Mom's cooking 

2006年11月09日(木) 10時46分
I cook lunch&dinner almost everyday.
Today, i cooked chicken thighs with 'Daikon' and 'Shiitake' for dinner.
It takes time to complete this dish...the process itself is very simple.
But, we have to cook it well...for an hour, until thighs become soft.
So, i don't make it often.

The taste was good...oh...but it's just my taste
It reminded me of my mom's cooking.
She is really good at cooking.
She can make very delicious dishes without reading cooking book.
She always says that we'd better learn how to cook
not from books but from challenges.
I usually follow her advice.
It's very useful

I used 6 thighs out of 8 for 'Nikomi',and baked the rest
with salt&black papper&herb for tomorrow's lunch.

Is this a good training for being 'good wife', isn't it??

It's been a while... 

2006年11月07日(火) 14時22分
I haven't written a diary more than one month...
How can i be so lazy???

I have less than three month here in Toronto...
Now, i don't wanna go back to Japan since i feel very comfortable here.
Of course, there're a few things that i don't like about Toronto.
However, i do love this city. It's becoming like my second 'Hometown'.

About my English...
still BABY ENGLISH!!!!
i know i gotta do my best...try everything i can do.
Recently, i have more chances to talk with Native Speakers.
I think this is very good for me.
At school, especially in my class, i have little chance to talk with someone
who's not Japanese or Korean.
I don't wanna absorb Japanese or Korean accent.
One of my exchange partner was used to live in Japan for 8 years in total and
he has an experience as an English teacher.
He always listens&reads my English carefully,
and corrects my prononciation and spelling.

My bf is going to come here in the end of this December.
This fact gives me more motivations


You, yourself can change... 

2006年09月25日(月) 11時31分
Today, i went to the aiport to see my friend off.
Nacho and I supposed to go together
and we promised to meet at Bloor-Young station at 8am.
How stupid I was...we toootally forgot TTC service started from 9am on Sunday
When i found that, i went into kindda panic...
but one of my friend called me and made me remind that there was 24hours bus services
anyhow, i could go there on time and say good bye to her.

She is very active, kind, and honest person.
i like her very much.
She is my elder sister, friend, class-mate
She gave me motivations to study, to do something new.

It was sad to see her leaving,but we promised to meet again in Tokyo.

i'm getting bored of my school.
there're too many japanese student, and what is worse,
a few student seem not to have motivation to study.
they come to school just for getting attendances.
sometimes i got frustrated because of them,but
i decide not to complain about anymore.

i'll follow my friend!
my stay in Toronto is a good chance to study everything.
i cannot change others, but i can change myself.
Why don't i focus on myself??

here's my to do list
・Go to YOGA at least, once a week
・Keep regular hours
・Learning other languages
・Do language exchange
・Study for the exam that is coming on March

It's getting cool... 

2006年09月21日(木) 10時37分
Today, I wore a sweater and hooed jacket but still I felt chilly
when i walked outside.
Winter is coming...
I'm concerned about winter very much...
My teacher said last winter was kindda "mild" one, so it gonna be a ''sever" one
this winter...Oh my Godness

I went shopping after school with my friend to buy new shoes.
After moving to this house(Pape),
I usually walk from my house to the next station(Chester) in the morning,
and from Broadview station to my house after school.
So, my shoes have worn down rapidly....

I got a new pair of seakers, and two nitted caps for winter
Shooping is always good, especially for women, to keep motivation, mental conditions and so on.
Now, I feel great!!

This weekend, one of my friend is going back to Japan.
I'm an organizer of her farewell party.
Around 25 people is coming...what a big party this is!
I've never had such a big party...anyway I'll do my best

I'm gonna be busy this weekend.
Keep going!!!

Four more months... 

2006年09月18日(月) 5時54分
Five months have passed since when I came here.
I'm getting used to live in Toronto.
However,to tell the truth...
Nowadays, I feel uneasy
because I cannot say confidently my English skills have improved.

But, what some call ''Haste makes waste"...
I know it takes time to learn languages.
My boyfriend gave me some advices how to study.

I'll try some ways that seem to be suitable for me,such as,
language exchange, focusing on studying pronounciation, watching movies and so on.

Today, I studied at Second Cup for a change.
I supposed to study for 4 hours there, but
the tempature of the shop was terribly cool for me.
I wonder how Canadians can bear that...they're totally different from me.
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