December 02 [Tue], 2008, 6:28

Fuze + white wine = best thing ever

i think i'll order prince & princess. 

December 01 [Mon], 2008, 21:40
regular edition & kamijo edition :D
i just hate how the shipping is like $9 >_>....
i could buy the Hizaki & Jasmine editions
but then the shipping would increase more =___=;
ah well.
that makes me happy.

i think without even realizing i'm in love with Versailles now
but not in the way i'm in love with Uruha.

just like.... i really look up to Versailles~
even with Kamijo & his diva personality xDD

school today. fjal;sdfha;lsdfhaasd;fhsck.
i dont wanna gooooo


November 24 [Mon], 2008, 0:53

talking to her... gives me butterflies...
why? i really don't get it
we're halfway around the world and she doesn't believe in online relationships :/
besides, she won't date me because of her orientation.
gah Dx
every time i talk to her... i feel happy... yet so sad... at the same time
to the point where i avoid her at certain times so i won't have to talk to her >_>
off now.
i'll be going to a friend's party today.
she said she's gonna let us drink?
that'll be good. maybe getting drunk will get my mind on something else...


November 11 [Tue], 2008, 16:00
so i have been trying to persuade Ruo to go with me to the nearby mall since LAST week =o=;
and now we're finally going today.
the main reason is because i wanna go ask about the tae kwon do classes there.

i figure its time i actually started exercising... and its asian haha xD
i don't like american sports... too competitive >o<

i just hope its not too expensive. the one thats closer, i have no idea about. its in the mall building.. the other one, its about $40-50 per month, and is relatively cheap, but a bit farther. i think i'll probably end up with the farther one anyway xD

i didn't do any hw, though i had no school today & had enough time to. i wasted my time... singing? eh. at least i didn't waste it watching dramas or anime or something :/ its been FOREVER since i watched One Piece... and i'm still only on episode 8 or something *-* gah.

must start looking for cosplay stuff soon >w<; planning to cosplay Uruha's Guren outfit & Ryuuto's outfit from... i dunno when.. >_> but yeah XD well i'm off now. bye~


October 26 [Sun], 2008, 22:35
so, what started out as a fun day ... didn't end up too much fun.

we went bowling around 1, so i expected we would be back by 6 or 7. but NO. we went to my parents' friend's house, and they started drinking. then of course, everyone got drunk and started arguing and fighting and ugh, throwing up.

stupid adults =w=; and yet they think teenagers are irresponsible.
its them who're stupid and neglecting themselves.

i shouldn't be so negative though.
i did have fun bowling >w<
i only bowled 3 strikes...
but i won 1 game xD and we played 4 total... so not too bad?

this is a [really] short clip of me bowling.

xD i knocked down all the pins, except for one.

and omg *-*
they had an Austin Powers pinball machine there.

it was fun to play, but it had no sounds T____T

and i also played ms. pacman, and managed to go on to the 3rd level [and almost won that level too, before i died xOx]

as usual, i put off my hw all weekend, and didn't work on my english project.
it didn't help that we got home at 10 ><"
now i'll be lucky to get a D in English >o>;

i'll get to sleeping now. bye~
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