Five of the Amazon e-commerce features

July 05 [Tue], 2016, 17:40

Do you and sellers of Amazon's platform, before considering how to get business done China Mouse Manufacturers, first figure out platform features, follow the principle of platform. Small numbered below summarize the features of Amazon's platform business.

Featured, light advertising

Amazon not paid much attention to a variety of paid advertisements, buyers enter the site and see generally is based on the background data of related recommendations and top recommended. The basis for these recommendations is generally the user's purchase history and buyer's praise and recommendations. Therefore, you and the seller can add selected types, optimizing background data, take measures to guide buyers to stay home, and thus meet the Amazon "recommendation" feature.

Product details, light customer service consulting

Amazon's online customer service platform was not set, encouraging self help shopping. Since there's no customer service can seek advice, that is even more important in the product details page, you want to make it as detailed as possible, contain a variety of buyers may concern issues, so as soon as possible in order to bring buyers to make shopping decisions, avoid buyers for product information and buying.

Products, light shop

In some e-commerce websites, when buyers search for products may store names, and Amazon is different. Amazon is more emphasis on the product itself, when buyers search keywords, list shows are generally products.

Attention to customer feedback

Amazon's attention to customer feedback, this included two points, a commodity's comment, there are customers rated the quality of services provided for you.

According to the percentage of turnover, with no other fees

Merchants settled in the Amazon platform there is no security deposit, no platform fees, China USB Flash Disk Manufacturers no fees for technical services, they only collect trade ticket commissions, real is mutually beneficial and a win-win situation. Of course, settled in the business requirements are higher than other platforms, it is also understandable.