Perhaps Love 

2005年12月20日(火) 13時49分
The other day I watched "Perhaps Love" with 金城武 (Kaneshiro Takeshi). He is SOOOOOOOOOOOO 可愛~! I swear, I would marry that guy. Well... not really but y'know, I wouldn't say no if by some HUGE miracle he asked me out. XD But anyways, it was a pretty good movie, the acting was good and the singing was quite good as well. Only real problem was that they jumped around from past to present too much, which made things a little confusing o_0 I'd still reccommend it to EVERYONE though, especially if you like 金城武.

Also the mainland actress Zhou Xun did a good job with her character and the korean actor who played the guy that "told" the story (Ji Jin-Hee) was fairly cute. But, of course Takeshi was still my favourite, I him ^-^

For 姐姐/my MIA activities 

2005年12月20日(火) 13時31分
So I'm updating because 姐姐 told me to, apparently she has nothing to do and wants to read an entry. So umm anyhew I guess I'll just blab about recent crap that's been going on here. Which, is a lot considering I've been MIA for awhile.

First of all, we've just moved, from Kennedy town to Sheung wan, finally I get my own room and don't have to live in a stupid sectioned off area of the living room. W00t for being like normal people now XD Umm, new place is nice, it's closer to school so I don't have to take a bus in the morning anymore, saves me like 20 minutes YAY~! But, coming home really sucks because there's like 4 or 5 flights of stairs I have to walk up to get from the subway to our new home. Anyhew, moving is the reason I haven't been seen around the internets lately, because y'know it took forever to get the cable people here to hook up the internet. The best part was all they needed to do was plug it in. Che, I could've done that myself.

In other news, I'm finally on Christmas break, that last couple of weeks were terrible. I had so many assignments and tests to do/study for. I had two bio tests, English presentation, Chemistry lab, English Test and Law essay. Which of course I all did last minute, in fact I spent 8 hours in one night writing my SIX page law essay with 7 works cited (I was supposed to have 10 I think but oh well). Anyhew, now that its over I'm soooooo happy.

Hrmm, I think that's it... ENJOY 姐姐~!

First entry laa~! 

2005年12月19日(月) 14時58分
Whee~! This thing is 很可愛~!I love it. Mm first post and I don't know what to write. Well ummu quick introduction maybe?

Err, I'm 17 almost 18 (only three more week yay ^^) and I live in Hong Kong. I speak English (duh), French and bad mandarin (I'm taking classes to improve though~!). Err, I don't really have many hobbies other then hanging out with friends, window shopping, and listening to music (Mandarin and Japanese mostly) but meh, it keeps me busy. Oh yah and I like reading as well. And... I guess that's it. Pretty boring eh?

Anyhew, I'm off to watch some music videos and possibly *GASP* eat so I guess I'll post later with a real entry, y'know something actually WORTH reading ><

英文名: Chii (笑)
星座: 魔羯座 (Capricorn)


歌手: 王力宏,AI, 浜崎あゆみ,Amuro Namie, Crystal Kay, m-flo, 周杰倫, 林俊杰, etc.
樂隊組合: SweetS, NewS, 元卫觉醒
藝人: 杨丞琳, Takeshi Kaneshiro, He Jun Xiang
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