This Blog extracts and introduces a very favorite thing from the comics which I have read until now.
Although the kind of comics to introduce is partial, please do not care about it.

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Power of changing the world (2007年01月09日)
Manga writer's Story / 2007年01月08日(月)
Many Manga writer wish persons exist in Japan.
However, a Manga writer is the work which only the talented limited human being can do.
Even if it becomes a Manga writer , continuing drawing Manga needs a serious labor.

The talk is born out of such hard work.
This time, Manga describing a Manga writer is introduced.


Moeyo Pen
(Kazuhiko Shimamoto/1991)

- 10 teachings of a Manga writer -

- Draw, seriously.
- Draw, exceeding a limit.
- Draw, with a dream.
- Draw, with confidence.
- Draw, decisively.
- Draw, forgets to eat
- Draw, after sleeping well.
- Draw, tomorrow also.
- Draw, to the last.
- If it fails, Draw new thing.

Moyuru Honoh.
The zeal which he applies to Manga, and vigor are Manga writer with the confidence in which nobody is lost.
He is a hot man who continues fighting with the deadline of a manuscript, holding the passion to Manga in the heart.

Manga writer's true figure is pictured from various incidents which surround him, or suffering.

Incidentally, Although it is said that they are autobiography Manga of the author's Kazuhiko Shimamoto, the person himself has denied.....


G senjyo Heaven's Door
(Yoko Nihonbashi/2003)

From now on, things required for you are despair and impatience.
It is very fortunate if nothing can make a living to not knowing.

Still, Do you want to come to this domain?

Cyouzoh of the high school student who dislikes a popular cartoonist's father meets with TETSUO which respects a father's comics.
He was drawing comics for a mother's cost of medical treatment.

Chouzoh has borne the feeling of repulsion against TETSUO which draws comics in school.
But, Chouzoh was gradually charmed by the attitude of Tetsuo which reads earnestly the novel which was being written secretly.

Then, two persons begin to draw comics together.
However, the jealousy of Chouzoh changed the relation with Tetsuo little by little.....

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Power of changing the world / 2007年01月07日(日)
That an ordinary human being acquires various specific ability is a story which often exists by comics.
And the hero who acquired specific ability fights with various wrong.

However, what is "true wrong"?

What is introduced this time is a story of the hero who tried to start a revolution into society by specific ability.


(Yuuki Yogo - Yoshiaki Tabata/2003)

They come upon recommendation from high quarters to all the members and a special public juridical body.
1 billion yen the retiring allowance and salary per person are got.
This lascivious old man is Shozo Iwasaki, a Daito bank adviser.

Since it comes upon recommendation from high quarters from the old Ministry of Finance and goes via three companies of major company financial institutions, the retiring allowance already amounts to 2 billion yen.

Presumed asset value 6 billion.
Probably, there is already no uneasiness of old age.

I will say once again.....
The deficit-covering bond of Japan amounts to 700 trillion yen!!

Although politics of Japan had failed at the beginning of the 21st century, the politicians and bureaucrats who became the cause increased their property, without taking responsibility.
One day, Shozo Iwasaki, the adviser of a Daito bank, was killed by the man of the mask called "Akumetsu".

And Akumetsu appears before the Prime Minister.
Akumetsu made the Prime Minister and a certain promise.
When the promise is not kept, Akumetsu murders the Prime Minister....

It was the beginning of a series of incidents which shock Japan over one month.

Akumetsu killed the vice politician one after another in the face of the public.
Based on a "one-person one-kill" belief, Akumetsu is a pinpoint assault and buries wrong.
In spite of having killed many politicians, Akumetsu arrest reached to an extreme of difficulty.....


(Takeshi Obata - Tsugumi Ohba/2004)

Tell my existence to a world.
The human being who gives the judgment of justice exists!!

I kill a human being without morality, and the human being who makes people trouble with an accidental death little by little, killing a natural bad man in response to a crime.

Foolish human beings will understand certainly dying, if a bad thing is performed.
Then, the world of only a serious and excellent human being is built.

I become God of the new world!!

One day, Excellent high school student "Light Yagami" gathered the black note of one volume.
The note was a note of Death god which can kill people only by writing a name.

In order to make the world where an offender does not exist, Light writes the name of the offender in the world in a note one after another, and kills it.

The public who has noticed the existence came to call it "KIRA" from the meaning of "Killer".
Those who worship KIRA as God also appeared.

Moreover, ICPO which has noticed Kira existence requested investigation of the "KIRA incident" from the detective called "L".
L considered "KIRA is wrong" proved that KIRA is in Kanto in Japan by a detailed method.

"L" and "KIRA" started the information warfare which used every means, in order to reveal mutual true character...

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Monster&Human / 2007年01月05日(金)
A monster appears in various tales and turns against human.
However, many tales to which a monster sides with human exist similarly.
Though it is in a complicated position, the tale of the monster which sided with human is introduced.


(Kazuhiro Fujita/1990)

I thought that
I was not related, even if something happened to other fellows.

A supernatural creature is enemy!! Human is food!!

It became mortifying somehow that other fellows make "White face" kill!!

Ushio!! You are the causes!!

Ushio Aotuki will release accidentally the supernatural creature in whom it was sealed in the warehouse of a house.
The supernatural creature with which Ushio gave the name which says "Tora" was a powerful supernatural creature who made human frightened in ancient days.

The lance which had sealed "Tora" for 500 years was "Beast lance".
It made before 2000 years or more in China only for the purpose which ruins a supernatural creature.

Ushio which became a user of "Beast lance" develops fighting with the supernatural creature who aims at "Beast lance" with "Tora".


(Hitoshi Iwaaki/1990)

I think that the living thing nearest to it is human although the book investigated the language called "Devil"

One day, many living things of the mystery appeared from empty.

The living thing was parasitic on human's brain, captured and operated the whole body, was freely made to change a head, attacked human, and had the surprising character to prey instinctively.

They "parasite" whose appearance was human itself infiltrated into human society gradually.

When a murder case occurs frequently all over the world and media begin to observe.
The common high school student's Shinichi Izumi received the attack of the "parasite."

The right arm has been parasitic although the parasitism to a brain was escaped by a hairbreadth.

Shinichi felt responsibility as an only human being who gets to know the truth of an incident, and thought that it would push down a parasite with the parasite "Righty" which was parasitic on its right arm.

"Righty" knew that he would also die simultaneously, when Shinichi died.
Therefore, "Righty" refused to be concerned with an incident.

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This is "Bushido" / 2007年01月03日(水)
Many men called a samurai existed in medieval Japan.
How did they think and how were living?
Some comics dealing with a samurai are introduced today.


(Takehiko Inoue/1999)

If consciousness is turned to one leaf, a tree does not appear.
If consciousness is turned to one wood, a forest does not appear.
The whole is seen without stopping consciousness anywhere.
It is "seeing."

The farmer's boy Takezou went to war to the Battle of Sekigahara, in order to try his power.

However, war finished with defeat.

Takezou is missing a target gradually in an escape journey like hell.
However, I thought that I would become a swordsman strong therefore again according to the incident which occurred when it returned to the village of its hometown.

Takezou changed the name into Musashi Miyamoto and went to the trip of knight-errantry.

Musashi Miyamoto of the great swordsman most famous for Japan.
Various tales exist in his tumultuous life.
It is a story describing the tumultuous life of the samuraiof the turning point which shifts to the Edo period.


(Takayuki Yamaguchi/2004)

A samurai's life is not a samurai's thing.
It belongs to a sovereign.
obtaining the place which dies for a sovereign.

The completion system of a feudal society is....
Constituted by a small number of sadist and many masochists.

Kanei-era 6 September 24.
By the request of Tadanaga Tokugawa, The sword skill match was played within Sunpu-castle.

Usually, in order that a sword skill match may not make a swordsman's life lose uselessly,it is to use a wooden sword.
However it was determined in spite of the circumference admonishing that this match used a true sword by the passionate request of Tadanaga Tokugawa.

And the homicide show by 22 experts of a sword was started.

On the match day.
The partner who appeared before the one-armed swordsman Gennosuke Fujiki was the blind swordsman Seigen Irako.

These two swordsmen had very deep connection.....
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Taiyo Matsumoto / 2006年12月29日(金)
"Tekkon Kinkreet" of the animation movie was exhibited in Japan on the 23rd of this month.
The original author's "Taiyo Matsumoto" comics are introduced in some this time.


Ping Pong
(Taiyo Matsumoto/1996)

Recite 3 times in the heart.
"Hero is coming... Hero is coming... Hero is coming..."

Then, I come!!
It comes from planet ping-pong!!


Yu Hoshino(Nickname:Peco) and Makoto Tsukimoto(Nickname:Smile)
Which go to the same high school and belong to a table tennis club are a childhood friend.

The "Smile" which is always cool and does not open the true feeling to others.
He was taught table tennis by "Peco" when young.
Since then, when two persons played a game, "Peco" was always standing on predominance.
However, the "Smile" was never taking out ability.
It will be soon perceived by Koizumi, the adviser of a table tennis club....

One day, they went out for reconnaissance of the Tsujido school high school table tennis club in which a Chinese foreign student is present.
A foreign student's Whenga Con(Nickname:China) is met at the place.
"Peco" who fought against "China" by table tennis has been defeated completely.

Then, the high school student of a skinhead appears in the Katase high school.
It is Ryuichi Kazama(Nickname:Dragon) of a Kaiou Gakuin high scool table tennis club.
"Dragon" declared that won the victory in the inter-high school championships absolutely.

Then, the inter-high school primary started....


(Taiyo Matsumoto/1998)

It is said that the home run which the father hit flew 170m.
At that time me....
I keep up appearances and am a big swing strikeout.....


The excellent schoolchild's Shigeo Hanada was living with the mother.
However, just before the summer vacation.
It was said that Shigeo should go to the house of the father who lives in separate houses during the summer vacation.
Shigeo was very much perplexed.
The father who lives in separate houses is a foolish man.
It is because he is continuing believing that he gets used to a pro-baseball player even if he turns 30 years old.

And the life with a father's Hanao started.
Shigeo was brandished by reckless and foolish Hanao every day.
However, if it is living with such foolish Hanao, the world which he did not know until now has been in sight.
Then, Shigeo understood the foolish father's view little by little through various persons.


Tekkon Kinkreet
(Taiyo Matsumoto/1994)

If inattentive, it will be made a scrap in 3 seconds.

Hahaha.....Saying a joke should stop.
They are children.

Since you do not know, you can say so.
They can "flies"

The worthless town where obligation and humanity are thought as important, Takaramachi.
Two boys, "Black", and "White" lived there.
They had neither parents nor a house.
Therefore, they were passing every day, performing violent acts, such as extortion and a snatcher.

One day, the worthless "rat" has returned to the town.
As for "Black" and "White", he knew what kind of person it was.
"Black" thought that a bad thing broke out.
But, Clear information was not acquired although the situation was pumped out of Fujimura of the police, and Sawada.

In fact, construction of an amusement park and the talk of development of a town were progressing under the water surface.
"Black" who wants to protect a town appeared in crazy action.
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Slow start..... / 2006年12月19日(火)
I'm sorry leaving for long time.
Hereafter, I want to be going to update it in about one month.

In this diary,
I want to write the impression of the cartoon
that I have read before.
It will contribute many times in a day.
It will write in the short span of time.
However, I want to enhance the content.

Please look comfortably.......
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