Good Evening World! 

2005年07月29日(金) 0時52分
Now, here is it <太>05:54 PM. {バス} I am a bit tired. {スリープ} But now I'll save Friends adresses. In my summer vacations {さくら} I'll go to a nice place and I'll feel me good. Who want a postcard from Germany? So send me your nickname and address in a mail to <太>! {涙}

If someone have fun to write me a letter {ラブ} and makes me very happy!! {メール}! And I'll write back with <太>100%.. {ラブラブ}
See you all later, SAYO(u)NARA~ Ai komete, <太><色:#cc0066>Yuni. {さくらんぼ}

Some Infow about me~ 

2005年07月28日(木) 8時59分
I am a bit bored! So, I'll tell you something about me! And If you want to know something, you can ask me!

Name Tatjana
Last Name Block
Korean Ha-Nee Cho
Birthday 03rd June 1989
Location Germany
Nationality german/korean/czech
Hobbies letters, friends ,alex &&&.
Languages german, english, french, korean, japanese, thai, norwegian
LOVE hello kitty, cute asian goodies and gifts, sweet food , disney, other languages and countries, magazines, cooking, and I love much more!

La Li Loo~ 

2005年07月28日(木) 7時33分
I like this day!
The last days made this week to/in a Movie-week. I say the movies Madagaskar, War of Worlds and Hide and Seek. I like this movies very much!
And I am in love with my new Skirt...
So pretty and Kawaii!

Now, I'll go to write some letters to my penpals with special german gifts. Want/Need anyone a german penpal? I search few more japanese penpals. I've just one and she don't write for a long long time. That's make me very sick and sad!?

And then I'll clean my room. And I think I'll write a new Entry very soon


2005年07月14日(木) 6時33分
I love this day!
Now, I've got my japanese test and I am very proud of me. I've 18,5% of 20%. I am so happy and now I'll go to make dolls and write letters.
Later I'll come back and I'll write more.. hahaha..


2005年07月11日(月) 5時40分
Today was a stupid day~

My old boyfriend was here and we talked a lot, but he hurt me so much and I'll don't forget it! Well.. I don't know what I should do.
I'll hate him, but I love him so much and I can't forget him, because.. the love is so big! So big how a pig!

But now, I'll go sleep.. and I hope I'll sleep good and dream just sweet stuff! Tomorrow we had a school festival..

But I am so nervous, because I have new shoes~ heels~ And this are my first. I can't go in this one.. Maybe if I train, but it's so late and I'll never learn this. Wuaaaahm.. noo~ iieeeeeeee~

So, this was my first entry!
Have a nice evening and a lot of greets by meeeee...
Yours Y・U・N・I・
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