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August 26 [Mon], 2013, 17:14
Yu Meng Han already pretty, plus there are two slender legs, so she wore a sailor suit feels completely different with the other girls. In Diamond Middle School at Dream Han also more famous, many boys to chase her on a lot more after sophomore year of high school brother come here to write her a love letter, when informed that she wants to change classes after The original class and all of those boys a wringing. Ren Zhiyuan for beauty itself coveted heart, he saw in a dream Han change classes after they want to come courting, and before and Xu Wan with Szymborska accosted by means of exactly the same. "Oh, nothing needed, thank you." Yu Han dream of many suitors, she has been common this practice, but after we are all students, so she did not want a broken face, and if the boys outside to chase her, then she was not even manage will not be ignored. Cheng Jing Han told in a dream is still chatting, let Ren Zhiyuan this scene looks like jealousy envy hate, had less science class girls, beautiful women and even fewer can understand there North Face Outerwear Clearance Sale is a way to a King, to an initiative to have a talk with Cheng Jing, a group of which he is a long felt very no face. Of the boys in blue chūn sèyù always easy to be carried away, determined to give Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan Yan sè look at one o'clock, but he also knows Cheng King killed a man, so to retaliate must not come from force . "Cheng Jing, you just transferred to our school, I hope you do not give our school discredit." Ren Zhiyuan thought little direct say so, there is no tube King would react, faced with a direct shot at the school dared to kill people, he courage is really big enough. Cheng Jing heard this one will not be happy, "the discredited? What do you mean?" "Diamond Middle School is a very high-end schools, although there were rumors that elite schools, enrollment rate available in the whole city are the highest Yannan, This is not a wealthy forces could easily come in the school! "Ren Zhiyuan stand on the position of the old alumni say these words, you want to give away a blow respect. For this general ridicule such as flies, Cheng Jing ignores originally thought, but Ren Zhiyuan speak somewhat too far, so Cheng King replied: "Oh? Do you mean that in the future I pulled the school enrollment rate of? "" Oh, I did not say so, but some poor students, I think it is better to leave the school automatically. "Ren Zhiyuan say such a cynical words. Now high school students across the diamond eyes, Cheng Jing just a Hunzi the head, but this Hunzi head we can easily just linked juvenile delinquents, so assume that Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan is by spending money into the Diamond Middle School , and the future King Yannan seven in the final examination he did not see before. Cheng Jing sneer with your fingers pointing to himself, then said: "Do you mean to say that I am poor students a?" "I did not say that, but I know bad Diamond Middle School students will only bring shame!" Ren Zhiyuan vowed he said: "Last semester final exams I had taken all grades first, at Dream Han classmates, what do not understand you can ask me questions." finally see to understand, Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan was originally thought that the dream you want to Han stepped in front of himself with academic achievement to get some sense of superiority. "Frog will sit idle, that frog in a well in a cry, it does not hear other voices, they consider themselves the loudest sound." Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan also thought to face himself in junior high school when he had won physics contest awards, and now there are Mensa membership card, it is clearly a lifetime Ren Zhiyuan unattainable heights. "You say who is the frog! You say who is the toad!" Obviously Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan to stimulate this sentence, he has been in the diamond are very excellent high school grades in exams this respect he never concede to others too, is now being Cheng Jing said to be a frog. "Who called who is the toad myself, my kind of garbage from outside the school transferred to the students, how in the well called opportunity ah, but I do not want to learn toad called." Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan a supercilious training and preparation, I thought This guy is really mind missing strings in learning has never quite proud of the opponent was able to such a degree. In a dream, but know Cheng Jing Han's level, although not necessarily as a member of Mensa to learn very much, but the way the brain is very flexible respect her know, you really want to learn it can certainly blasted Ren Zhiyuan par. See now that this scene is also very disgusted at Dream Han Ren Zhiyuan, can each school there are always a few Shicaiaowu look down on other people's so-called good student. "You! Cheng King! Are you Canada Goose Expedition Youth this Hunzi diamond high school students to stay in school only to discredit!" Ren Zhiyuan for granted theorize that gets himself out, he is the King that the learning process is not good, but certainly not good! Not only Ren Zhiyuan think so, and even other students who are not familiar with Cheng Jing Jing Cheng does not believe that the results can be good to go. "Oh, you'd omniscient ah, even I can predict the future, I do not know if you can predict the next I thoroughly test scores." Cheng Jing Ren Zhiyuan think that people do not give him a lesson he will always be like flies Like to annoying cable xìng give him a blow Well, anyway, diagnostic tests will be carried out. Ren Zhiyuan one on the music, he said: "I do not know how your results will be, but I know that I am still a full-year first, you believe it?" "That if you say that I am better than you score high then it? So discredit to the school who is not that you? "Cheng Jing retorted directly put the hat back. "You might be taller than me how? If you do Hunzi students beyond, that I am willing to withdraw from the Diamond Middle School!" Ren Zhiyuan will be activated after a somewhat restless mood, plus next to beautiful women watching, so he did not want to fall face. Cheng Jing shook his head, then said contemptuously: "If so, then diagnostic tests goodbye, remember you, if not me higher, then it would not give the school discredit direct quit." This time Chui letter sudden and said: "Gambling is bad, betting is a gamble, and test scores can not explain everything, so-called three lines must be my teacher, everyone has a place worthy of their own learning, you should unite together to overcome those difficult exercises in school, we help each other, mutual respect and love, do not use scores to bet. "Cheng Jing and Ren Zhiyuan no ignores Kong Chui letter, seeing this, KONG Chui letter lamented the World Montebello CG55 Parka Sale Wind rì next, and then holding an exercise to continue to do so, he looks like as if Pa is a science.
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