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June 19 [Sat], 2010, 12:55
Test articles. Cisco 642-357 in the way various certification exams are computer-based testing used, the examination results can be after the end, whether through immediately know. The examination centre would upload the intraday test result to the center server of examination company after the everyday test finished, the examination company would pass the disposed result to the exam-commission IT company to decide whether or not to award the authentication. Because it is a computer-based test and test results can be immediately known, all the subjects are objective questions, among which more than eighty percent are multiple choices, Other kinds of questions are dragging the title (that is to drag the selected answer to a certain location), fill-in (mainly some simple commands, such as Cisco's IOS command), simulated operation (such as the emergence of a IIS in the MMC control interface, given some of the requirements of actual operation) There are a number of topics, such as CASE STUDY (ie, initially for a long period of CASE's account, and then according to the CASE answer more than 10 multi-choice questions).

642-357 exam item pool is offerd and maintained by the companies which entrust the examination center to hold exams and provide the assement criteria and testing strategies themselves. At the beginning of each exam you must answer questions such as "your income," "the nature of your work," "who pays the exam for you " and other issues then you can begin a formal examination. This part of the problem has nothing to do with the examination, only those IT companies to look at the candidates statistical personnel structure, so you only need a solid answer on the list. However, this questions also have a time limit. And being in the form of multiple choice makes them like formal examination questions, and often makes the candidates who take the Cisco exam for the first time totally at loss.

To remind everyone, before you decide to join the IT authentication, you must know that there is not an authentication certification which is the “tiger balm” of IT industry. Because of its own characteristic, IT industry has a very fine division, such as there are areas in charge of internet, office software applications, software development, computer installation and maintenance, databases, graphics, image processing and many other different areas. While with the development of IT industry, the new field will emerge continuously, new computer certifications will also appear and the old certifications will be updated continuously. If an applicant intends to step into the IT field, he should gain the cerfitications in this field as many as possilbe. He should understand that even the hottest Specialist Certifications is not almighty. Therefore, before the training and exam, the examinee should have a clear goal in his head and try to get the most authoritative and latest certificate that is a golden key to the IT industry.

Second, people are free to choose their own certification exams, but must understand the certificate for the crowd of market-oriented field, gold content after Zaiqu application, do not blindly rush tide. The most important point is that you should choose the certification according to your strong point and development direction. For example, those who might be interested in the network hope work as a network administrator in the future, they can choose the authentication with the Microsoft MCP, MCSE, and Novell's CNE, MCNE, as well as Sun's SCJP, etc; If you are good at databases, you can take the exams of certification related to databases, such as Microsoft MCDBA or Oracle, Sybase, IBM. In addition, image processing aspect is now also has a number of certification exams, for graphic design, web-page and other interested persons might be considered.

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