August 02 [Mon], 2010, 5:55
★Your choice, drop it on me☆ kinda in a depressed mood.
i have no clue why do i feel like a shit
im listening to Akanishi Jin's songs
and im like....dropdead.
yeah thats the right word...
i miss Waru...i cant talk to anyone else
but her and i feel like i could punch someone
or something right this moment... whatever.

i hope Waru will be okay soon :|
and i hope i will be fine to as soon as possible
tomorrow im going to the fitness center
so i will work on my body so hard even my
whole body is already in pain cos of the amusement park -.-

hm, thank you for visiting, i guess i will be fine
as soon will be possible ... <3


what the xD 

August 01 [Sun], 2010, 4:38
today i was on my friend's funeral,
he was 30 years old and he was a really lovely person
but it was fine i guess i feel okay..i guess

now im with trees lively and fera -.-
gosh fera and trees are .... >___> you know...~
they are kinda having fun xD i hope they will be
flirting with eachother :D

my fucking cat was peeing in my room DX
so we are kinda dying -.-"""

harr harr whatever xD
i go now to have fun with these cuties~ <3

thanks for reading <33

chu *3*

amusement park was HORROR park today. 

July 31 [Sat], 2010, 9:00
today i was watching YUKAN CLUB
ah my god i love this dorama D: i will watch the part 2
but only tomorrow since now im dead x_____x
then i watched Moon Child as well (with Sadory) and ah
it was amazing i cried when Toshi died D: it was too sad
gah even i saw this movie already 110000555555 times xD mom and her friends (3of them) was annoying the
hell out of me DX i nearly punched them all cos it was annoying
to listen to "no it wont work yet with Waru (mio)" then "no you
wont meet her yet" blablabla -.- i was like.. >_________<
but however Waru said i might punch them real hard next time xD
SURE I WILL DO IT -thumbs up-

i was also in amusement park with sadory today :D
guess what? it was fun in the first 20mins -.- before we
decided to get on the SPACE ROLLER.
here you go check it out:
it was horrible for sure DX it took for 4mins long and when we got off
with sadory we nearly passed out @____@;; i felt like throwing up. but then
we got on the break dance which i thought it would be better
NO IT WASNT.... but not cos i dont like break dance omg i love it
i can ride it for hours xD but after this SPACE ROLLER shit...
i threw up in the break dance xDDD i vomited on my clothes -.-
none saw me cos i covered my face but i felt so damned bad.

then i got home and took a real quick shower since Waru told me
to hurry cos she wanted to go already ;____; but we had a hour long good time
she made me feel better for sure x]]] <3
also carolyn promised me to get on at 1am but hey -.- its fucking 2.15am
and she isnt even here...i dont care i will go to sleep D<
im really mad at her now -.- i mean i dont mind if she isnt here
but she promised to be here..and i dont like people breaking promises -.-
accidents happens sure, maybe she fell asleep went to the post
went to the she should tell me next time cos i waited -.-
trees showed me a shit game where i have to punch a person
so hard then he flies away and he is bleeding and blah... xD
it was entertaining for 15mins XD but then i got bored -.- and now
i just want to sleep.... im really so tired babies DX
i smoke then i head off.. even i wanted to watch YUKAN CLUB i wont now.
sorry Akanishi Jin <3 i miss you a lot already but xD i cant keep my eyes open
@___________@;;;; nyah
thank you for reading anyways.
oh and heres some pics.. i mean one...about a sign i wrote to Waru
when i was in the TOY STORE >________>
( i was looking for a panda plush for Waru and i found one really fluffy<3)

so again, thank you for visiting <3
dont worry anyways im really fine xD i ate two ham sandwiches
-pats tummy and purrs- >___>

nightnight <3
ki o tsukete ne ;]

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Hello! x] My name is Mao and
i'm from Hungary.
I love Jrock/Jpop and Kpop music.
For sure, i love any
type of music x] But most of asian ones.
Welcome to my Yaplog. Feel free to
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