My partner 

2006年06月26日(月) 19時14分
Who checks this blog?? I guess no one checks...
I didn't check here for a long time neither
yuri left her comment here today and It happened that I checked here todoay!!
Thanks, yuri

well, I'm gonna talk about my language partner today
I have a partner who is Korean and live here in Nagoya and go to my school as an exchanging student.
Her name is JINA
Under the rule of our language partners, we meet each other once a week.
What we do when we meet depends on us
Her Japanese is so fluently and she doesn't have any problem to talk with Japanese. so.. we just have conversation everytime and sometimes have a dinner

Last time, we went to eat OKONOMI-YAKI and MONJA-YAKI.
It was her 1st time to eat MONJA-YAKI and she was so happy and came to like both of them so much

I wanna write down about her from now on.
Anyway, I need to speak Korean with her? not Japanese?....haha

P.S In my class, we watch a video drama whose title is TOMATO. Have you watched it?

three languages 

2006年04月11日(火) 21時57分
i haven't written this blog for more than 1 month

starting from this session, I'm gonna take German, Spanish, Korean classes and wanna master all of them if I can I didn't get French at all even though I've learned French for three years... well, then, I dun wanna do the same things...before. To keep studying and brushing up them is important for me to do something in their languages. I wanna have some friends who can communicate in their languages... but where can I find them

trip to Tokyo@ 

2006年03月05日(日) 15時31分
I went on a three day trip to Tokyo and Yokohama ( in Kanagawa prefecture) and met Kaori who was my ex-classmate for 1 month @ PGIC. It has been 9 months since we met before in Japan and this is the second time to meet her here in Japan The purpose this time is to have a job interview but beyond that, I looked forward to going to Tokyo coz it's my first time to go there! and to meet my friends whom I met in Vancouver
On the way to go to Tokyo by bus, we stopped off at a service area 3 or 4 times Lake Suwa which I could see from the SA that we stopped off at is located in the center part of Nagano prefecture and I'm sure that I have never seen this lake before... It was 6 hrs trip from my city, Nagoya to Tokyo by bus
After I could meet Kaori @ Shinjyuku, we walked around Shibuya & Harajyuku There were much much people beyond my expectation I didn't want to live there, I thought at first...(at the end of the trip, I could imagine living there, anyway) After that, we moved to Yokohama and went to the Landmark Tower The night view from this tower was sooo nice I also saw the night view of Yokohama from near this tower and it was also goooood you know, I really really like spending time @ the beach or where I can see the sea. If I lived there, I would go there many times a day!!
anyway, we had dinner @ the tower and meet her BF after that He drove us to see the sight around the center of TokyoI wondered I could be a Cinderella for a short while coz all the illumination of the building went off totally at 0:00 Then, we arrived her house @ am 2:00!!! haha..

we're KAPPA!! 

2006年02月11日(土) 21時03分
I had a blust so much yesterday
I have dinner with my close-friends once a month or once two months and we call our relationships "KAPPA". We used to go to KAPPA SUSHI BAR many times and I dun remember exactly when we started to call it KAPPA.
There are 6 members of KAPPA: Ai, Sayurin, Abe, Yu, Manta and myself. Besides, more two friends might be one of the members of it Aya and Sayuri have never attended at KAPPA so far but we have, of course, good relationships between us. Then, it has been about 6 months to have KAPPA, and Ai, Sayurin, Yu and I went to eat YAKINIKU At first, we orderd a lot The waiter/waitress served us them at almost the same time one after another.. After all, we wondered we ate all of them We also had the ice cream served for dessert This means we have 2nd Tammy as my host parents, Kate and Paul said to me
Next, we wanted to play bowls but we had to wait for more than 1 hour coz it was on Friday night and there were lots of people While we were waiting for our turn to play bowls, we took some PURIKURA (this is a kind of photo seals)which I already uploaded here, and I got three stuffed dolls of the Character of the Disney. I love Disney Characters very much and stuffed dolls even though I'm 21 years old...(In my room, there are about 45-50 dolls) Then, we played bowls 3 times SO MUCH FUN with THEM I took many pics and wanted to upload them here but it's sometimes difficult to do that for me so..plz wait for a while to see another pics

so hard.. 

2006年02月04日(土) 17時48分
last night I went to bed at 4 am coz I had to finish my homework..for a vocational shool but I couldn't finish all of them.. I guess tonight will be so long as yesterday I wanna sleep more than 8 hours, especially more than 10 hours Is it too sleep well? I know, I know Anyway, I need long sleep right now was the Buddhist memorial day of my grandpa today from 10:30 am to around 2 pm ...some of them stayed at my house until 3:30 pm, says my mom. I went out of room that they were in after having lunch with them and did my homework again before going to the vocational school Then, the school was from 2:30pm to 5 pm I enjoyed a class there, of course, and understood that I need more excersises on speaking English As far as I think..I lost much vocabularies as well as forgetting how to speak it Who can help me I need some speaking partners..

By the way, I got a mail from Yuka this afternoon. I was so happy and happy and happy She came back to Japan at last

Spring vacation 

2006年01月31日(火) 21時57分
Starting today, my spring vacation starts
I went to van at this time of last year and it has already been 1 year since then I was happy to be able to meet all of u guys
During this vacation, I will be busy trying to get jobs and studying...maybe If someone come to Japan, especially to Nagoya, I will welcome you whenever and whatever happend

By the way, I might catch a cold. I dunno

i pod nano 

2006年01月27日(金) 17時37分
My dad bought i pod nano for me the other day
1 year ago..before I went to Canada, he also sugestted whether I neet it or not.
I didn't think I want to use it then coz I already had a MD player and didn't want to buy it yet Actually, the MD player was broken and didn't work at all, I found that in Canada So..I spend time in Canada for two month without music(but my host dad really likes listening to music and he used to turn on his music everyday at home. I didn't have to worry about that)
When I decided to go back to Canada again, I tried to repair my MD player but the time I need to wait for repairng it was too long, maybe for two weeks?? I wasn't sure..then, I found I have no time to wait it repaired and went to back to Van without any players...

After I came back to Japan, I told my dad about that.
He had always asked me to buy it or not since last year and I always said 'no, thank you'.
But...Was that better to ask him to do that??

Anyway, thanks dad

Happy Birthday!! 

2006年01月23日(月) 23時30分
Happy B-day, June
Did u have a suprise or nice b-day party??
You've been busy doing a lot...recently, you said
Cheer up and have a break sometimes

have been busy vol.2 

2006年01月15日(日) 19時57分

Jan 13th
just relax..vv

Jan 14th
I had a tight schedule again.. I had a class from 9am to 5pm (actually, until 5:30pm) and then went to the vocational(?) school (kind of the conversation school but it was not for speaking English..) from 5:45pm to 8:15pm...sooo tired...

Jan 15th
As I had a class yesterday from 9 to 17, I also had the tired. I didn't sleep well in the last two days..because of reading the comic book I'm gonna finish my homework from now..who can help me?

What do all of u do recently? How's ur life after coming back to ur hometown?

have been busy.. 

2006年01月15日(日) 19時55分
I've been busy doing a lot..a lot.. these days

Jan 8th
I worked part time for the wedding that I've been working for three years from 9am to 2pm and then I had my hair cut @hair salon which I really like and it has been 4 years to go It tooks about 2 hours..After that, I went to dinner and cafe to chat with my mates until around 10 pm I came back home @10:30 I had a blast all day even though it was a tight schedule..

Jan 9th
It is the coming of age today I also wore KIMONO and attend the ceremony 1 year ago.. ..Anyway, I went to Osaka to meet my ex-BF..I had a blast during the date today I cannot tell you how pleased I'm to see him..and how ..well, how can I explain that? about my feeling? I dunno..

Jan 10th
I had a class @ 4th period, starting from around 3 o'clock but I didn't attend it. Why?? I know you already knew that!! right? of course, I was overslept..hehe, it's my job!!

Jan 11th
I went to school today!! I could get up on the time this afternoon!!

Jan 12th
In the last two days..I had two make-up classes and then our school is started from today...omg..I have 4 classes on Thursdays..suck... It was very hard for me to wake up so early..around 7 am and to have classes from 9am to 4:30 pm.. After finishing the classes, I came to have some powers and drove my firend her house What a nice girl I am.. kk

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