Nike Air Jordan Trainers – Sport and Style

January 10 [Thu], 2013, 18:39
Most teenagers and young adults, especially those who play basketball, are huge fans of Nike Air Jordan trainers 2012 Luxury Shiny Wedding Shoes Christian Louboutin Multibrida 1. Basketball players have made these trainers all the more popular by wearing them and endorsing them while they play. There is a huge demand for these shoes since the day they were first launched. Air Jordan shoes are manufactured by the Jordan brand that is a sub-division of Nike. The first Air Jordan shoes, known as Air Jordan I, came out in 1984 and since then each year a new Nike Air Jordan shoe is released. This annual shoe launch has continued even after Michael Jordan’s retirement from basketball showing how popular the brand has become. The first Air Jordans were black and red and were a hit among sports lovers especially Michael Jordan and Nike fans. Nike made history by associating with Michael Jordan as buying Air Jordans is a great way to support Michael even though he has since ressigned. Air Jordans are known for their style and year in which they were manufactured. There are five types of Nike Air Jordan trainers that include originals, player exclusive, retro, retro plus, and sample. Every year one pair of shoes released in the past is reintroduced, usually in new colour schemes. Air Jordans are released just for a day and this makes them extremely popular. The latest Nike Air Jordan trainers are Jordan XXI and like all Air Jordans, these shoes are stylish, long-lasting and comfortable. The new Air Jordans that are launched annually are different from their old counterparts. You can find them in pure leather and also suede. Nike Air Jordan trainers have full grain uppers of leather that make them very comfortable and robust and they look great with both formal and casual attire. The high performance Nike Air Jordan trainers are perfect for a work out in the gym or for playing as they provide perfect support. The latest Air Jordan shoes provide excellent ankle support that allows swift movement. The padding in the inside enhances its comfort and easy movement. One unique feature of Nike Air Jordan Trainers is that they are blow proof and even if the foot is smashed against the ground, it can easily withstand it. However many people don’t wish to actually use the trainers and prefer to collect them. In many opinions keeping them pristine in their original and authentic boxes is like preserving Michael Jordans career. The design and logos imprinted on Nike Air Jordan trainers set them apart from other sneakers. An exclusive feature of the Air Jordan shoes is its Nike Air technology. Due to extra air in the sole of the shoe a nice cushion could be created for the wearer. This unique technology became more prominent in later versions that had a squeezable shoe 'pump' fixed into the tongue of the shoe. One could adjust the firmness of the shoe by tuning this as per ones need and comfort.They are a must have in your shoe collection. Check out the online stores for purchasing a fabulous pair of Nike Air Jordan trainers Christian Loboutin Daffodile 160mm Multicolor Round Sequin Pumps. If you are looking for some great examples of limited edition trainers, then why not check out the superb collection here at Sole Searchers? Black Christian Louboutin Guerriere 120 Suede Ankle Boots.