karaoke thing)
DDR(dance dance
was too hard nobody can't do it...)
and pocky game...
don't ask me the detail...
you had enough information...!!!!

we had a farewel party tonight...
i had a great time today...
i don't know how to say
how it was....
it was too great....
i won't see some of my friends....
it 's too sad....

i don't wanna leave here...
before i cry i have to go...
cya in japan....!!!


seriously sorry guys.. 

2007年11月18日(日) 20時39分
hey guys,
oh i can't say sorry enough for you..
i haven't come to this page for
i know i always say i'm busy,,,
i'd like to say i was extremly
busy last week and i've been
i have to think about presents,
packing, packing, packing,
and party and lots of thigs..
including exams......
it was critical last week
cos i seriosly have to study
for the exam...
(but i didn't as you know..
i was naughty,,)
i'm thinking about going back
these days seriosly..
i think you guys heard about the date
i'm coming back from terrie..
i'm going back on 29th(28th) of
november...and i'll go to school
on 3rd of december...
(i know i have to go to the airport
thursday night but i don't remeber
the exact date..)
and i found out i have to take KANKEN
and my mum's gonna make me take
TOFEL or some sort of test...
thanks mum....!!!!
i really wanted to go back before
but i don't want to know...!!
and because of you great guys..
i have to do TANKYU presentation
sometime this school year...
how great is that!!!
thank you guys...!!!

oh i'm enjoying the rest of my aussie life..
we had PINK PARTY last friday..
we dyed lots of food in pink
even we dyed rice(sushi) PINK..
it looks great... i didn't feel like eating it...

we are going to do cosplay party this weekend...
oh i've longed to do it for long time///
it would be great!!!

cya soon

i should've come here more 

2007年10月22日(月) 21時41分
hey guys,

how are you going??
i should've come here more often..
but u know i'm being so busy now..
after safari i tried to do packing..
i got so much stuff in australia
so it's so hard to do..
i'm trying all the time but
i'm just making mess...

i opened my suitcase today and i found ur letters..
do u remeber what u wrote???
maji dene ho-mu shikku ni nattayo..
ann ka ne natsu yamano sha shinn
toka detekita..
itsu noyanenn mitaina...
tekane, mou soro soro shi tara
kaerunn kana tte o mottara
setsu naku natteki tene...
naki takattakedo..
a tte furi kaettemitara
i've got so much homework..
cos i went out for 3 weeks
and i missed lots of classes during
i went to safari..
i had to do VCO now..
we have to design designer's studio...
it's impossible to finish it!!!!

did i tell u about last thursday??
it was a public holiday...
it's a day off for the horse racing..
e mma jide tte omo ttayo...
horse racing...^^
some ladies and girls were
wearing dresses and fancy hats!!!
u'll b surprised when u come here..
that's amazing...
i went to movie with my friend on that day..
i watched HAIRSPRAY!!!!
it was a good movie..
i like it.. but if u've watched PRODUCERS
before, i think it's better than HAIRSPRAY..
i went to my friend's house after
and watched PRODUCERS..
it's hilarious...^^

atone,,, i wanna introduce u
my favourite tv program!!!!!
it's on every wednesday night!!!
it's funny as...
it's a satiric comedy show..
they make the politics and
other current issues funny...
but they are saying a good point of them..
that's the moment i feel happy
to understand ENGLISH...
i can enjoy the comedy show!!!
my friend and i watched couple that night..

i have to my work now..
i'm too lazy to do thing...


2007年10月12日(金) 20時59分
hey guys,

hey guys how are you going??
i just came back from safari
and now
i'm watching my favourite movie
"The Lord of the Rings
Return of the King"
i'm so happy now..

how was safari!!!
it's out of the questions!!
it's awesome!!!
there are lots of japanese,
4 americans, 3 finish, 2 german
italian, urugyan, swedish, french
and austrian students...
gosh it was so much fun..
i'm gonna ask my friends to send photos!!
i can't believe it's over now..
yesterday morning about 10 o'clock
we left brisbain for melbourne..
we arrived at camberra at 2 o'clock..
you know what it's all bus trip..
we arrived at melbourne @10 in the morning
as you know australia is one of the largest countries
in the world..
adelaid to adelaid is 9900 km!!!!!
we did that's trip..
sometimes we have to stay over in the bus.
one night i sit next to the swedish guy
and i stole half of his seat..
of course he couldn't sleep well
because of me..
poor that guy.. sorry..

my favourite place is queensland..
it's like a holiday place..
i love snorkeling...
i just love it
Breat Barrier Reef is the place
you should go before you die..!!!
it's just awesome!!!

i climbed up ayers rock!!
it was such a tough work but
it's worth doing it...

i love australia!!!
i don't wanna go back to japan then..
but i think i have to help you guys..
S2 shikkari shiroyo!!!!!
you should join the activitities
it's so much fun!!
you can't do it in the other place
except KC!!
you'd better enjoy it!!

see ya soon !!


2007年09月19日(水) 21時38分
hey ya guys,
(if you do spelling miss it would be awful!)

how are you goin' mate??
i'm so excited that i can't do anything now.
i should do my homework and study for test..
but it doesn't bother me..
i don't know now i can't do anything now..
i have a test of SPECIALIST MATH,
which is the hardest corse of maths in yr. 12.
it's all about kinematics and not mathmatics any more.
i haven't understood completly..
i really need to do it..
today i have Mathmatical Methods test..
it was about probability..
but i'm stuck.. i have to do with a caluclator..
i can't do it.. you lazy..

the 3rd term will end in 2 days..
but i only have to go to school tomorrow!!
i'm going to safari in 2 days..
we are traveling around Australia!!
that's exciting!!!!
the trip would start from sydney..
SYDNEY-->Canberra-->Broken Hill-->
Coober Pedy-->Uluru-->Kings Canyon-->
Alice Springs-->Mt. Isa-->Gold Coast-->
it's for about 3 weeks!!
i don't know what's gonna happen!!
i've finished packing already but
i'm afraid i left something behind...
i'll buy something if i need it, though..

guess what!?!?!?!
and i 'm going to School Social tomorrow night!!
it's like a party again!!!
the theme is heros and villiens(sorry i can't spell)
my friend and i are gonna dress up as POKEMON
i know it's G*Y!!!
i haven't got all the stuff i need for socail..
but it's gonna be fun!!!
i think i'm more excited at social now than safari..

i can't wait till tomorrow..
(but i have to take test before i have both of fun)

it means i can't keep writing the comment
here for a while..
i think this would be the last blog before
i go to safari..
if i have enery to write before i go to bed tomorrow..
i would come...
but it's not gonna happen

i was homesick a bit last monday and
i listened to the CD you gave me..
and i got energy to live!!!
thank you..!!

cya in october!!


2007年09月08日(土) 18時07分
how are you going now??
i'm doing well now..
i'm happy now..
i just miss you.
i wanna go back to KC
and talk to you..
i can't believe
i have to leave here in 3 months.
i don't know waht i've done for 7 months.
the 3rd term finishes in 2 weeks.
we are going to safari in 2 weeks.
we're gonna travel around australia.
i wanna do more things in australia.

i think i'll be surprised when i go back.



2007年08月25日(土) 19時34分

OMG... i said G'day but i can't say it
properly.. everybody says my pronaunciation is
pretty bad.. i can't say G'day...
i'm not an aussie. but i think i'm learing
heaps of aussie words.

yesterday i played badminton games!!
of course i played in doubles..
(i have no energy to play singles..)
i got a phone call just 2 days ago
and i had to go there to fill in the team.
i played mix doubles and ladies..
i won both of the games.
i was so nervous so i couldn't play well..
last time i played badminton..
my string of my racket went off..
so i have to restring my racket..
i didn't have my own racket with me
and borrowed one from the lady..
but i think i did well,
i didn't feel i did well though.

i had a japanese food party
with my friends today..
i made sushi and tempura..
it was quite nice..
i feel reallly full now..
seven of my friends came here.
i had a good time..
i miss real japanese food..
it's really hard to get all the ingredients
i need..

i might go up to snow tomorrow..
my english is getting worse these days..
i don't know what happened to me..
but i only have 3 months left..
i wanna get rid of this bad condition.

cya soon


2007年08月09日(木) 20時47分


おんなのこです .そのこ。



2007年08月05日(日) 10時58分

how are u going today??
i'm so exhausted today..
i woke up @ 10:56 in this moning.
(before 11:00...!!!)
why am i so tired today??
cos i went and wathced football
friday night and i went up to snow
i can't believe it's already ausgust..
i was checking the diary the other day
and looked up what i 've done..
i did heaps of things here.
and i have only 4 months left.
i wanna enjoy staying more.

guess what??
i think i've got to know the main rules
finally.. i don't know the detail but
i know the main ones!!!!
my hostmum's mum, her exchange
student from france and i went
to telstra dome in melbourne...
it has a roof so we don't have to
worry about the weather..!!!
i love watching the foot ball
in the dome..
on the ways home,
we missed the train...
we had to wait for one hour
to catch the train @23:30.
we arrived at the station @1:30.
it's not a funny story..
damn transport!!!!!

i went to SNOW!!
i can't believe it's winter in austrlaia!
u know it's august!!
it should be hot !!!!
i don't know where i went..
but i had lots of fun!!!!!!
we made heaps of snow balls
and threw at each other...
yeah i had good time..
it was freeaing, though..
i wanna go skiing if i can..

enjoy ur summer vacation!!!

just chatting 2 

2007年07月25日(水) 20時00分
how are u going??
i have time to talk to u today
so i gonna chat with u....

i don't know what i'm gonna talk about..
oh yeah..
i'm going to the movie with my friends
the simpsons..
it would be nice..

what else??
i don't know ..
i just don't feel like anything..

i wanna show u my art work..
it would take ages to finish it..
i reckon..
tell me guys ..
what r u doing in japan??
i miss u..

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