Charlie Sheen & Father Debut In Cartier Watch Ad

October 29 [Wed], 2014, 21:48
April 1st, 2011 Switzerland. Historic and prestigious Swiss watch brand Replica Cartier Pasha has just unveiled a new member of their popular "father and son" watch ads. The advertising campaign that seeks to promote the values parents bestow upon their children and the longevity of Cartier timepieces makes a bold new statement on a previously unexplored area of the brand's personality. The new ad features father Martin Sheen with son Charlie Sheen - both known watch lovers. It has further come to my attention that Charlie Sheen has prominently displayed in the media as of late.

I am here with Replica Cartier Must 21 President Thierry Stern to discuss this interesting new branding direction for Cartier.

Cartier watches don't always have the perception of being a watch you can have a good time with, and I wonder if has missed out on a lot of 'good times.' Charles' lifestyle is a sort archetype of extreme living. A lot of brands like to connect themselves with sports and military events, or other historical occurrences. We've never had to place a Patek on Charles', and yet he has played roles as soldiers in at least a few wars, and as a Baseball star. I am not familiar with his entire Baseball career, but it must be impressive as he is always wearing jerseys and has all sorts of items he took from Baseball stadiums around his home. So we get the traditional values brands seen with Charlie as well as Martin. On top of that Charlie adds what I like to call "an extreme passion for endless entertainment." He is a good time loving man, and I don't think a Patek watch always needs to be associated with a suit or something you buy at Brooks Bros. Cartier over the years has released thousands of coveted references, each of them can appeal to a different lifestyle or situation.

No it isn't Saturday Night, nor is it live or in New York. Thanks for enjoying this April Fool's day joke. Cartier, I'd like to thank you for being a good sport and putting up with (and hopefully enjoying) this satire. Thanks to Dangeruss, the designer of the mock-ad, and special thanks to fellow watch writers Elizabeth Doerr, Peter Braun, Mike Disher, Thomas Wanka, and Roberta Nass who helped with the inception of this idea.