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"Also can think so, hope can peace out." The company commander old sigh a way: "if pan roared out something, I control the beast hall loss louboutin sale is big, early know that I will not let the children come to the assessment of what, daily total feel he can't small, always want to find a chance to give him some exercise, but it just a exercise will catch up with such a, you say me this is do what casualties of!" The company commander old MingHuan even the mountains and rivers, yu beast church elders, it into the matrix of the disciple is called pan roar, but even the mountains and seat qualification best disciple, he is also expected to, can in the future hall of "Lord of the position, will control the beast hall carry forward children. This pan roar years party twenty five, born with fine features, look not to come out is a spirit beast and all the spirit of dealing with the beast division, can the it happened that is such a child, in the whole yu beast in the hall qualification and no one can. pan roar although young, but the introduction is better than YanFei as early as two years, just because qualification outstanding, out door disciple position only for less than four months time, was the company commander to old one eye and support to control the beast inside hall, accept for their close disciple, and even have the intention of the mantle doctrine. Pan roar also was indeed very gave him try to make a good showing, just five or six years, to fix for the it may be said at a tremendous pace, except that a few follow company commander old earlier disciple outside, but will TangKou others in all over the past. Successful practice of pan roar is good at unity biconditional gate, to who is polite, never because someone to fix for the better then the boss around, but is that they do their best to help the qualification of the her senior fellow apprentices not fix for the ascension, in the hall of a high popularity control beast, even that a few older brother have default his throne in the future hall of the reality of the Lord. He can have such result, company commander old nature is also happy, this not only to prove his eye odd quasi, but also for his mantle inheritance, and the future of control beast hall in the future, found a very good successors. As a responsible elders, as a name to own or have the heart of inheritance of the godsworn, able to meet such a high qualification, and personal character outstanding successor, nothing than this more happy things. Can be in happiness colleague, company commander old also have a worry, this anxiety mainly comes from the pan roar the little ye character above, say simply, the small ye character is too weak, in all aspects of personality would be all right, but the lack of a new ruling league ambition, even the new ruling group of beast, the small ye also is to use a very mild way on, variety is also very unique. Yu beast hall disciples mostly feeding butch Wolf and insect's fierce content, more exhausted at least also keep a fox wong tai sin and so on, but the character DuanFang little ye keep poultry and docile small animals, what pheasant rabbit sika deer and so on have all browse, and their own the resounding name, and not common practice for none of it is proportional. Fortunately it is all some gentle animals, but the somebody else's parenting is really uncommon, in war force aspects still can be among the best of candidates, company commander old hands while also are butch, but there is a colorful peacock, also be kept birds, nature also not say what, finally began to set out to help foster this disciple character to. Pan roar temper does have, company commander old came out of this laid a hand on him, every door in a game what size and so on, then self-assertive sent him to take part in, the little ye is also try to make a good showing, each take place is good, as long as three disciple not participating, basically can fully in the top five.

Can give is took a lot of honor, temperament but still did not change, looked at him will be their christian louboutin sale overturned on the ground of the biconditional gate hold up, it is shan soil and apology, company commander old will feel tachycardia, if not you really loved this boy, he want to rush forward its suddenly and violently dozen. This kind of situation has continued to yesterday, company commander cheat reminds all charged, in four square matrix in hands must be malicious, don't see what monster beast are new compassion, more do not have mercy on the outside door disciple life, pan roar yes should life, today and in the array, who know now he out of such a thing. The company commander old heart regret very much, if that's the pan roar what danger, I'm afraid he is field the only one ignoring their own safety, wanted to go in the elders of salvation. 10 party except for a large array the matrix, but also with several different kinds of the array, the array and in the array is different, do not seem to be outside has many, but one of the dangerous degree is bigger, a deal with wrong, even run no place to run. But in matrix but also some benefits, the ancient legend, the large array of heaven and earth and nature are in the array supplement each other, among them from time to time there will be some strange phenomenon to appear, if luck to catch up with, and can seize the chance, nature would otherwise a chance. But the chance is elusive, even met the people or even didn't also the ability to hold on, but most people into the biggest task in array or protect the lives, waiting for the appearance again open, hurriedly escape is wonderful. YanFei at this time is the state of mind, since be sucked into after here, then into a short vertigo state, when he came to his senses, at present was dark and touch of rock go after a few steps, and are not far away in the corner lighten out a mass of lilac dark light, the light in the sky fly a few times, and feel fast forward wave, seem to want to take him to a somewhere. Rare in this dark space can meet the activities of the things that YanFei nature could not pass, also can not consider of his haven't get here, busy with that purple light left in the past. In this GuiDaQiang like MiZhen transit the circle of 35, I finally came to a piece of relatively open area, YanFei was about to watch it carefully in fullscreen, suddenly heard a burst of wind ears rang, busy sideward flash across a body position, hand highly toxic dagger guard before the bosom, alert to around the room. Look, the place, there was a trembling rabbit. Thank qscthmefb books and 120311211059676 dozen reward, this week streaking, please TuiJianPiao collection protector, thanks for all your support! Chapter 49 ten square pictures (3) If the rain online update time: the 2012-3-12 20:04:28 this chapter alphanumeric: 3333 "Well? Are you, the rabbit?" YanFei is 10 square large array oppression of the gas out XiongWan instantly fade, face awkward smiled and asked, "says one words?" The rabbit eyes ignorant looked at him, and the body is still trembling, but attack oneself is very obvious, the murderous look also gradually diffuses to come. YanFei is be gas joy, the rabbit look though some strength, but also does not pose a threat to him, especially in LingHuYan seen after the monster, he has a lot of * * class creatures adaptation degree strong a lot, at present the although momentum guy very full, in fact is already some are scared yourself this suddenly appeared guy. But he soon smile not to come out, because in a brief standoff later, he sensitive found themselves surrounded, the rabbit side fly over a pheasant, the wall at the top of the platform standing at a yellow cat, corner and only sika deer unearthed in the head, four spirit beast although there is no to attack mean, but the threat means self-evident. "You in protecting what things?"

Perhaps is because of its own inherent crisis awareness, YanFei christian louboutin lapono environment is very good for observation, where redd in at the same time very sensitive perceive problem, pheasant rabbit and cats have entered the attack state, and seems to be that going to life and death one stroke, and with extinction's vanguard sad play hard. And the head of sika deer has not to join the ranks of the attack means, but is constantly looking at us back with peripheral vision, what seems to be going to see the situation is wrong, immediately run, the other three delay opponent, it is to protect what person fast run for it. "I don't have any malicious, if you want to leave, can now leave, everybody on our different road, who also don't bother who, if nothing else, I'm going now." YanFei say and tempted slid steps, and, behold, three spirit beast although momentum immortalization, but apparently no must and the meaning of war, then and rest assured to back a few steps, and gradually to come here just the intersection recede. YanFei each back open step, three of the vehemence of the spirit beast would dampen a points, also seems to be not going to and he too much entangled, but when he returned to the junction, standing in the stone onstage that only gold cat suddenly leap, intimdating crowd scenes like stretching will flee before him, mouth open to rush toward to come over. Suddenly being attacks, YanFei natural impossible were, fly up a foot to the golden cat playing go, hand dagger is reversed, going to return after the enemy continue to follow-up, blocking other spirit beast subsequent attack. Who knows the golden cat is very clever, a jump flash across tiptoe, in side place complied with the surrounding a turn, electro-optic flint, between two forepaw will take in the YanFei legs, a bit down. Over! This is YanFei first appeared in my mind the idea, although the cat looks does not calculate is too strong, but these spirit beast is according to some strange ability, is by no means or * * comparable, heaven knows this looks rather lulu's golden cat will be what, one thousand the row of teeth contains highly toxic, I'm afraid his return true bucket but this four spirit beast. Thought of here, YanFei busy sloshing thigh, want to put the cat shook down first, dagger still guard in the chest, the left hand had already touched out of the QianKunDai, ready to once bitten poisoning, the first time took out some detoxification pill to eat, can slow step is a step. Who knows that only gold cat but no man mouth, just gently diao live YanFei bottom, and then left his head backward drag, see the other dead support not go, still miaomiao call a few times, the voice sounds very anxious. The distance of rabbits and pheasant seems to also understand the companion's practice, busy trot over follow diao live YanFei bottom, repeatedly attempt suicide to drag him moving towards the direction of sika deer guardian. "Good good, I go to, I also not to become." The three YanFei spirit beast make can find no way out, busy for surrender a few rao, the spirit beast though different human, but is very smart, know that he is agree to go to, busy loose mouth, trot TouQian to lead the way, led the YanFeiJin the sika deer guardian intersection. Just forward intersection, YanFei will feel a cold blood smell blow on the face and come, busy and careful moves back to her, and only show his half a head to look inside, but see there is a ten cubits square hole, rely on a wall to place a wooden huge organs, organs middle hung a person, hands and feet are firmly chains, the right chest is inserted in with a goose egg weight of iron pestle, blood flowing down along the wound constantly, will have feet ground all dye have to become a piece of, the blood gas before seems to be coming from there is. "PSST!" YanFei gasped, at present this man is seen, but just come in with a interior door disciple, but not be harm to become so, afraid that also and himself is absorbed in, only ascendent not beautiful, came in at one's convenience the ambush. "This brother, are you still alive?" YanFei carefully go in the past, always pay attention to the environment around, afraid of accidentally stepped on what authority, to make before the same end. Authorities tied in the seem to have consciousness, arduous partial slant the head way: "next pan roar, the teacher younger brother quicker away, it is dangerous here..." Just this one word, then let YanFei a favor, especially after the before came later, he has to interior door disciple antipathy degree reached a new high, now suddenly meet such a concerned about your safety guy, not from big delighted, busy way: "brother, a younger brother be calm, on the authority of arts slightly browse, see if you can will you first put out good, let's go out."