to see inside the crowded scenes

June 28 [Fri], 2013, 12:23
ps seeking monthly, seeking subscriptions, seeking collection. Leach did not stay too long in teaching field, and now these soldiers have a deep understanding of what is to obey orders, so even if Leach is not, they will honestly complete the task, as Liang Xiong et al, dare not rebellious Leach meaning. Came out from the teaching field, Leach took Ma went to the guards Horse Division, just a door to see Fan letter from his office room walked out. "Xiaguan See Fushuai." Fan letter to Leach line of a ceremony, and said: "Fushuai so early, but in order that kickball contest?" In fact, I really do not late, but Leach does not like to stay since taking office here basically stayed Dragon Guards there. "Kickball contest?" Leach stunned and said: "What kickball contest?" Fan letter shocked the next, and said: "You do not know?" Leach shook his head and said: "I do not know." "Well, Gao going next kickball contest held every month by the Secretary before the house, walking Division, as well as our guards were sent three horse team competition, the winner will receive three hundred consistent Shangyin Van letter stated that the face excited, but Leach listen was very depressed, and now is no time, the west play in full swing, Qiu brother Ah you have the mood to play these, three hundred consistently? many of you, really, who told you the name of Li Dai a "Qiu" character, well, Not like you care about and he is very perfunctory Oh sigh, said: "Ma Shuai in it? "" Oh, Ma Shuai is room for election next month, the participating personnel. I have heard that the emperor will see, Gee, if we see Longyan, that we can be considered the value of working hard. "Fan letters look yearning road. Emperor? Not that handsome so little what, what is so amazing. Leach smiled and said:" We still go to Ma Shuai room Liaoba. "They came together Hu Yau's office, this time Hu Yau is biting pen in mind, see Fan letters and Leach came, quickly said:" Fushuai, Yu Hou, you guys just come, quickly help think that the send those people to participate in this kickball contest. "Leach smile:" Ma Shuai, this thing you still do not ask me, I took office less than a month, and even do not know who kickball. "Hu Yau nod smile, said:" Right, right, I almost forgot it. But you always Fushuai ideas and more, may also wish to help think, former Secretary before the house always wins his mother, gave them steal the limelight, I have heard that the emperor would go to watch the games, this time we will 说什么也得Win a return. "This is a rì son, Leach's name but reverberates the capital, 36 Bank, trekking can be Fun, Yau Wu Zun although odd heart grudges, but the interests of the head, personal matters or to lay down." Good , yes. "Fan Letter nodded:" Fushuai resourceful necessarily think of any good trick to "kickball I will not, if football, I still give this pseudo-fans pour you some advice. Leach chuckled , perfunctory and said: "That's OK, I do my best, but now the race is still one month away, we do not need such a hurry. Yes, Ma Shuai, I found a little something to discuss. "Hu Yau surprised a moment, and said:" What happened? "" Well, I went to Long Weijun this rì looked over there and found them very old clothes, is not this give them some new additions to it. "Hu Yau wrinkled brow, face sè slightly somewhat startled, suddenly did not seem to expect Leach made such a comment, the wry smile:" Fushuai may not know, this thing we say not, we are only responsible for issuing clothing, real on this matter is the Ministry Division, they do not set aside money, how can we clothed brethren. "Leach said:" That we can go to apply for ah! "Hu Yau shook his head and said:" It is free, and now the military are used in the north, the Ministry is also close at hand, this time to be money, do not give it yet another that is certainly not a good face sè see, I think, or over rì sub-paragraph to say it. "Cāo! Your mother Intuit timid it, no matter what time you go to someone else to give Hello silver face sè see it, so thin skinned, you really do not know how it is when the officer came up. Leach See Hu Yau look resolutely to the sè, know what to say also useless, angry and said: "That's my personal money to the soldiers of the change, there is no violation of this rule? "Hu Yau heard this, laughed and said:" This is certainly OK, ah, well, in fact, the grievances of the brethren, I know that I do it is not beyond their grasp, abler Well, if Fushuai willing to pay this money, then it could not do better. "He'd play loud abacus, if Leach put the money out, first out many times, do not bother, so next time the Ministry allocated money down, do not fall into this part of his pocket money gone. Cāo the for all is what stuff. Leach surface sè somewhat ugly, did not say, listen to them Shuiliaoyihui about kickball contest thing, I am truly bored, then left alone. soldiers fighting the Northern Song Dynasty although not strong, but the military can be said Guanjue dynasties, which is why the Song of weapons would be so well developed, change it if the military system, the emperor and then a little more forceful, then it is also put gold with the money, and gave the heap to die. Even now, the court,Oakley Radar, which military or to the starting point, and said plainly, is that Hu Yau fit to face this. Leach grew more and more gas, underground passage, by him is unreliable, and have their own way ah, he suddenly remembered, said last Zhao Jingyan , then Tong Guan for their soldiers, but very generous, most of the time since Pakistan Tao Yinzi, of course, he is for high-level generals, men of ten soldiers have no benefit to this is unknown. says truth, Leach also want to learn to do, a bodyguard to his Tao Yinzi training, but he also has difficulty Yeah, now drunk Xianju money is put into the canned meat go above, costs have not come back, and if now and then Wu Furong ask for money, estimated to old goods really take choppers chasing him cut. Leach now find themselves turned out to be a poor ah, my heart cries Road, make money, I want to make money. Leach depressed all day, go at night to the bar, look for inspiration to make money, to see inside the crowded scenes, some comfortable little heart, came on the bar, a glass of pure natural fruit juice, rest assured that shout the one, happened to see the guy after Anan Chan, He immediately caught up and said: "Anan, pretty good, well-organized management of the bar. "Chen Anan Hey laughed:" This is not the younger brother of this opportunity depends, in fact, lacks something, there Gao Yanei them here, what people dare to make trouble here, you say no? "" Mindful of, well, continue to work hard. "" Elder brother Nan. "At this point, Mr Anan's a men ran over. Holy crap! Good familiar call it. Leach suddenly remembered a victimized many young gangster film, which the male pig also seemed such a call. That people came over, suddenly saw Leach also, Lengle Leng, a line to the mountains Leach Leach nodded,Oakley Garage Rock, smiled and said: "yo! Anan, you now have the Columbia Generation name, the elder brother Nan, fun, fun. "Chen Anan in Leach can not dare face, scratching his head giggle followed up, and said:" Brother Lee, I go to work, and be will stay with you again. "" No, you get busy, and I look around it wants. "Leach waved, holding a cup in the middle of the crowd interspersed, met an acquaintance to talk for a few months, suddenly VIP seats and people towards him shouted:" Brother Lee, here. "Leach looked up, it was nine days in that group of people flood, cursed, these guys eat, drink whole rì here, do not know if I have to pay, I now was poor ah! Broke the cup, then headed went over the side. dim VIP gallery sat five or six people, four small son were in attendance, in addition to Zhou Hua that big fat man. "yo! Have come that way. "Ridgway micro smile, patted the shoulder Zhou Hua, complained:" The big ass on the other sitting on sofa, moving the stool to sit next to go, I invented this sofa is to allow more people to sit, sitting on top of you Ah , others have positions Mody. "Everyone listened to at once laugh. Zhou Hua moved the undergrowth ass, crammed a pair of small eyes looked aggrieved Leach, deflated mouth, he sent did not shed tears, and said:" Brother Lee, finally see you one back Nendi I sat back sofa, and you call me a meal. "" I call you do this is that I clearly can not teach you how disgusting. "Leach patted the sofa, loose powder gas,Oakley Sunglasses Cheap, before sitting up, towards the rest, who half-jokingly said:" Yanei, Little Nine, you mix all night and ate and drank here, do not think their own shop, they do not pay. "Then he that a Shredded squid, tore it to pieces, dip sub mustered into his mouth and chew chew, drink a juice, it was great! Gao Yanei Britain with his head and said:" Leach, you What do you mean, what time to eat the Yanei do not give money, too look down on people, and to tell you tonight, little nine host, the money has been given. "" That you say see outside is not. "Li Qili changed a horse face sè, smiled and said:" I'm casual Well, you use it with so seriously, anyway, this money in the end you do not have to it from a pocket. "" Brother Lee, words I can not agree, the money I spent less than they may, regardless of your point ye give me, say you are a person of the four ingredients necessary to son, give me a minute to walk ah. "Zhou Hua very unhappy road this fat, is a business of material, thick skinned enough. Leach patted him on the shoulder, smiled and said:" The Fat Man, you do not worry Yeah, how much money it earned, hair-sighted vision , to tell you, brother ready to enter the silk industry, and when we cooperate, earning him a pours. "Zhou Hua, but the ability to know Leach, excitement and said:" Brother Lee, you really mean it? "Leach said:" of course, is true, over rì child on the last visit to your home, we should not play, to play to play great. "Zhou Huaxing Fen reach for the glass, and said:" Brother, which I have to respect your cup. "" Line. "Li Qigang the juice into the stomach, Hung Tin nine suddenly said:" Brother Lee, you're not kind. "" I how unkind? "Leach curious road. Hung Tin nine straight face:" The last time my dad and I invite you to open a cooperative Dufang, why did you refuse? "While Leach is now seeding money, but he is still not very like the ancestral home in the flood on foot plug. Liqi Wan refused and said:" Little Nine, Brother Lee was not reluctant, just open Dufang need a lot of capital, I am now the money for doing the meat outside still owe tens of thousands of penetration, I find the money to cooperate with you to open Dufang Yeah. Hung write the next nine days the mouth, said: "they do not want your money."
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