This is no small Buddha Douban sin

July 06 [Sat], 2013, 18:28
This album has not a thing to write character, it does not care how Yang Lin, the album is certainly out, but the concrete is allowed to say at what time, and this depends on the company received the quality of some of the songs . If poor quality, Yang Lin certainly do not want to send. The first album we must strive to be a gun and rang, Yang Lin's high demand is also not surprising that. "A World Without Thieves" is the fiery released, and now there is Feng Xiaogang Andy Lau, Rene Liu trio is still publicity, while the other actors who are already bend beneath it. It is very gratifying at the box office, just four days to win the nearly 40 million at the box office, becoming this week's box office champion. Look at this momentum to win one hundred million at the box office seems to be no problem. Yang Lin does not care about the box office now, and he cares about is his performance in the end how the inside, the system gives a score of 81 points, just count is good. So in other viewers eyes, the eyes of the critics in the end how to do? Yang Lin a little perturbed. Release is already a week, and the brightest critics like mushroomed, eleven run out. "When the play's eyes are focused on the dazzled in which Qunzei, I just felt that the man had been sitting in the very type of painting, but also great drama, the pressure to live." This is no small Buddha Douban sin original words. "No matter how you look,Oakley Sunglasses Clearance, this is like a painter cool specious young artists, in addition to lost lose face in front of a beautiful girlfriend, that are not used, but he is everywhere, sharp eyes, he probably will not teenage viewers eyes, but when he lit out their own identity after they completed the role of personality instantly changes into a LEGENDARY man, courageous tough and I have to admit that his acting is quite good, it is understood, actor Yang Lin at this time only two years old, he played such a successful middle-aged undercover cop. "bright professional film critic wrote," Thus, this actor's acting unusual. has a spirit, willing to endure hardship, After the film must have his place. "" When I saw the cast ÑîÁØ when taken aback and I can not think of how, when young niche in the publicity would actually play a middle-aged police, beginning I was a little worried that this would not be a big mistake, but after watching the movie, I do not have this concern, although there is a little jerky acting front, but with the film's shooting, I was able to see his progress, acting also gradually mature. middle-aged police vicissitudes mature sympathy for the two thieves, for the faithful to his career, he was able to eleven manifested. "WCC's a critic says. ÑîÁØ not close the mouth a little, read a few reviews are almost always positive, which makes him very happy. He looked at the time of the evaluation of other people online. "Honestly, I do not understand the police in the end is doing, obviously able to avoid all kinds of tragedy, but it God's perspective in a fight these thieves, and then actually regret it, ready to let them go I want to say is that the hands of the police is a flaw screenwriter, learning Hollywood, a little tiger feel like a dog. And also very Sentimental actor. Fengdao, you enable a two-year-old newcomer to play a more than 30-year-old policeman, said it nicely is guidance and help newcomers. did not sound just do not understand the employment Take a look at the performance in front of him, the artist is not what the artist's temperament, only that a face stiff. behind the performance of the struggle was so weak, tut, are worthy of Huayi people, they do not so obvious now. "Yang Lin reluctantly shook his head, he can not let everyone enjoy his performances,Clutches And Evening, this person is saying and fair and reasonable, their Performance is a little flaw, even without his say so serious. Looked again at the other reviews, there is little mention of his, occasionally referred to his twelve, are mixed, mixed. Phone rings, Yang Lin took up from the table, nor look at the names, directly connected, "Hello, may I ask what you want with me?" Zhang Qian's voice came over from another one, "Yang Lin ah, I have a good news, do you want to hear it? "he finally found the opportunity to hang a hanging ÑîÁØ appetite. Zhang Qian heard struggling under oppressive feeling of excitement, Yang Lin almost do not guess, he would already know, is mostly a system that rewards audition opportunities. But he pretended not to know, puzzled and asked: "What is a good thing in the end? Talk about the pictures. Was not my thing has been approved for the album? Can start preparing?" "Haha, you guessed half the company decided early Well, just today officially launch it. Amoy songs are now inside the company, put some good quality point of songs for you to see you tomorrow to the company with professional people discuss the album as a whole genre, talk to your heart the idea of ​​the company, but really respect you, ah, put your training as the top potential, we must take blame! "Yang Lin did not expect so soon on the run, and he thought it would go onto the 2005, and is now 2004 December 13 a. As a result, Yang Lin remaining time spent in the studio is necessary. However, he apparently expect things to be simple, not what you want to record the album will be able to recordings. First, preparation is essential to look at the company tomorrow to go out initial screening of the song, and then set about genre. "Yes, what is it that there are half?" Silent child, Yang Lin was thought to come, although that may be the audition, but still have to ask more appropriate. "" I thought you did not care about this thing yet. It tells you this is the auditions, which should be able to fire a drama, there is concern about the ratings is unavoidable. Guess what? "Yang Lin rolled his eyes,oakley sunglasses, how do I guess." You tell me, I really do not know what drama. So my message is blocked, certainly do not know ah. "" You have to ask Hu Ge, he must know. "Zhang Qian refused to say die, but let him go to Hu Ge to ask." Broker you this too is not responsible, and I talk to sail brother, let him try for a broker. "Yang Lin Xiangyebuxiang direct funny quipped." Do not ah, ancestors yet. I just want to tease you. I said, still does not work? "Zhang Qian mercy again and again, though he knew Yang Lin would not do that, but still stopped the joke. ÑîÁØ sitting on the couch, laughing issue, demo told me to play." Seriously, ah, this is the a big production, many stars will participate in the shoot, you will be divided into several stories to shoot. The producers have released the news to attract a lot of stars come to audition. Your chance to audition is actually fed to their initiative, which touches people surprised. "It does not mean to say that the name of the drama still did not say it, in the end is what ah, Yang Lin a little wait. ------------ One more to last night forgot to set automatically updated, my fault. hastened back to class now uploaded. Guess what drama it? routinely seeking recommend seeking collection.
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