Since the childhood has been identified

May 13 [Mon], 2013, 16:56
In Shaw that like a palace in the castle, he has many brothers and sisters, who have come from the same kind of, his father, still did not like this and he Rongyun such intimacy. Although all keep the father's blood but they are each has its own merits., those with him a half blood, childhood is in the interests of a live out of R ì son, mother and not in the side, to teach in the same way. Since the childhood has been identified in the mother is a very beautiful woman, Grandpa let he called her mother, he thought he was the mother, but when growing up, everything has been enlightened, the woman he has rarely asked her mother, after all, not all women can be called the mother, this initial grandpa the purpose is like in C ā o vertical in a pawn in general, because the woman does not have the ability, because that woman is a product of the political marriage, so he let him call her mom. Mom. "Huh?" Did not expect that Xiao Lin will open, mu Rongyun from his confused for a voice came to him to forget. "Mother, what kind of person she is?" Xiao Lin feel out the time of these two words have considerable difficulty, how long have never heard the words of his mouth to call mother? Listening to Xiao Lin deep breathing, mu Rongyun in silence moved her lips. Mom? The word, he is Xiao Lin more fuzzy, against the dark hand in the room in the dark, unable to see. Yes, I am. I have never seen this man!" It should be seen, when he was very young, from coming into this world when. He first opened his eyes like mother, except that he has no influence can offer him a recall. Children from birth to everything is new, even if it is seen also will lose in the image in my head, but do not know why, he Rongyun is a special child, born from that moment on, in his eyes not because the scenery with the change in times and forget. "Is?" Xiao Lin himself a smile. "She's still alive?" "Maybe,Coach(R) OP Art Sale. Alive!" "We are of the same parents the child, but, why will be surprised so many. You said he is not a copy of the people, is the solemn Rongyun?" Xiao Lin's voice sounds very alone in the silence. "Father, why want to separate us, why would mom disappeared? What is it all about?" "To the people!" Mu Rongyun appeared in a panic to Xiao Lin problem,Online Coach Outlet Jewelry. He doesn't know how to explain such a process. "And here want to these, rather than thinking about how to get the antidote from his hand, I will not help you, even, if necessary I will get blood from your body to get the antidote." To the people, not used to stall the mu Rongyun Xiao Lin's words,Coach(R), pricked ears to the voice falls, already from the stairs walk footsteps heard some Duan mi. Xiao Linceng once went to the door, he was hiding in the side, the body hidden in the wall. The sound of footsteps from the door after. Xiao Lin ear against the wall, outside people paused in the doorway before continue to go up, and did not stop until on the flat ground.
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