then his fear that is superfluous.

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"Haha, nameless brother, this wine is pretty good, right?" Murong thousands of birds drank the cup of wine, then haha ​​a chuckle. "Well, really good wine, but also the effectiveness of magic ah!" Long Xingyu smack lips, the reigning exclaimed. "Hey, it may not, but, ah, this wine will drink the first time, will have these and other wonders. Later although there can be secondary effects, but it will not be so obvious." Murong thousands of birds immediately explained. Nodded, Long Xingyu this to be very understanding, after all, if this wine is really unlimited use, then it not buy from these wine people are able to repair and improve your spirit, then they would not be without need to practice, light to drink alcohol on the line. You know, Tianxin justice, wanted humanely, it is not an adjunct to light these alone reached, ultimately rely, or personal cultivation and road base. "So, whether only the first bite, will produce the kind of Huozhi feeling it?" Long Xingyu not help road. "This is not to, in fact, every drink, there will be that kind of feeling, and this is another feature this wine, that is gluten bone health, this millennium 'Star Drunk', you can also carry out your strengthened, but the effect does not benefit its great soul. "Murong qianyu faint a laugh. "I see." Said Long Xingyu then filled up a cup, and a will of drank. As Murong said thousands of birds, burning sensation of the kind previously appeared again, but this time Long Xingyu already have prepared carefully observed a moment, he found that when the burning sensation that occurs when there is a strange energy will into the body, it made his already extremely tough, become more powerful. When burning sensation dissipates after he produced a mass of cool air, the same is a sink in before Zi Fu Yuan Ying, was swallowed Yuan Ying, but Long Xingyu also found that compared to the previous one, this cool air The group formed in the quantity necessary a lot of difference, but for Long Xingyu help, even minimal, which also made him thoroughly believed Murong said thousands of birds. "In addition, this wine can get something to drink slowly, otherwise, that burning sensation, is likely to make people crazy." Said, looked Murong qianyu help hold the altar drinking old devil. And now, that old devil has done is to drink a jar, put the jars, then thousands of birds against Murong said: "Old Devil I'm a drunken man, what kind of wine I have not seen, yet afraid of a mere burning it, say it 'fire lotus wine', that is the calcined body wine, it produces effects comparable to this 'Star Drunk' strong in many, but I can still drank Laogui kill him. Hey! "" Biquan star 'fire lotus wine', one of comprehension Top 10 wines! "Hear these words, suddenly, thousands of birds could not help burst Murong Di Hu, meanwhile, he looked old devil's eyes, but also changed changed. "Hey, it 'fire lotus wine', speaking, it's worth no more than this 'Star Drunk' bad ah." Old Devil meaning one could not help but chuckle. "How this 'fire lotus wine' famous do?" Long Xingyu not help wondering road. "'Fire lotus wine', that is one kind of fire lotus fruit brewed wine, it has the effect, or even comparable to Dan from the dust, not only to exclude the monks because the energy absorbed by the inclusion spar impurities, also has strengthen the effectiveness of the flesh. also with the 'Star Drunk' same as one of the top ten wines comprehension ah. "Murong qianyu help laments. Raised an eyebrow, Long Xingyu help some amazement. "Dan, from the dust," he knows, it is a two product immortality, but really want to say the value, but could be included among Mishina immortality. That is because, "from the dust of Dan" Owner wash tendon cutting pulp, rid the body of impurities effect. You know, comprehension for those who, in the early days of practice, often spar by absorbing the energy to enhance the strength and spar in it contains many impurities, and the accumulation of these impurities to obtain diversified period when become a hindrance. In order to unite the Yuan Ying, then it is necessary to exclude the body of impurities, or Yuan Ying can not unite, often those monks will spend a lot of time on this one process. But with this "from the dust of Dan" is not the same, it can instantly burn the human body of impurities, and then out of the body, which undoubtedly saves a lot of time. Of course, the dragon Xingyu cultivation does not have this obstacle, although he also absorbed spar to increase its strength, but because he was a very special energy in the pubic region, even those spar impurities, can also be absorbed into, and then a his energy. Thus, in practice, those for others it is very difficult bottleneck for Long Xingyu is concerned, it is very easy to break. He needs only to enhance their realm they can repair. "So Biquan sing it, and that is what place?" Dragon Xingyu asked again. "Biquan star, it was a ghost Mang star field in a comprehension planet, and where the misty jade Chen Star Star domains, but also across another six star field, and from there to here, at least on experience one hundred times the interstellar transmission, of course, you can also go directly to the center of a star field star on star field comprehension transfer between, but no matter which one way, it will consume a huge amount of spar, especially satellite transmission between domains, Each must spend at least several hundred of the best spar. really be doing, at least spend thousands of pieces Need spar to come here. Additionally, comprehension that a planet in the world of Reiki, but two comprehension planet several times, and we Jade Chen star, the planet is just a two comprehension. speaking, although our Yu Chen Star twelve major forces here are of class forces, but if that one is really to go comprehension planet, then our forces, just like a kid. "said the last, Murong thousands of birds could not help sigh. After listening to the words of thousands of birds Murong Long Xingyu not help secretly speechless, Yu Chen star these large forces, for a practice in terms of forces on the planet, actually just like kids in general, then those powerful sect, exactly how the strength of terror ah. "However, it Biquan star rather special." Murong qianyu then touch open road. "Oh? How a special law?" Long Xingyu immediately open road. "There is magic repair site." Murong thousands of birds uttered a let Long Xingyu shocked answers. At the same time, he saw the old devil's eyes, but also somewhat alarmed up. Touches old devil, but slightly raised an eyebrow, then they started eating comfortably dishes. Touches Long Xingyu, mind at the moment is a little gift horse, "magic repair site! Really that old devil is Magic has a huge contact involves not know whether he hit the Wu family in the Yuet Wah things were." psychological thought, Long Xingyu also did not disclose too much, then slowly he intends to test the lot. "Are you certain forces repair magic?" Then, Murong thousands of birds could not help frowned. At the time he uttered these words, he obviously found a cast over the eyes never far away, and that table five people, this sentence seems to have been attracted to it. "You say." Old Devil faint authentic. "Oh, I think I should not, if you repair magic, how could a man went out to Chen Yu. Daming but also so generous tell us. Again, I did not feel the touch of your body from the magic gas ah ! "shook his head and laughed Murong thousands of birds immediately. In fact, he's also quite worried about heart now, although he said the old devil who feel there is magic in the air there, but he did not feel the slightest breath of monks right way, this situation is the other obvious hiding repair, and the other party's strength, but also far more than their own. "If I said I was magic repair, what would you do." So saying, the old devil Pengguo Long Xingyu jars, filling the bowl immediately to their own, and then smack lips drank. "Break" is old devil say this, Murong thousands of birds immediately embarrassed. If this is really old devil magic repair, he entertained the old devil, but it can be regarded as the right way to discredit it. So now even the old devil is really the so-called magic repair, he can not have any performance. He now only pretend to know nothing, then even if the old devil is to be found a magic repair, he can also be an excuse to justify the other. Once the now debunked, he hosted magic repair this behavior that out but to be pointing to. Nor looked embarrassed to sit, stand nor Murong thousands of birds, dragons Xingyu help and said: "Do not say that these disappointing, then, come, let's drink." "Ha ha, drink!" Old Devil with Long Xingyu touched cups wine will be drained. "Worth mentioning, today we just drink and a laugh, what forces do not ignore the forces." Then, Murong thousands of birds also smiled Hegan bowl wine. "Hey, this right Well, what identity is not important, important is to have wine on the line." Old Devil smack lips, and eyes firmly fixed on the altar of the Millennium Dragon Xingyu that "Star drunk" . Long Xingyu looked old devil askew,Christian Louboutin Pumps Cheap, not help laughing your own jars onto him. "Hey, I'm old devil came here from afar, is to this 'Star Drunk', to this end, but I put all of his possessions are now lost, leaving only last for so dozens of pieces of top grade spar. Later and spent liquor to many, met you before, it is only thirteen grade spar. "So saying, the old devil could not help laugh. "You mean, it was this wine, you will spend all his possessions, came all the way from here Biquan star?" Dragon Xingyu Listen help surprised a moment. "It is like nothing else I have ever old devil is like wine, but I had also determined to drink wine all over the world to now, ten wines I tasted nine kinds can be considered. Alternatively, it is lost, it is very unfortunate to. "old devil could not help feeling authentic. Listen old devil say this, Long Xingyu mind could not help admire some of which can be considered a wonderful old devil, in order to wine, actually can do such a degree, it can be said that perseverance really amazing. Aside, Murong thousands of birds heard old devil so to speak, to be secretly relieved, if you really like the old devil said, then he really is not necessarily what the demonic forces of the people, perhaps a casual repair his ilk, and he probably just To wine and ran it Biquan star, If this is the case, then his fear that is superfluous. "That's another, why lost it." Long Xingyu help asked curiously. "Of course people will be stuffed with the kind of wine is gone chant, and He does not leave any brewing process, so we were lost so myself." Old Devil shrugged road. "Oh, this to be a pity I did not know what was the name that wine ah!" "That wine, called 'lead their lives', also ranked first in the top ten wines, their effectiveness, and even back to life,Christian Louboutin, as long as the yuan God lingers, the soul is immortal, that person will be able to pull back from the lives on the road. Unfortunately, in two thousand years ago, this wine will been lost. "So saying, the old devil could not help but unfortunately shook his head. "Oh? Actually there is such a wonderful wine! But unfortunately, since this wine lost, it tasted really no way to do." Paused, Long Xingyu changed the subject and said: "Yes, old devil, Why you should buy that mirror it? "" Well? Oh! Well, it is just a whim, but then again, if I sent in the interstellar spend time to spar over, how could this kid from my hands The strong buying in the past that mirror. "Old Devil could not help glancing Murong qianyu road. "However, he did not expect to, mantis stalks the cicada oriole in the post, you only oriole, but it is his hand to grab the food ran." So saying, the old devil could not help burst out laughing, did not care Murong thousands of birds on the side. "" Is old devil say this, thousands of birds could not help burst Murong embarrassed, but then still toward the old devil smiled and said: "Oh, indeed the next many have just been offended, but please do not take offense ah!" "Well, anyway, I am also just a pattern that mirrors the text somewhat interested Bale. "Old Devil waved road. "Oh? Is that the above pattern, text has nothing special place?" Long Xingyu help Church Road. "Hey, of course, a novelty. Laogui I admit that I traveled to most of the cultivation sector, whether it is immortal repair, magic repair, repair or demon Buddha repair site, I almost always involved, there can be no one discovered that the above carving of the mountain. And that text on the mirror, it seems that the text written by the ancient god, this is my interest. "old devil with a smile. "The Elder God Man! What is that?" The first time I heard it, Long Xingyu not help burst curiosity. "Hey, that you do not know it, the legend, in ancient times, the Three Realms communicated freely between realms demon gods, only later, a saint set a limit, can not interfere in the presence of high-level lower bound is evolved into today This appearance is said that in ancient times the gods who has a force so powerful, and their power, there is a lot of text to the performance by God, if we are able to read out the text of God, maybe you can understand some of God the strength of it. "Old Devil faint a laugh. After listening to the words of the old devil, dragon Xingyu help indifferent smile,Outlet Oakley Holbrook, for the text of a god that he did not how to believe. In fact, to understand more, Long Xingyu know, those of God, is in fact the perception of the power of law, their power is cast by the power of law, there is no relationship between the text and what God is based on the old ghost, he would just take it lightly smile.
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